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Raped by demons

Rachael is living a restless life and her marriage is on the verge of collapsing. She says after falling asleep, an evil spirit attacks and sexually abuses her.

She and her husband are not on good terms because of the hallucinations as a result of the nightmares she experiences, writes Juliet Kasirye 
Rachael’s marriage is on the verge of collapsing because of the frightening nightmares she usually gets at night. She says whenever she is sleeping, she hears someone entering her bedroom.
Unwrapping her mosquito net and out of blue, she feels the heavy weight of a man squeezing her chest so hard that she can hardly breathe properly.
Rachael discloses that the first time she had that terrible nightmare, she almost chocked to death when she opened her eyes and saw an image of a tall man standing beside their bed. Still in shock, this man started walking towards her. When the evil spirit touched her, she shouted on top of her voice in order to wake her husband up.
“Unfortunately my husband could not hear me, so he did not wake up. The spirit overpowered me and had sex with me that night. After a fortnight, the same incident happened to me again, but this time, my husband heard me whispering “bedroom words” and he woke me up,” adds Rachael.
Rachael reveals that these days the incident which she attributes to rape by demons is becoming a routine as soon as she falls asleep. Since she does not get enough sleep, she says this has not only affected her marital duties, but also her work. She says recently, her boss threatened to fire her since she arrives late for work.
“For the whole of last month, I have been having sleepless nights. My husband was worried about my condition, and he took me to a psychologist in order to see whether my condition would change, but nothing changed,” she said.
Rachael adds that when she confided in her friend Ruth, she advised her to visit a witchdoctor in Masaka, but when she went there, the situation instead worsened.
Her biggest challenge now is how to explain the cause of this to her husband. She says they no longer communicate well as they used to and her children also fear her because she scares them when she starts screaming at night.
Psychologists say demonic dreams bring fear and can make someone sick
Do demons really exist?
“Nightmares are real, and so far, I have prayed for many people with such experiences. Basically, there are three sources of dreams — psychological, spiritual and demonic dreams,” says Michael Kyazze, a senior pastor at Omega Healing Centre, Zzana.
Kyazze explains that with psychological dreams, the things you encounter during the day are recorded in the mind. Besides that, these dreams also emanate from the soul and fatigue.
Kyazze adds that some spiritual dreams come from God, and the rest come from the devil. He says demonic dreams also exist, and in most cases if a person gets demonic dreams, he or she changes his or her lifestyle.
“It is through demonic dreams that the purpose of the devil is fulfilled. It makes the person hurt, brings fear and also makes them sick. Besides that, demonic dreams also manifest in the person’s life through dreams.
Actually, it is like a dream, but in reality an experience,” explains Kyazze. He describes demonic dreams as a spirit manifesting in form of a person. It abuses the person sexually and its objectives are to defile her, and also injure the relationship between her and the husband.
Kyazze recommends people who are attacked by demons to seek counselling from religious leaders.
According to him, in James 4:7, the Bible says that resist the devil and it will flee from you. This verse implies that you must do things which resist the power of darkness. For example, fasting and also engaging in prayer with others.
“If it is a psychological dream such as dreaming watching horror movies or an abusive behaviour, it is best you get out of it as soon as possible. However, if it is a demonic influence, it needs a prayer of deliverance in order to chase away the person who appears in the dreams,” advises Kyazze.
Mark Kigozi, a pastor at Real Life Church, Namboole says demons do exist. “I believe there are dreams, and spiritual realities. Personally, I have received cases of people who are disturbed by evil spirits, but sometimes, a person may get dreams which are terrifying because of the thought patterns,” he says.
Kigozi says some people are disturbed by demons depending on the activities they engage in. For example, if someone watches a horrifying movie, chances are high that they might get nightmares because of fear. Also, if a person had dramatic experiences in the past, they might get scary dreams.
Kigozi advises people who are affected by demons to always first identify their spiritual life, and then seek counselling and prayer sessions from a spiritual mentor, who will guide them through the prayer process of deliverance such that all the bondage of Satan lets go of them.
Livingstone Nkoyoyo, the retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, says he has heard about so many people who have been attacked by demons in dreams.
“There is no witchdoctor who can deal with such a situation because they are spiritual attacks. The only way to get rigid of demons is through prayer,” he says.
Stephen Langa, a counsellor at Family Network discloses that demons that rape women really exist and so far he has counselled two women with such experiences. Besides that, he has also known of men who have gone through the experience.
He says some demons come in form of recurring dreams where one is experiencing sexual relationships with some unknown person, and others are like physical encounters with something which is invisible, yet the encounter is sexual.
Langa narrates another ordeal of a woman who used to be mentally ill and would walk naked. He says this woman was later delivered through prayer and she is now a productive member of society.
He says the lady told her that the source of the spirits that drove her into insanity came through sexual encounter with someone who was infested with sexually transmitted demons.
Apart from that, Langa also gives an experience of a former witchdoctor he watched being interviewed on TV.
“The woman said her assignment was to bring down high-ranking men, and her main weapon was sex. She said she would do whatever she could in order to lure the man she was targeting into sex. She added that once the man had sex with her, he was finished,” Langa said.
“This is because from that point onwards, she would control him and dictate whatever she wanted to do with him. This control over someone is made possible through sexually transmitted demons,” he added.
“If you are attacked by demons, it is always important to have close contact with God in order to be delivered. Besides that, it is also vital to stay sexually pure since some people have spirits which follow them from generation to generation.
For example, some people are possessed by demons, and in most cases, if you sleep with many men or women, chances are high that you will also get the demons they have since it is hard to tell who is possessed by a demon or not,” concludes Langa.


Metaphysics & Psychology

Otherworldly essences of larva: what you need to know about them

Larvae are energy parasites or entities that can penetrate the human field. In the future, they accumulate heavy and disharmonious energy, as a result of which the psychological and physical state of health deteriorates significantly.

What are larvae

Many people know that there are otherworldly essences of larva, that you need to know this. It must be understood that every thought is material. It is for this reason that a person is surrounded by an energy shell that can live independently. Larva does not have its own consciousness, but it is an energy parasite. Larva can take energy and human health in order to continue to exist.

Larvae appear under the influence of human life, because actions and the energy world are closely connected with each other. Energy entities are present everywhere, and they can exist even for a long time. Larvae will exist for a long time if a person feeds them with their energy. As a result, a person becomes dependent on his desires, although he notes a rapid deterioration in health and even begins to fall into a depressed state.

Otherworldly essences of larva: what you need to know about them

Larvae according to their internal content are divided into 3 large groups:

1. Small. They are responsible for the immediate wishes of the people. It is easiest to deal with such larvae, since it is enough to satisfy a desire or endure and refuse to perform actions. Such larvae are emitted up to hundreds of times a day, and there is no particular harm to humans.
2. Medium. In this case, everyday habits appear, which can be guaranteed to be abandoned with a great desire. You need to understand that to combat negative character traits will require more time and effort. Success largely depends on the manifestation of your character. In order to notice obvious changes, you need to regularly overpower yourself.
3. Large. Habits become serious, and it is difficult to get rid of them on their own. Large larvae are also responsible for pronounced psychological complexes.

In any case, the otherworldly essences of the larva can cease to exist if a person tries to change his life.

Otherworldly essences of larva: what you need to know about them

What are the signs

Determining the presence of such entities is actually quite easy. If you have a bad habit, which is difficult to get rid of, you can suspect the presence of larvae. Key features:

– prostration;
– the appearance of aggression for no reason;
– increased emotionality;
– the desire to eat a lot and tasty.

Such manifestations are basic.

What are the dangers of larvae?

Astral beings are gradually gaining more and more power, so they are affecting more and more. Over time, the existing vital energy weakens, as a result of which a person cannot enjoy life, becomes apathetic and notes a breakdown.

There is also a deterioration in overall health. First of all, the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system suffer. The deterioration of the organs occurs in the shortest possible time. If larvae continue to exist, health is rapidly deteriorating and there is even a risk of death.

If larvae appear

The main reasons for their appearance

Each person is influenced by the energy of the entire universe. It is for this reason that there are various reasons why larvae appear:

1. A negative manifestation due to a dysfunctional inheritance may be noted. If close relatives are distinguished by a weak spiritual world, entities can negatively affect children. This reason often becomes apparent if there is an energetic connection with relatives.

2. Each person through his actions lead to the fact that a negative energy essence is attached to him. Usually, the reason is attunement to life negative, so you need to fill yourself with positive.

3. Sometimes the appearance of larvae leads to communication with other people. The first signs will be irritability, nervousness, deterioration.

4. It is also dangerous to conduct rituals on your own if the ritual for calling the spirits went wrong.

If larvae appear, it is important to know what signs appear in a person, and a photo can help. Psychics are able to see larvae and understand that it is important to get rid of them.

Ways to get rid

It is recommended to strive for positive and fight bad thoughts, habits. If you strive to improve yourself and improve your health, get rid of habits, you can note the positive impact of actions on yourself.

It is undesirable to concentrate on the negative of life and the manifestation of bad habits. We must strive for creative activity. In this case, it will be easier to get rid of negative energy entities. It is also important to cultivate good habits and good emotions so that life is more productive and wholesome.

If larvae appear, signs in a person cannot go unnoticed.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Accounts of Pets and Wild Animals Showing Clairvoyant Abilities

Animals have many abilities that defy scientific explanation. Timely premonitions, predicting future, ability to travel vast distances to their owners are some of them.

Many animals have a highly developed sixth sense. Besides homing pigeons, several other animals can find their way home as well – sometimes over vast distances. Pets are often empathic to the mood and energy of their owners.

Animals also have highly advanced sensors that can detect events such as earthquakes before they actually happen. Many pet owners know that their cats and dogs have an uncanny knack of anticipating when their owners are coming home.

Animals and After Death Communication

An American, Herbert J. Rebhan graduated in 1984 from veterinary school, and went to work in the central African country of Malawi, as a Peace Corps volunteer.

He twice saved the lives of two frail, sick, pups, Bozo and Skippy, that were not expected to live.

When Rebhan was attacked by a rabid hyena one rainy day, the dogs Bozo and Skippy engaged in a fierce fight, killed the hyena and quickly vanished. The vet, who distinctly knew Skippy and Bozo, would learn later that Bozo and Skippy had died several months before saving his life.

The dogs were apparently able to defy death to help their friend.

Wild Animals Saving Humans in Distress

Beaky, a bottle nosed dolphin, lived off the English coast in the 1970s. The 12-foot dolphin has been credited with saving several lives on many different occasions.

On one occasion in 1976, Keith Monery, an experienced diver, experienced difficulties. His life jacket filled with water, Monery was having difficulties staying float.

Before a fellow diver could respond to Monery’s distress signal, Beaky the dolphin, swam underneath him and gently nudged the diver up to the surface.

Only after the distressed diver received help from the rescue crew, did Beaky swim away.

Other Accounts of Pets Showing Paranormal, Psychic Behavior

There are many accounts of pets showing ability beyond scientific explanation. Some of them are:

– In 1976, a golden retriever named Lisa began barking at a British embassy building in Beijing. Her barking awoke second secretary, Richard Margolis, who was convinced that the dog knew something was wrong. He awoke the embassy staff and fled the city before a massive earthquake.

– In the 1960s, Missie the Boston terrier, became a celebrity because of her ability to know details about people and predict the future.

– Chris, a part-beagle, mixed-breed dog, lived with George and Marion Woods in Rhode Island in the 1950s. He had an uncanny ability to read minds, foresee the future, and even make horse racing predictions.

Animals’ endearing qualities of unconditional love, undeterred loyalty and fierce faithfulness are not all that make them great friends for humans. They also have unexplainable qualities of intuition, sixth sensory perception and a psychic skills that can make pet owners wonder about the deeper meanings of life, living and life after death.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists have found out what people see and feel at the time of death

Many people believe that before death, a person sees numerous pictures from his own life. Israeli scientists have decided to check whether this is true.

Scientists from the University of Hadassah studied the experience of two hundred people who “returned from the dead” and were able to find out a lot of interesting details.

People shared their feelings at the time of death, and it turned out that they all felt about the same thing. The passage of time slowed down, and before the eyes, “fragments” from life really flashed. The frames arose inconsistently and randomly, but always these were moments of vivid memories.

Why at the end of life, does a person see his own memories? According to neuroscientists, this is due to the fact that the prefrontal, medial temporal and parietal lobes of the brain are activated, where blood supply retains longer. Accordingly, oxygen also comes with the blood, and therefore these segments of the brain live longer than other.

The authors of the scientific study also explained that a “near-death movie” can occur before the eyes of a person who is in serious danger or under stress, but the pictures will be less realistic and much dimmer than at the time of death.

This is due to the high concentration of the stress hormone – adrenaline, which makes the blood rush more actively to the above areas of the brain and saturate them with oxygen.

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