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Real flying cars

Real flying cars 1

Previously, they seemed unrealistic, but some of them will soon be mass-produced. Some of them can fly up to 640 kilometers.

Moller M200X

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This skycar was created by former university professor Paul Moller. Perhaps it can be confused with UFOs, because it has a very similar design. The maximum speed of this car in the air reaches 161 kilometers per hour. At the same time, it can fly in the air with a load of up to 300 kilometers.

Pop.Up Next

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This car was developed jointly by two reputable companies, Audi and Airbus. It is noteworthy that this skaykar works on electricity. It includes two compartments: for ground and flying movement. Also, a capsule is docked with them. Its position depends on the mode in which the electric car is located.

Terrafugia Transition

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British inventors from the organization Terrafugia sells its flying skykars for 400 thousand dollars. Over time, they will deliver the car to all customers. The maximum speed reaches 160 km / h, and the maximum range – 640 km. Unfortunately, this car does not know how to fly up.


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