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Rare Double Eyewitness Capture of UFO Over Petronas Towers

Rare Double Eyewitness Capture of UFO Over Petronas Towers 7

On  May 12th we uploaded on The Object Report website photographs and a short description of a daylight UFO photographed over the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia. The eyewitness submitted a 300 by 400 pixel image with the short description of the UFO sighting. The email was verifiable, not a disposable email and we ran the submitted image through a basic analysis and can confirm it came straight from a cellular phone camera and has not been processed or manipulated in Photoshop or any image editing program. Here is the original E-mail sent to the Object Report – note the full name has been removed for privacy however the full name was given to Agent D. Note that you can click on any of these images in order to see a high resolution version of the image.

Rare Double Eyewitness Capture of UFO Over Petronas Towers 8
Original Chong Photograph

“My name is XXXXXX Chong from Malaysia, earlier today around 1230 noon Malaysia time i was around the Petronas Twin Towers area with my family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My young son XXXXX  pointed to the sky and said he sees a hot air balloon. I looked up and saw an object in the sky about the size of a large hot air balloon slowly spinning above and to the side of the Petronas Twin Towers. I thought it was a hot air balloon too as it was totally silent. I took a photo and suddenly about 30 seconds later the object shot upwards at an incredible speed and disappeared into the clouds. There was no sound except for an air burst. I have never seen anything like that before. I did a Google search for UFO sites and your website was listed. I see that there is a lot of info on your site about UFO’s so maybe you can shed some light on this photo that I am attaching. Sorry for the quality of the picture as my camera phone is an old model. I would also like to know if there is any connection between UFO and the disappearance of flight MH370 as mentioned by CNN. There were other people in the area and i hope they will also make their pictures public. Thank you for any insight you can share.”

We at this time have corroborated evidence of a brazen, broad daylight UFO through a second photograph taken by an eyewitness named Zainal, who came forward the next day after reading our first Petronas Twin Towers post and submitted to The Object Report a second picture of the same, silent, hovering UFO in the sky over the Petronas Twin Towers. Indeed it is evident looking at these two photographs side by side – we can place Zainal’s physical location and we can see the cloud formation in the sky is nearly identical to that of Chong’s digital image, indicating the images were snapped within minutes, if not seconds of each other. Again we were given a full name, via a solid email account with a photograph of the author and a picture that we ran through basic meta file analysis which reports this to come straight from a cellular phone camera. Here is the message received via email from the second Malaysia UFO eyewitness: “Hi Object Report, I saw the post on your website and i was there around 1230 noon on Saturday. I initially thought the object was some kind of hot air balloon. But the object shot up with a small boom shockwave sound. UFO sightings used to be rare in Malaysia but from my internet search it seems its getting more frequent. Do you have any ideas why?”

This is a rare, exceedingly rare, confirmed double sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object. This is in fact concrete legal proof of something out of the ordinary hovering over the twin towers, you could take this level of evidence into court and win a case. It simply does not get any more solid than this and I wouldn’t be surprised if another third party snapped off a shot of this UFO from the streets or even from a nearby building.

Rare Double Eyewitness Capture of UFO Over Petronas Towers 9
Side by side comparison of same UFO just seconds apart

So now that we know this is indeed real photographic evidence, the question is what are we looking at? This is unlike anything we have seen here at The Object Report. Generally speaking most UFOs fall into a basic solid shape such as cigar shaped, disc shaped, cone shaped, diamond and lastly our favorite – triangles. This object doing a very rough and dirty visual calculation of its size, appears to be about 20 feet or so in diameter. This is typically on the small side for a silent craft as there are often reports of cigar shaped UFOs and silent black triangles that can reach up to hundreds of feet in length or width, perhaps thousands of feet in size. This small size would lead one to speculate it could be a drone or observational craft. Another observation that bolsters the idea of a scout drone are the appendages that appear to be protruding from the lower half of the craft. These appendages are most clearly visible in the Zainal picture at left. The bottom portion of the craft looks to have a spherical bottom, however it could also simply appear this way because the photograph is low res and dark. The bottom could simply be round. One thing is for certain – in the Chong photo the protrusions can be seen to be extending laterally giving a clear indication the bottom is circular with nothing sticking directly out of the bottom, downward. The top portion appears to be round as well and judging from both pictures as seen side by side – the craft might have an oval shape. In the Zainal image the vantage point seems to be a little more directly under the craft and we can make out the appendage or protrusion on the back side of the object and it appears to be quite substantial. Whether these protrusions are probes of some sort or flight controls we can only guess.

Rare Double Eyewitness Capture of UFO Over Petronas Towers 10

Chong and Zainal both mention the object hovering stationary, making no noise whatsoever and then accelerating upward at such a velocity as to cause an audible air burst, which would indicate such a rapid displacement of air as to cause a small boom. This eliminates any sort of balloon or human built drone – the energy required to accelerate so rapidly as to cause a boom requires an enormous amount of power – not to mention making no sound eliminates almost all known human technology. Zainal asks a good question: “Why are the sightings becoming more frequent?” We cannot say who is behind this particular drone. Our best guess would be that it is of ET origin. As far as a purpose, we have been told through various eyewitnesses over the years, through dozens of separate messages, that full blown ET contact is under way. Contact is occurring right now, ready or not. Who is coming? Repeating the most substantial messages relayed to us through reasonably convincing sources – Agent D and Agent K believe the first beings that will make contact will be a race who possess Human DNA mixed with what we would call ET DNA. We have researched deeply into this theory and have presented everything we know in our Hybrids Project Blog. We suggest you have a look via the link below and judge for yourself.

The Hybrids Project Blog

Lastly we would like to say THANK YOU to the eyewitnesses who were quick on their feet and snapped off excellent pics and we thank both of them for submitting the images to established UFO sites for everyone to see. In a digital age these images cannot be suppressed like film could be, back in the days when the police or military would seize the photographs. This is a new era of instant information dispersal and the truth can no longer be suppressed.

Agent D


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