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Ready to remake the Earth? Call Out For Volunteers to Help us Fix the Planet!

Ready to remake the Earth? Call Out For Volunteers to Help us Fix the Planet!  86


Our mission is the same for all of humanity. We want to fix the problems we have in our world and we need all the help we can get! The Fix the World Organization is in the process of taking a quantum leap in our operations. It is time we got this job done. No more suffering, no more suppression. There is so much work to be done, and we are organizing a full-on team of planet changing volunteers to help us do it.

The quantum leap: Fix the World has now established a legal/lawful business entity. We are touring and promoting the cause of fixing the planet and bringing people together. We are strengthening our relationships with partnering alternative planet changing community groups across the planet, all with the intention of creating unity consciousness across the new paradigm board. And we are about to launch a billion dollar crowdfunding campaign that will fund all of the operations of all of the keyplayers and lightworkers who have been doing the work to save the planet and also to fund the release of free energy technology and healing technology. We have 62 projects ready to go. And the requests and contacts have been flooding in. And we need help!!!

Below is an outline of the types of volunteer positions we are seeking.

If you have been wondering what your calling is to be on this planet at this amazing time of transformation… If you have a burning desire to see our skills efforts talents and gifts used to help end the suffering on this planet… If you want to be involved in something that will go down in history as the greatest transformation of human kind…

Please have a look at the outline below of the types of volunteer positions we are seeking and complete a volunteer intake form here:


We have a team of people who are organizing all volunteer positions to get you started.

Description: We need people that can manage people, volunteers, relationships, tasks, operations, planning etc. We need other people who are managers who can figure out what needs to be done and help guide people who want to help.

Which of the following describes YOU (descriptions below):

Self-motivated Passionate Transparent Action Based Reasonably punctual Negative Ego is in Check Self-Teaching/Self Creating Vision Manager Energy Manager Create my own work flow system Organizer Documenter/Capturer Great follow-through Scheduler Event planner Great at pushing over the line A healthy sense of urgency Motivational Communicator I get to the point and tell it like it is Compassion administrator Neutral mediators Conflict Transformationalist Good judgment caller Solution seeker/finder Researcher Briefer Information condenser

Which of the following manager positions are you interested in:

Volunteer Managers: to manage all the volunteers that come in, get on calls with them, figure out what they want to do and help find the right placement for their skills. Volunteer Managers need to be the new paradigm HR (human relationships) department. They need to speak with each volunteer to see if each person is the right kind of character for the job (interviewing), and do some social media and skype call messaging (recruiting) to bring in the right people, and field or delegate the work (administration), handle any problems that might occur (see relationship managers and conflict transformationalists, compassion administrators, neutral mediators) also able plan for and handle any turnover role changes that might occur.

Energy Manager: There are three specific areas that we need “energy managers” to assist with. The work of an energy manager is done to ensure that a high vibration is kept by protecting the energy field of the work of the organization and keeping the lower vibrations neutralized.

1) Social Media and Email Energy Neutralizers. Since we are an organization open to the public, the barn doors are open for all to come in. Some of these people are very wounded souls. Hurting people hurt people. Many are running programs, etc. In HopeGirl gmail, and in the comments on the blog, and on facebook and other areas like this where people can hide behind a computer screen, there are sometimes very negative low vibration communications. These need to be energetically neutralized, by either deleting them (if they are very vile) to remove them from our space, or responding to them with a neutral diffusing answer. This is a very important skill, and necessary.

2) Compassion Administrator/Conflict Transformationalist. Problems arise in all relationships sometimes. We need a handful of designated high vibrational people that we can send individuals to to help work out their energies, neutralize the lower ones and raise the vibration again. Some good descriptive terms of this job are: Compassion Administrators, Neutral Mediators, and Conflict transformationalists. In fact there is already a system devised for conflict transformationalism that can be learned and implemented, and agreed upon by everyone who comes into FTW to work with us.

3) Energy Bodyguard and Orchestrator. This is needed for public meetings and in some cases on group calls. An energy bodyguard is someone who pays attention to the onslaught of energy that comes from multiple individuals (good or bad) and “in the moment” and does what is necessary to moderate that energy in the proper direction. An energy bodyguard is the new paradigm equivalent of the secret service, and the key players of the organization and its projects are like the presidents the secret service protects. Most obvious is the overly intense energy that comes from people (people who won’t stop talking, people who stray from the target of the conversation, people whose energy either seems to push or pull in such a way that it infringes on someone’s free will, and occasionally negative attacking energy, stalking energy or lurking energy). What’s less obvious is that there are shy people whose energy needs to be called out in order to be heard. When the loud intense energy is moderated, then the energy bodyguards can reach those people and assist them in having their voices heard. It always seems to be the really quiet ones that have some of the most important things to say, and we can’t lose that.

Contact Collector and Introducer: We need to have a contact list that is a “living document” meaning it is constantly updated. Obviously we shouldn’t make this public for respect of people’s privacy. We need at least two people to manage this list. It will be used for mass email communications and also for introductions. People need to be introduced to other people in rapid speed. The person who maintains this list will also be responsible for writing short introduction emails to connect people. This can also be done on skype. Each person on this list should have a brief bio description next to their name so that the introducer can copy and paste this in the introduction phase. “Jim Jones is working on a technology project regarding magnetic motors and lives in the Phillipines. Here’s his website and contact info.”

FTW Representative and Impressionist: There are many groups, many calls, many weekly meetings and many discussions taking place. We have over 40 partnering organizations, many of whom have meetings of their own and these relationships need to be continuously maintained. We need people who are in alignment with the FTW mission, who are fully versed in the missions goals and operations of FTW to be on these calls, at these meetings and in these groups, sharing the message and service of FTW to the individuals in other groups and bringing back information and energy from these groups into the core of the FTW mission. These representatives can then report these relationships developing in the FTW public briefing structure.

Campaign Manager: A crowdfunding campaign takes at least 6-10 hours to plan and write (simple ones). The latest successful one took 4 days. Then the campaign needs to be continuously blasted out on social media and shared with all of our contacts. This is a lot of work. People “forget” about a campaign after a couple of days, so the message needs to be continuously promoted, and this needs to be planned. As initiative to anyone who is willing to help out and do all this work, we can easily write a dollar amount into the budget of the campaign to compensate that person for their efforts.

Funds Manager: We need people with skills of dealing with finances who can help manage the budgets, cash flow, reporting, etc., and also transition us over to a new business structure. And we need someone who can help with the payment of all expenses. Ordering things, buying tickets, transferring money between accounts, confirming everything, figuring out the timing on money holds, etc. is all a part of this, extremely important.

Fund Raiser: There are people with large amounts of money that want to donate and give to good causes. We are setting up the proper business structure that will allow them to donate large funds. We need people who know people with money to tell them about the organization and what we are doing to help bring in donations. As an incentive win-win situation, anyone who wants to be a fund raiser can figure in whatever percentage in commission they would like to receive for the funds they bring in, as long as it is completely transparent and the benefactor is comfortable with the commission. FTW is gaining momentum, and this would be a great opportunity for anyone to use the energy of the organization and all of its good causes as a means of doing good work, helping out and obtaining some income for themselves. We need 1.3 million dollars for the first year to fully fund the whole organization and 3 projects. Then, 1.3 million each year for the next four years, after which the revenue generated by the projects would make the organization self-sustaining.

Social Media Wizard/Video Maker: We need people with creative skills who can make youtube videos and slide shows to share with the public. All types of videos on all types of FTW related projects, interviews, missions, etc. And most importantly, we need social media gurus who love Facebook and can post constant updates in groups and rooms about FTW events and incentives.

Scheduler, Event Planner and Travel Agent: We need calendars created, scheduled and managed for meetings, individuals and events. We need people with specific events planning skills and experience who can visualize an event from beginning to end to plan the event and guide all the people involved. For traveling, we need travel agents to book all the flights, rental cars and accommodations. We also need someone who can plan or schedule any tours. There are a multitude of people that are planning on touring all at once and it would appear that we will continue to be touring in the future.

Vision Manager: We have large numbers of people these days who are coming to us with ideas, really good ideas that come straight from source and the changing energy of Gaia. Because these ideas are of a dynamic spiritual nature, usually the people who have them are kind of “on fire” and very high energy. The information comes flying out in rapid machine gun speed. We need people who can talk to these individuals who have been given these visions that can help them formulate their life changing energetics and visions into a reasonable organized plan that can be implemented. This is how we anchor the exciting energy into our 3D reality. We have a system set up, or at least we are trying to get that system set up. (project submissions, budgets, project schedules, business plans, self-training courses etc.). Over time there will be an organized way to funnel these ideas into digestible bite size nuggets of understandable presentation that can be easily shared.

Organization/Workflow manager – FTW covers 12 sectors of the human endeavor: we have blogs, youtubes, radio shows, 62 different projects, 20 skype room groups, Facebook, legal business entity work, sovereignty process work, campaign management, crowdfunding consulting, free energy technology projects, traveling and touring, financial management accountability and basic funds transfer, promotions, networking with 40 partnering organizations, contracts to create for partners, and, and, and, and……. The scope of work is massive.

Work Flow Manager:

Level One MACRO: Two or more people who know about every area of the organization and the workflow, to figure out a plan together on how to funnel work. This would be done through a careful planning process with a workflow chart put together by a few people.

Level Two MICRO: People who can take areas of workflow management within each “sector of work” and continue to organize the work flow process on a more detailed level.

Capturer, Recorder, Documenters, Information Condenser and Follow-througher!Information comes flying at us from all different angles ALL THE TIME. Skype Calls, meetings, radio shows, live events, emails, etc. etc. THIS INCLUDES THE COLLECTION OF VITAL CONTACT INFORMATION OF IMPORTANT INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. If there is a group call, we need people who can capture the information on a call, be it via recording the call and then transcribing the main points, or taking good minutes. This information needs to be condensed into digestible bite size pieces, which can then later be put into a briefing format.

Blogwriter: to capture information and do write-ups on the HopeGirl blog. Every time we have an idea or an interview that needs to be covered, it needs to be captured, written up, edited signed by the Author and put up on the blog. And we also need a second set of eyes to read each article to make sure that it is the right frequency. Likewise we need someone to monitor all the comments on the blog. Remember, each blog post holds a level of accountability by both the author and the FTW organization as a whole. If something huge is released, the author and FTW is responsible for handing all the reaction to the release of information. To best handle this we need compassion administrators and neutral mediators.

We need interviewers, who can hold interviews with all of these key people, then translate it into a blog and record the interview and put it up on Youtube on the HopeGirl Channel. Also, these interviews can be recorded for live radio, or if applicable, the interviewee’s can go on radio shows.

Briefing Structure- We need someone to head this task! There are many tasks and areas of the work that we are doing. We need a regular briefing structure. This can be done by having each person who is managing a certain task, write a short paragraph that highlights what went on in that task area during the week. Then all task organizers paragraphs can be sent to one individual who collects all of them and organizes them all into one report. This report can then be read and discussed openly by FTW team members on a weekly call that is either done on a conference line to the public and open for questions (might get crazy) or, recorded and publically posted in an mp3 file AND a written briefing on the website or youtube. This way, everyone who is doing the work of the organization can listen to the call to be in touch with everything that is happening, everyone can share, and the public can see what we are doing and how we are doing it. TRANSPARENCY IN OPERATIONS.

We are looking forward to reading your submissions!

The HopeGirl/Fix The World Team



Planet Earth

A new ice age: why it will begin in 2030

A new ice age: why it will begin in 2030 99

The sun is both the main source of life and the greatest threat to it. On the one hand, the star converts four million tons of matter every second into energy, which is the main source of light and heat. On the other hand, it is a source of powerful emissions that cause strong disturbances on Earth and near-earth space.

Magnetic storms and auroras are nothing more than a consequence of anomalies occurring on the luminary. Fortunately, today scientists have learned to predict these manifestations, and humanity as a whole already knows how to neutralize their negative impact.

At the same time, some of the processes occurring on the Sun cause concern among specialists. Experts around the world state an unprecedented decrease in solar activity and predict the approach of a new ice age – the fifth in the last 400 thousand years.

What are solar cycles

A lot of what happens on the Sun and, as a consequence, in the entire solar system, depends on the state of the magnetic field of the star. Its amplitude and spatial configuration are constantly changing, which, together with the formation and decay of other strong fields in the atmosphere, leads to the transformation of the wave radiation of a celestial object and the intensity of fluxes of corpuscles – particles of solar gas in a plasma state. The number of spots – relatively cold regions in its photosphere – on the surface of the Sun also changes.

Long-term studies have shown that the activity of a star associated with the appearance of spots has a cyclic structure. Scientists estimate the duration of the cycles in different ways – up to six thousand years, but most often they distinguish three periods: 11-year, 90-year and 300-400-year cycles.

The shortest of them is more pronounced and is associated with changes in the direction of the main component of the magnetic field of the star. The period is characterized by a rather rapid – for about four years – increase in the number of sunspots and its subsequent decrease, which takes about seven years. At the same time, the assessment of the cycle duration of 11 years is an average, in some cases it can last from nine to 14 years.

A new ice age: why it will begin in 2030 100

The 90-year variation is associated with a 25-50 percent periodic decrease in the number of sunspots in 11-year cycles. 300-400-year intervals are completely characterized by the appearance of long, up to several tens of years, intervals when very few sunspots appear on the Sun. The last such period was recorded quite recently – in 2017. And the most famous – the Maunder minimum – lasted from about 1645 to 1715 and coincided in time with the coldest phase of climate cooling – the Little Ice Age.

How the Sun’s cycling affects the Earth

Scientists have long formed certain ideas that the activity of a star affects the climate – both space and terrestrial. When there are many sunspots on the Sun, the probability of reconnection of magnetic lines of different polarities increases. The visible result of this process is flares, characterized by explosive energy release. This burst of radiation, reaching the Earth, causes strong disturbances in its magnetic field, disrupts satellites and increases the likelihood of aurora borealis in low geographic latitudes.

The planet’s ionosphere is also subject to fluctuations in solar activity, which manifests itself in a change in the propagation of short radio waves. It also affects the chemical processes in the Earth’s atmosphere, since it affects the intensity of galactic cosmic ray fluxes.

Moreover, it is now known that a change in the total value of the electromagnetic radiation of the Sun by only one percent can entail a noticeable change in the distribution of temperature and air currents on the Earth. An increase in the flow of particles leads to the fact that warm currents from the south rush with even greater energy to the northern latitudes, and the cold ones, carrying the Arctic air, penetrate deeper to the south.

Should we wait for a new ice age?

Each solar minimum traditionally raises concerns about the possible onset of the next global cooling, akin to that observed at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. During the Little Ice Age, global average temperatures dropped by one to two degrees Celsius, snow lay on some of the plains all year round, and Greenland was covered with glaciers. Moreover, the waters of the Thames and Danube rivers were frozen, and the Moscow River was covered with ice every six months.

However, for such cataclysms, a simple decrease in solar activity is not enough; a significant deviation is needed. A sharp decline, according to an international group of scientists, may occur in 2030-2040. This conclusion was made by experts after analyzing solar radiation during the 1982-2002 cycles. The data they obtained made it possible to derive analytical formulas that can be used to predict the behavior of a star in the period from 1200 to 3200.

“If the existing theories about the influence of solar activity on the climate are correct, then this minimum will lead to a significant cooling, similar to that which was during the Maunder minimum. In view of the fact that our future minimum will last three solar cycles – about 30 years, perhaps the decrease in temperature will not be as deep as in the Maunder minimum. But this will need to be studied in more detail, ”the MSU website writes.

Scientists see a lot of other “bells” that foreshadow a sharp decline in solar activity. For example, Matthew Penn, an astronomer at the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, told Deutsche Welle that sunspots are not observed at all if the magnetic field of the star falls below 1500 gauss. Moreover, in the penultimate cycle, local fields weakened by about 50 gauss per year.

“If we extrapolate this trend, then by 2021 they will become too weak and will not be able to resist convection. The spots on the Sun will disappear,” he stated.

The director of the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Frank Hill, even notes that in the new millennium, a malfunction was recorded in the formation of a plasma flow, the movement of which to the equator of the star and becomes the cause of the appearance of spots.

At the same time, the connection between disruptions in solar activity and the beginning of ice ages has not yet been reliably established, and so far experts are very cautious about this.

“My position is this: we do not yet have scientific data that could confirm or deny such a relationship,” Frank Hill emphasized. – Of course, a long minimum of solar activity, in principle, will have some effect on everything – both on space exploration and on the Earth’s climate. But I still want to emphasize: we are predicting changes in the solar cycle, and not at all the onset of a new Little Ice Age.”

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Planet Earth

A strange phenomenon in the Arctic, the cause of which is unknown

A strange phenomenon in the Arctic, the cause of which is unknown 101

In 2018, a plane flying over the Greenland glaciers noticed strange holes in the ice. NASA scientists cannot yet find the reason for their appearance.

The Arctic is a mysterious place, and as the Earth’s climate changes, it changes faster than scientists can record. So, according to NASA, strange holes began to appear in the ice, and so far no one can understand what causes them. 

The photo was taken by John Sonntag, a scientist working for NASA’s IceBridge operation, an ambitious mission to capture as much detail as possible of the North and South Poles in hopes of figuring out what is happening right now in these remote parts of the planet.

Unfortunately, this photo raises more questions than answers, at least for now. But even though scientists from IceBridge do not have an exact answer to what these holes are, they make assumptions. / These holes may be caused by ice melting due to the water warming under the ice, or they may be air pockets caused by whales or seals. However, for the latter variant the holes are somehow too big. 

NASA even asked its readers on the Internet for advice on what it might be. There were many assumptions, but it is not yet possible to say exactly why these holes formed.

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Planet Earth

Rich people from all over the world are buying submarines

Rich people from all over the world are buying submarines 102
Photo: uboatworx / YouTube

The wealthy around the world will spend millions of dollars on private submarines, following Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, The Times reports.

According to the publication, in the period from 2019 to 2020, it was about the sale of 15 to 25 submarines, however, this number is expected to double in 2021. According to representatives of the three leading submarine manufacturing companies, next year the market will be estimated at 75 million pounds.

Among the first buyers of deep-sea vessels were the owner of Chelsea Football Club Roman Abramovich, the late Microsoft founder Paul Allen and the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa Al Nahyan.

Roy Heijdra of the Dutch company U-Boat Worx noted that wealthy people increasingly want their yachts to be specially equipped for exploration, not just luxury holidays. According to him, ten vessels were sold in 2020 worth up to £ 2.2 million each. Among them was the Nemo model, which is estimated at 875 thousand pounds, has a height of 2.8 meters and can dive to a depth of more than 90 meters with two people on board.

In turn, the executive director of the Florida company Triton, Bruce Jones, said that compared with the previous year sales of submarines this year rose by almost a third, despite the pandemic coronavirus. At the moment, he has about five orders that need to be completed by the beginning of 2021.

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