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Quantum Mechanics: Experiments on Universal Consciousness and the Afterlife

Quantum Mechanics: Experiments on Universal Consciousness and the Afterlife 1

As the field of quantum mechanics grows, there are more experiments that signal a universal consciousness and debatable afterlife. Fundamental theories attempt to explain the nature of the universe by observing the nature of atoms and smaller particles, which make up everything in the universe. Experiments range from exploring the memory of water, discovering how plants listen, monitoring particles reaction to sound, and even discovering that cells think independently.

Scientists in the quantum world often face harsh criticism from outsiders once they publish their experiments. They operate in a strange world and try to understand the universe’s phenomena. Even Einstein said “I can’t accept quantum mechanics because it involves spooky actions at a distance.” Further making things difficult, one of the founders of the quantum mechanic theory, Pascual Jordan said “observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it.”

Bruce Rosenblum, a Professor of Physics summarized the quantum world in a way that illustrates Einstein and Jordan’s frustrations when he said “relativity says strange things about time, space and energy. But quantum mechanics says unbelievable things about us, our consciousness, our free will, and the nature of our human involvement with physical reality.”


The double slit experiment or wave/particle theory is a validation that matter and energy can behave as waves and particles. This demonstrates the problem of not being able to place particles into a category scientists are comfortable with where waves behave as waves and particles behave as particles. Instead, they behave as both. This is the foundation of the nature of quantum mechanical phenomena where findings conclude individual cells think for themselves.

The video below illustrates how the mere act of observation completely changes the outcome. Furthermore, both of Einstein and Jordan’s frustrated quotes can be understood in the demonstration.

The physicist, Robert Lanza, recently proposed his theory of “biocentrism” by using the double slit experiment. He concluded humans are eternal beings that created the concept of life and death through their own consciousness. He claimed death does not exist and that humans believe it exists because they collectively believe in it. Many in the quantum mechanic field disagree with his findings.


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Since more than 70 percent of the planet is covered in water and 60 percent of the human body is made up of water, the experiments on water hit very close to home. It does not help that they are also phenomena in quantum mechanics. Two experiments about water gathered interest in scientific communities. The first experiment was by a Japanese scientist who evaluated the consciousness of water while another experiment by a German scientist discovered water has a memory.

The research produced by scientists at the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart, suggested that water found in oceans, rivers, lakes and rain might be transporting information around the world.

Masaru Emoto is an energy scholar in Japan. Through his experiments he claimed human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. His controversial declarations were that water is directly affected by the energy put towards it and that positive words and prayer have a positive result on the molecules. He demonstrated this through water crystal formations.


The science of sound is best explained through cymatics, which is the study of wave phenomena. A Swiss doctor, Hans Jenny, portrayed the responsiveness of matter to sounds or vibrations. However, the pioneer of sound  is attributed to Ernst Chaldni, the musician and physicist, who used sand and a violin to create patterns that were perfectly symmetrical and geometrical. This was the beginning of understanding that sound affects physical matter.


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Quantum experiments with plants are often referred to as biocommunication. These observations conclude that plants are sentient and even experience pain or fear. Scientists often challenge this as false because according to other theories, plants lack a nervous system. Cleve Backster, a former CIA specialist, conducted the most famous experiment where he measured the rate at which water rises from a plant’s leaves with a polygraph or ‘lie detector’ test. He then interacted with the plant via his thoughts (not speaking out loud) and even threatened to burn the leaves. Backster claims the plant went off the charts with responses.


Just recently, research into consciousness is accepted within the academic community. Since the field is so new, the existing theories will probably not stand the test of time. However, universal consciousness is spoken about often and ideas suggest there is a universal network we all tap into to access information. It is understood that this is how ESP works. Research into this area is also heavily involves meditation practices making it even more dismal in science. Steven Greer, a UFO specialist, suggested UFO’s could be communicated with through this universal field by meditation. His findings are captured in the documentary Sirius.

In the quantum mechanics world, scientists continue to discover the mysterious. Somehow we are all connected whether it is through universal consciousness or in other ways that are still unknown. For now, only the experiments in quantum mechanics will provide answers about universal consciousness and the afterlife amongst other unexplainable things.

By Cayce Manesiotis

Guardian Express

Ode Wire

Financial Times

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