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Real encounters with truly huge UFOs

Over the past decades, there have been countless UFO sightings and encounters with them that have taken all forms and sizes. There seems to be no consistent norm for how UFOs should look, and although saucer-shaped or spherical are the most common, they do control the range of visibility. And sizes range from tiny to very large. 

How big do you think a UFO should be before it is considered truly impressive? The size of a bus? Airliner? What about even bigger ones? What would you think of a UFO the size of a football field or more? Although rare, there have been some reports of UFOs of this size, and here we look at some of the largest ever seen.

The earliest case we consider here dates back to 1956. This was originally told by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, who at that time first heard the story in 1959, during which he served as director of the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena. 

Navy captain James Taylor approached Keyhoe, who told a wonderful story that he had been trying to keep out of the public eye for a long time. According to Taylor, in 1956 he was aboard the R7v-2 naval transport, piloted by commander George Benton and Lieutenant Peter W. Mooney, flying across the Atlantic to the Patuxent Naval Air Station, Maryland, in the United States, together with several other sailors returning from abroad, several dozen crew members and 30 pilot pilots, navigators and flight engineers. That evening, they were approaching a stop in Gander, Newfoundland, reportedly in clear and calm conditions with excellent visibility, when a series of strange events were played out.

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When Benton looked at the calm sea, he noticed that instead of the dark space that stretched to the horizon unnoticed before, now there was “a group of lights like a village” ahead. It turned out that the co-pilot could also see them clearly, and they both agreed that they looked like a small town, just sitting there in the middle of the ocean. 

The problem was that there should have been nothing but open water. At first they thought they had lost their course and were approaching Earth, but a test of the instruments showed that they were following exactly the intended course. Then it was suggested that they saw the ships, but attempts to contact them by radio were met in silence, and a check with his radio operator did not find any records of any groups of ships planned there. 

It did not help that these ships were not similar to any of those that they had seen before. It was strange enough that they woke some other crew members, most of whom were asleep, and several other people crowded in the cockpit to see a strange sight. Now they were almost directly above the mysterious lights and began to circle around them to try to understand what was happening. Just then, a group of lights suddenly faded, and Keyhoe writes about this:

When our plane began to circle, the strange lights suddenly faded. Then several colored rings appeared, which began to spread. One of them, as Benton observed, seemed to be growing in size. A shout came from behind him. Benton shot him another look. This luminous ring was not on the surface — it was something rushing toward transport.  

 “What the hell is this?” Said Mooney. “I don’t know,” muttered Benton. He began to climb. But then he realized that it was useless. A luminous ring could catch them in seconds. The glow, as he now saw, emanated from the edge of some large round object. He reached their height and quickly took the form of a giant disk-shaped machine.

Whatever it was, it was huge. The plane they were on was called Super-Constellation, a huge four-engine plane that looked more like a flying fortress than a plane with a length of 116 feet and a wingspan of 117 feet, and this mysterious object was reportedly completely eclipsed by it, estimated Benton, about 400 feet in diameter. He quickly gained height, and the plane tipped in a dodging maneuver, but just when a collision seemed inevitable, the object turned towards their plane and began to walk along the port side. It was then that they were able to see the true monstrosity of this, and Keyhoe says:

Its mass was astounding; its diameter was three to four times the wingspan of our aircraft. At least thirty feet thick in the center, it looked like a giant plate, overturned on top of another. The luminescence visible from such a distance along the edge was blurry and uneven. Whether it was an electric effect, a series of jet exhausts, or light from a hole in a rim, Benton could not tell. But the glow was bright enough to show the curved surface of the disk, giving a hint of a dimly reflecting metal. Although Benton did not see any signs of life, he had the feeling that they were being watched. Struggling with the desire to dive, he kept a direct course. Gradually a strange car rushed forward. Bending his massive body up, he quickly gained speed and was lost among the stars.

After this painful experience, Benton immediately called the tower on the ground and asked if they noticed anything strange, and they confirmed that the object was detected by their radar, but everything became very strange when they landed in Granger. According to Taylor, they were met by Air Force intelligence officers, who gave them lengthy interrogations about what they saw, and seemed to believe that this was all a fact, never asking what people saw, but rather wanting details. 

After that, the mysterious officers refused to answer any questions about what they thought was happening and told the crew who had witnessed this phenomenon to keep silent about it. A few days later, Benton will say that he was approached by an unnamed scientist who showed him photographs of the object they saw, but refused to divulge additional information about it. 

More recently, quite a report from 1996 was published in the Pelotas region of Brazil. On November 5 of that year, the Brazilian pilot Haroldo Westendorf went on a private flight on his Embraer EMB-712 single-engine aircraft. Haroldo was an avid private pilot and flight acrobat, and it was a purely entertaining flight, but it will become a rather painful experience in just 12 minutes in the air. 

At about 10:30 in the morning, the pilot crossed the nearest lake when he noticed a giant object floating in the air. After checking by the ground control that they also saw it, Haroldo made a possibly stupid decision to come closer. It will be much stranger than he expected.

Pilot Encounters Giant Pyramid-shaped UFO in Brazil | Tall white ...

As he approached, he saw that it was some kind of huge 8-sided pyramidal object, estimated to be about 70 meters (225 feet) in height and about 100 meters (325 feet) in diameter, and Haroldo reported that he had a good view of it bypassing it several times at a distance of only 40 meters. He claimed that each side of the pyramid had a series of opaque triangular windows on it, and that the object was apparently metallic and brown. 

Pyramid-shaped UFO over 60 meters appears in Rio Grande, and is ...

The massive structure also seemed to rotate very slowly and inexorably approaching the nearest coast at a speed of about 60 nautical miles per hour. While the pilot looked reverently at this massive object, a small disk-shaped ship jumped out of the hole in its upper part, which completely ignored the plane and sped off at an incredible speed.

Then Haroldo climbed to look at the top of the monolithic object, but as soon as he did, he began to spin even faster and ominous rays of red light emanated from him. After a few moments, this huge pyramid then shot straight at the sky at a very fast pace, which was rather alarming as the pilot fully expected a possibly catastrophic shock wave of turbulence.

 He even began dodging maneuvers for the expected approaching wall of turbulence, but he claims that it never happened, as if the ship had defied the laws of physics. This story received quite a bit of media attention in Brazil at the time, but although Haroldo would claim that it was witnessed by at least two air traffic control installations, they denied seeing anything. Despite this, several witnesses will come forward to say that they also saw him.

Even more recent to this day is the April 2007 report, and this is arguably the largest UFO of them all. An experienced pilot, Captain Ray Bower, flew over the coast of Alderney, Channel Islands, when he noticed a bright yellow light approximately west of the island. 

It was hard to say what it was, but it was clear that it was absolutely gigantic. Bauer would say about a strange subject:

It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area. He was 2,000 feet high and motionless. I thought it was about 10 miles, although later I realized that it was about 40 miles from us. At first I thought it was the size of 737. But it must have been a lot bigger because of how far it was. It could be a mile wide. 

I can’t explain it. At first I thought that it could be a reflection from a vineyard in Guernsey, but it would quickly disappear. This was clearly visible for about nine minutes. When I approached it, it became clear to me that he was tangible. I was in two thoughts about flying up to him to look closer, but decided not to do this because of its size. First I had to think about passenger safety.

He will later find an identical object in another area, and it will also become clear that at least one of the objects was spotted by another pilot, although the ground control radar did not find them. Interestingly, a few years earlier, on January 28, 1994, a similar object was seen in approximately the same area and was rated as having more than 1000 feet in diameter. 

What kind of ships are these and why are they so incredibly huge? Besides the obvious technological miracles that must be in order to let them fly like that, what is their purpose? Maybe these are mother ships holding smaller vessels, which are most often visible? 


Aliens & UFO's

An incredible story: Contact with aliens in Karelia in 1917

This happened long before the term “flying saucers” appeared, and few people know about this case. It happened at the end of January 1917, in Yurinvaar, North Karelia, now this territory belongs to Russia, but at that time it was the territory of Finland. The local woman, Annie Lattu, was abducted by aliens in those last days of January.

Annie Lattu, lived alone in her small house in Yurinvaar, about 6 km west of Kurkiyoka. She disappeared for several days, and the villagers decided that she went to visit her daughter. But when she returned, she told an incredible story.

Annie told the villagers that near her house a large machine fell on the ground, looking like a large washbasin (note that the term “flying saucer” did not exist at that time, but the large washbasins of the time used by the inhabitants looked like large soup plates, so this is the first UFO appearance in the form of a “plate”), from this “washstand” a ladder descended down which small creatures tangled up. 

Although Annie resisted and did not want to go with them, she was taken aboard by force, and they flew very quickly, according to her these creatures, whom she called “demons,” were all shown to her, and there were “many miracles.”

Inside the car it was warm, comfortable, there were very soft and comfortable chairs, it glowed inside, and did not make any noise, not at all like in a train.

Annie Lattu said that she was elevated above the world and even between the stars, and somehow she could understand the language of small creatures, although she did not speak with them. While traveling, she talked to her alone and his voice sounded right in her head.

She often repeated her story in the area, but people thought she must have had hallucinations from a fever because her house was cold, or maybe she just had a dream. However, Annie Lattu did not agree with these explanations. She went on to claim that this actually happened and was not a dream that she did not have a fever despite the fact that she had a cold house.

This incident was first mentioned in the Kurkijokelainen newspaper, which is mainly read by people who used to live in the small Kurkijoki community in North Karelia. For obvious reasons, the newspaper contains many memories of life in Kurkiyoki before the war (and during the war). One of them was a short article, written with the signature “Lathomäin Aino”, at No. 23 (June 9, 1978) by Kurkijokelainen.

Because of this article, one of Finland’s researchers, Maurits Hietamäki, discovered and interviewed a woman born in 1910, who was then still a child and lived in a family that was one of Annie Lattu’s neighbors when this event occurred.

This woman told him that in the following years, Annie Lattu often remembered what had happened and constantly returned in conversations with her neighbors and villagers to that incident.

It turned out that Annie Lattu was born in 1873 and died in 1930, that she was not a widow, although she lived alone. In fact, her husband Juho, who lived separately and died 11 years after her. Annie Lattu was always alone when she visited other villagers, and that is why she was considered a widow. Annie Lattu lived in a small house on the eastern shore of Lake Cancaanlampi, in the village of Alho.

This kidnapping event took place between January and Easter of 1917. Annie Lattu did her daily work when an apparatus landed on the road in front of her house, which she described as having the shape of a washbasin – they then in the village had the form of large soup plates.

The apparatus had stairs along which Annie was taken aboard against her will. Inside the apparatus there were many small people who moved very fast. Annie Lattu never talked about their clothes, and it seems she had no idea what these little men were.

Since the religious people in the village decided that these little people were devils, Annie agreed with this and later called them “demons.”

From the story of Annie, which the eyewitness remembered, it turned out that these little people had a leader with whom she communicated, perhaps through telepathy. Annie had been inside the ship for several days; they traveled around the world and approached the stars. 

Annie was also asked to stay, but she did not want to. The inside of the ship was comfortable warm, and the seats were comfortable. Finally, Annie was brought back to the same place from where she was taken, that is, on the road near her house.

Other villagers thought that Annie had a fever (her house was very cold in winter), and she probably had feverish dreams. Annie never acknowledged this and often talked about what happened, because she could not understand who these little people were and what they needed from her.

After the abduction, according to the witness at Annie, the ability to predict the future opened up and she became a well-known fortune teller in the district.

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Pollen King: An ordinary Swedish dispatcher founded the successful company “Cernelle” receiving help from aliens

In 1946, Gösta Carlsson was 28 years old, he lived in Angelholm and worked as a railway dispatcher. On the evening of May 18, Josta went for a walk in the forest. Today this site is a nature reserve and home to many birds. Gösta was interested in both nature and birds, he had walked along these paths many times. But this evening something changed, suddenly the birds began to make a lot of sounds.

Gösta entered a clearing in the forest, which was very familiar to him, he had been here many times, but this time a surprise was waiting for him. 

Between the trees, he saw what at first seemed to him like a carousel, which are at the carnival, it was some kind of round object, on whose surface lights were dancing. Intrigued by such a sight, Josta decided to approach the object.

When he approached the object, Josta saw that it was some kind of vessel, it was lenticular about 20-30 meters wide and 10 meters high. 

The ship landed and stood on two landing poles and a fin. There was a descent from the ship to the ground, and Gösta could see several creatures. They seemed to be doing repairs or inspecting the ship. 

He later said that they were waiting for him, as if his whereabouts were known to them before he entered the clearing. One of the creatures raised a hand, turning to Gösta in a clear gesture of a demand to stop.

“Woman” with long hair

These creatures were vaguely similar to astronauts, he identified one of them as a woman and a glow emanated from her. 

She looked like a man and had long hair. Josta saw that the woman was holding two objects in her hands and that she suddenly threw them into the forest near the meadow. 

This is what the alien looked like

Gösta could not believe what he saw, and ran to the nearest small lake to dip his head in the water – he thinks that maybe he is sleeping and should wake up. 

When he descends to the lake, he can see how the UFO begins to take off. Red and white light comes from the ship when it rises silently above the treetops. Then he suddenly accelerated to incredible speed and disappears.

Gösta suddenly recalls a woman from a ship who threw something into the forest near a clearing. Gösta begins to search for objects and finds them. Then he begins to return home.

When he returns home to his wife, she meets him with questions: “Where have you been?”. 

It has been several hours since Gösta went on his walk. She also asks him, “What happened to your skin ?!” 

Gösta’s skin was covered with some kind of weird fine gold powder and it turned out to be birch pollen. A strange encounter and pollen came to change Gösta’s life forever …

Business Idea with an Alien Origin

In the following nights after the meeting, Gösta began to dream or dream-like meditative states in which a woman from an alien ship began to communicate with him. 

She explained that their ship was forced to land in a clearing due to a malfunction.

During these dream states, Gösta receives the idea from alien creatures. They showed him how nutrients can be extracted from pollen grains using complex chemistry. 

This “recipe” given to him by aliens laid the foundation for his upcoming multimillion-dollar corporation.

Gösta Carlsson

In the following years, Gösta buys all the books on biochemistry that he can find. He is not a scientist, so this sudden obsession with the creation of natural medical products from pollen amazes everyone in his environment and his passion is considered strange.

Launch of Cernelle

Gösta was convinced that refined pollen extracts would be of value in improving human health. In the late 40s and early 50s, he laid the foundation for his company Cernelle . 

He and his team managed to become the first in the world to extract useful substances from pollen grains collected by the machine. 

Extraction methods have been further improved for large-scale pollen extraction and for the production of medicinal pollen extracts – Cernitin, which are recognized worldwide today.

Gösta said that in the process, he was again helped during meditative states in a dream. Answers to difficult production tasks were given to him in a dream. Gösta was convinced that these decisions were not his own ideas.


The method for extracting nutrients from pollen grains has been and remains innovative. There is an increased demand for Cernelles natural healthcare products and Josta has become a successful and wealthy entrepreneur. 

With his own money, he financed the local hockey team Rögle BK. He built a new arena, hired coaches, bought NHL players and helped the small team gain fame and fortune. 

Gösta’s transformation from a simple train station dispatcher to an “industry leader” has been completed. In Sweden, he is nicknamed the “King of Pollen,” and his story is known to the general public. He never hid how he became a different person and how he came to success.

It will be 25 years before Gösta Carlsson will go out in public and talk openly about his meeting with UFOs. He understood that people would think that he was crazy, that going out in public would probably negatively affect him, his family and his company. 

He said that it was for this reason that he did not talk about it. But in 1971, he was convinced that he had to tell his real story. By then, he was a respected company leader, and his story sparked a media storm in Sweden.

The fin on the bottom left of the UFO

Today, there is a monument on a scale of 1: 8 of a disk-shaped aircraft and concrete castings that were made of prints left by landing bearings and a “fin” at the landing site. 

Old pine trees used to grow on the edge of the meadow, some of them with charred trunks from the heat of the engines of an alien ship. Today, such damage on the trees is almost invisible.

On the ground around a small monument, the traces left by UFOs on the ground were later filled with concrete. 

In this 1963 photograph, the rings were still visible from the air (this was before they were reinforced with concrete)

Alien Items

What about items thrown by the woman from the alien ship that Josta found that night in the forest? 

Gösta basically kept them secret and showed them only to the chosen ones. During the UFO conference in Angelholm in 1996, these objects were put on public display – behind the reinforced glass and under the protection of guards, it was possible to inspect the objects. 

A gold ring and some kind of cube made of transparent material with inscriptions. However, in the early drawings of Josta on the transparent block there were no inscriptions. Judging by the quality of the inscriptions, they were probably made by Joost later.

Items abandoned in the clearing by an alien

After this, Gösta again hid the objects. Gösta Carlsson died in 2003, and the whereabouts of these items is unknown. It is assumed that his daughter owns them.

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Mass evacuation of alien spaceships from Earth recorded by cameras of the International Space Station

The frames you see resemble a fragment of a science fiction film showing the evacuation from a doomed planet, but this is not a film, this is a video from a camera installed on board the International Space Station. 

Yesterday, May 18, 2020, this camera recorded the mass evacuation of thousands of UFOs, which simultaneously launched from the surface of our planet and flew into outer space.

Look at these shots and remember, all this happened in reality and was filmed by the camera from the ISS. What is this if not a mass evacuation from planet Earth?

Thousands of ships simultaneously start from our planet at the moment when the ISS was on the edge between the dark and light sides of the Earth.

They take off at a tremendous speed, these are not our antediluvian liquid fuel rockets, these are very different and very advanced technologies that only representatives of extraterrestrial civilization can possess.

Extraterrestrial, but long present on our planet, since ancient times. Undoubtedly, this civilization or civilizations from other planets have their own underground and underwater bases on Earth, but what prompted them to be massively evacuated from Earth?

This, logically, can happen only if our planet is doomed and it is very dangerous for representatives of other civilizations to be on it …

Whether great natural disasters are coming or will our planet cease to exist at all, unfortunately, we don’t know, but nobody would leave it so demonstratively and massively for no reason …

However, all the events of recent months have indirectly indicated that something extraordinary is happening on our planet. Preparations are underway for something truly catastrophic for all of humanity.

You can verify the authenticity of the video by watching it in the original: HERE , scroll through the recording from the ISS at 44 minutes and watch.

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