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Punishment cell in hell? Global control awaits us by 2028

Punishment cell in hell? Global control awaits us by 2028 1

What will happen next in the financial market? How will the crisis develop and when will there be light at the end of the tunnel? What is the fate of the dollar and when will paper money go out of use?

Financiers will not be able to answer these questions, but there are predictions as well as exact dates. The main thing is to be able to correctly read the signs sent to us. How do we see the global financial future?

Global Financial Reform

A new financial reform is already underway, but for many it is still invisible. Nevertheless, someone is already facing some restrictions and new rules. Unfortunately, these inconveniences will soon seem like a flower bouquet to us. With the first crop, that is, with the main transformations, we will encounter already in 2024, and the peak of the “harvest” will be in 2028.

From our point of view, a new financial system, a global world reform, began in 2020. It is gradually developing and will come to the surface in 2024. How will the public see it?

Between April and June 2024, we will learn that a new financial platform has appeared – an alternative method for making payments and storing savings. This new system will not be noticed at first, as it will be presented as an alternative. But very quickly, over the course of several years, it will become uncontested.

In 2028, we will face the fact that we no longer have the right to manage our finances as we did before, but the process itself will begin as early as 2024. In April and May next year, a very interesting configuration will form, very rare, and at the same time joyful for some, a breakthrough into the future, new boundaries and facets of our world.

However, there are many who are not used to global changes, need time to adjust and rebuild, because any innovations begin with a crisis.

Paper money will be withdrawn from circulation

Starting from 2025, we expect a gradual withdrawal from the circulation of paper money. How exactly this mechanism will be implemented is still unclear. Nevertheless, this instrument for extracting cash from circulation has already been launched and will gradually develop.

In 2024, many countries may announce the creation of their own electronic currency. For starters, it can be an analogue of paper money, for example, an electronic dollar or euro. But over time, the cost of the rate of electronic money and paper money will change in the direction of increasing the value of their digital version. That is, the cash one way or another, will be withdrawn from circulation.

Joint currency

2024 is expected to be a very eventful year. Coalitions and alliances will be created between countries based on mutual economic benefits. It is possible that economic relations between some countries will be so dense that they will introduce a new monetary unit, a joint one. And it can happen in several countries at the same time.

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As for the usual currencies – the dollar and the euro, they will remain until they are supplanted by the new financial system.

Global control

The process of withdrawing paper money will lead to some restrictions. In fact, it will be a new method of control. If now we can make any purchase that few people know about, then electronic payments can be completely controlled.

The monetary reform will manifest itself especially brightly in 2028, when severe restrictions can be introduced in matters of finance, which are somehow hidden, obtained illegally.

But that is not all. Fantasy movies where people get social points for “good behavior” are no longer fiction, but our reality. In some countries, this is already beginning to develop, for example, for timely registration, passing a medical examination or clinical examination, some points are awarded in monetary terms.

But even having a legally earned amount in the account, not everyone will be able to spend it. Restrictions for “bad behavior” of not quite law-abiding people come into force. Thus, we get not only financial control, but also social.

And this system will be so global that we will all have to accept it. This is how we are born into the world in order to be controlled all the time. Soon we may have to ask permission to breathe. It will no longer be life, but a punishment cell in hell.


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