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Fact or fiction

Reality instability: A Matrix glitch or does Earth go through a black hole’s event horizon?

Reality instability: A Matrix glitch or does Earth go through a black hole's event horizon? 1

According to alarmed residents of the Scottish town of Lochgelly, in the south of their area, something incomprehensible is happening in the sky. 

It seems that some huge stationary object is hanging in the sky, the contours of which are visible even to weather webcams.

The first thing you can and should think about is some kind of shooting artifact: a spot on the lens, problems in the matrix, and so on. However, the diurnal loop of the picture says that this is not the case.

When a cloud appears opposite to this, it is suddenly illuminated by an incomprehensible beating light:

A regular phone records the situation like this, while it’s midnight on the street:

Photos and videos from other observation points, while it is pitch black outside:

This video is in daylight. People gathered to play golf, but something strange got into the camera lens:

Similar objects are also seen by webcams in the USA:

Optimists console themselves with a vain explanation that all these are camera glitches, that astronomers know everything and tell everything honestly. But pessimists think that soon it will turn in like this:

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Reality instability: A Matrix glitch or does Earth go through a black hole's event horizon? 2

We are inclined to the second point of view, since there are more and more facts in its favor every day.

There are a lot of messages in various forums where people are blaming everything on The Matrix glitches, but there is another weird theory called the Event Horizon.

This is a physical term that denotes a conditional spatial boundary near large masses, where the physical laws known to us cease to operate. It is assumed that the Event Horizon is, as it were, the outer boundary of any black hole, but what exactly happens there – even theory can not describe in detail.

Nevertheless, if we assume that Nibiru is a black hole and that it is already here, then various terrible things will be happening without the logic and physical laws of our little world, against which the eruptions of all volcanoes at once will seem like a children’s lullaby. People will fly and walk backwards, get younger instead of aging, and wake up in other bodies while everyone will consider it as normal. There may even be mergers of realities and could even see dinosaurs falling on the heads of the ancient Romans.

As far as we can judge from the video and photo reports, Nibiru could be approaching and soon, no matter how surprised we are today, we will be witnessing something completely different. 


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