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Publicity Stunt Or Deep Ulterior Motive For Big Revelation?

  • The Facts:Melania’s decision to wear a jacket with the message, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” when she went to visit immigrant children in a detention center clearly contains a hidden message.
  • Reflect On:Does this blatant act of symbolic messaging, fully uncharacteristic of the office of the FLOTUS, indicate that we are in a special time, where things that have always been hidden from us are soon to be revealed?

If you were perplexed when you heard that First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to a child detention center in McAllen, Texas wearing a jacket with the message “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”, welcome to the club. It is a maneuver that nobody–whether in mainstream or alternative news–has been able to make coherent sense of.

But we all have our theories.

It is important to note that Melania took the jacket off prior to going into the facility, but wore the jacket on the way there where the press took photos.

Facts First

Amid the controversy stirred up by Democrats that Donald Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ immigration policy has led to the separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents, Donald Trump signed an executive order on June 20th that stops the separation of illegal immigrant children and parents at the border.

The jacket worn by Melania on her June 21st trip was a $39 cape from the 2016 Spring-Summer collection of Zara, a fast-fashion brand started by one-time ‘richest-in-the-world’ billionaire Amancio Ortega.

Melania’s stylist Hervé Pierre told Women’s Wear Daily he had never seen the jacket before, but declined to comment any further.

That day, FLOTUS communications director Stephanie Grisham implies that there is no ‘hidden message’:

Today’s visit w the children in Texas impacted @flotus greatly. If media would spend their time & energy on her actions & efforts to help kids – rather than speculate & focus on her wardrobe – we could get so much accomplished on behalf of children. #SheCares #ItsJustAJacket

— Stephanie Grisham (@StephGrisham45) June 21, 2018

Later that same day, Donald Trump contradicts Grisham and implies there was a message to his wife’s madness:

Obvious Ploy

What is self-evident from the facts is that this was not ‘just a jacket’ that Melania chose to wear on this particular day, and her communications director knows it. Anyone aware of Melania’s meticulous and purposeful style habits would know that this obviously awkward and uncharacteristic choice of garment, complete with offensive message, was done for a special reason.

She didn’t even own this jacket, as per her stylist. She was obviously asked to do this, and not by Donald himself–more likely by advisors that are managing much of what Donald Trump says and does. For her to be willing to subject herself to the obvious derision and mockery of the mainstream media, it must have been somewhat important.

And this was not lost on the mainstream media. It was SO obviously a fashion faux-pas that they must have been thinking, as they were lashing out their tirades about her not caring about the children she was visiting, that somewhere, Trump’s people were having a big and knowing laugh at mainstream media coverage. It became safer for the mainstream to report on what celebrities and others were saying and doing about it, both in outright criticism as well as efforts to turn this into publicity opps for those who ‘really care’ about the children. This tweet from Julia Louis-Dreyfus kind of encapsulates what was being reported on:

Attack On Fake News Media?

Now does this jacket signify an attack on Fake News Media, as Donald Trump tweeted? Perhaps, but certainly not on the part of Melania. It does put the mainstream media in a difficult position: opening them up to criticism for focusing on Melania’s fashion rather than her efforts to help these children, but making it impossible for them to ignore. But this is only the first cut. What really seems to be going on is an attempt to gain control of the narrative, not only about immigration policy but about one of the most important things happening on the planet: child (and human) trafficking, something that Trump has hinted that the mainstream media has been complicit in.

Child Trafficking

Like no other president before him, the Trump Administration is bringing human trafficking to light and combating the slave trade, sex trafficking, and pedophilia. Under Jeff Sessions there have been thousands of arrests on sex traffickers and pedophile rings; the information barely gets a mention in mainstream media.

Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration policy was designed to prosecute adults who were bringing children with them across the border either for cover or to eventually sell. There was a Senate Report in 2016 entitled ‘Protecting Unaccompanied Alien Children from Trafficking and Other Abuses’ that describes, among other things, how immigrant children were used for forced labor at an egg farm in Marion, Ohio.

Trump appears to be getting the upper hand in the debate by blaming the Democrats for being unwilling to agree to legislation on immigration that would close loopholes that are exploited by those adults crossing the border Trump refers to as ‘coyotes.’ In a recent speech Trump noted that ‘Trafficking is worse today than at any time in history,’ and it seems that politicians who will not be willing to acknowledge what a huge problem human trafficking is will begin to be seen as facilitating it.

Back To Melania

It is noteworthy that within the Texas facility Melania visited while wearing her jacket, 49 of the 55 children staying there had arrived in the country unaccompanied. While the outcry promulgated by Democrats was about children being separated from their parents, what the public is hopefully starting to get alerted to is that there is a far more significant and widespread crisis about child exploitation and trafficking that the Democrats don’t seem to be in a hurry to acknowledge or to solve.

While it indeed seems that the Democrats are getting in the way of efforts to combat human trafficking, my theory looks beyond left/right politics. Political administrations from both sides have for a long time either turned a blind eye or were complicit in allowing child and human trafficking activities to flow unabated. The reason for that? Because these activities are actually run by the small, powerful elite who control the government.

Message To The Elite

I believe the real story here, and the underlying reason that Melania’s jacket ploy was used, is to send a cryptic message out to this very elite group, saying that all ‘pretense’ to caring about children will be laid bare, and the nefarious abuse of children perpetrated by this group will soon be brought to light. There seems to be a confidence with which Melania, Donald, and the White House are carrying themselves, as if to say that this hidden group that has so long controlled political activity in the country has lost enough power that they will soon be revealed.

An interesting note is that Zara founder Amancio Ortega stepped down right after Trump signed the executive order to freeze assets of those involved in crimes against humanity. It is not a big stretch to think that someone who has risen to become the world’s richest man selling cheap clothing is part of the elite group.

Regardless, the whole jacket incident is the most blatant attempt I think the American presidency has ever made to convey to people that things in our world are not as they seem. We are at the precipice of receiving revelations that will surely anger and disturb us, but we need to have the courage to ready ourselves for it. I believe that an end to the systemic coverups about child trafficking by the elite/mainstream media axis may soon be upon us.

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Fact or fiction

Sprites: Mysterious inhabitants of the Earth’s ionosphere

Sprite, “The mysterious inhabitant of the earth’s ionosphere,” as cryptozoologists respectfully call it, is a ball of fire, a flash, a spot of light that sometimes, successful observers succeed in capturing when observing the sky.

The spot makes strange chaotic movements, dances, draws strange geometric shapes in the sky, and then disappears as instantly as it appears.

Ufologists consider sprites, of course, alien ships, and cryptozoologists, an amazing creature whose body consists of some energy that can exist in both three and four dimensions. Sprites are also called “tigers,” “elves,” and “blue jets.”

They belong to the spirits of the elements, who care about human affairs. Therefore, from the point of view of the most mystically minded cryptozoologists, the appearance of a sprite is a signal that something extraordinary can happen to the observer in the near future – both bad and good. Here and in ancient sources it is said:

“There is a tree named Tsalifa, on which bird eggs grow instead of fruits.
Birds that only fly in the sky and cannot touch the earth hatch out of it, they cut the air of the earth and people’s air with their wings, because it is too rough for them, and when such a bird flies, the air becomes thin, and only when such a bird flies and the air becomes thin, the person can hear the voice of God, otherwise the person does not hear the voice of God, since the air at his ears is too dense” (Midrash Talpiot – section of the Oral Torah).

Some cryptozoologists believe that sprites are an alternative form of existence of matter, the primary amoeba of the nascent world of “pure energies”, which in the future, will subsequently become the dominant form of life in the Universe.

Official science believes that cryptozoologists see all kinds of nonsense and for their sprites they take the signal lights of aircraft, the rays of searchlights, the glare of car headlights on the clouds and ball lightning.

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Fact or fiction

A strange story about an ominous Japanese TV commercial

Urban legends of a terrible TV commercial of 1985 with a girl and a demon child in Japan are becoming more and more popular every year. This advertisement really causes strange sensations, but is it really so scary?

If you lived in Japan in 1985 and watched TV, sooner or later you would see one of the strangest commercials created for Kleenex cleaning wipes.
There are two characters in the commercials: a pretty girl in a long white dress and a 2-3-year-old child in the make-up of the red-skinned one-horned cannibal demon from Japanese mythology.

Both of them are sitting on the hay, the little “eater” looks angry, while the girl gently throws up napkins or tries to stroke the “eater”. They don’t pronounce a single word in 30 seconds of each video and all this happens under the melancholy slow song “It’s a Fine Day” by Edward Burton and Jane.

As soon as these commercials began to appear on TV, many people began to feel that the commercials scared them and that they had an incomprehensible effect on the psyche. The reaction of the audience was so negative that the videos were soon removed from the show. But the story did not end there, soon various scary stories and stories associated with this advertisement began to disperse throughout the country, which in our days have turned into urban legends.

First of all, it was stated that the song “It’s a Fine Day” in the original performance in German was not at all romantic, but contained the refrain “Die, die, everyone will be cursed and killed.” It was even said that repeated listening to this song imposes on people a peculiar “mental attitude” to death. Then, unverified but persistent rumors began to appear that many people who took part in the filming of these videos began to die a strange and sudden death. Including it was reported that the boy who played the cannibal demon suddenly lost consciousness and soon died from the failure of the internal organs.

It was said that the director, cameramen and both producers of this advertisement also died. And many other crew members suffered from accidents or various unpleasant things happened to them. The actress who played the girl in a white dress allegedly went crazy and was sent to a psychiatric clinic shortly after filming in commercials.

According to other versions, she committed suicide after giving birth to a terribly mutilated child. Ordinary viewers who saw this ad several times, allegedly, either went crazy, tried to commit suicide or simply disappeared without a trace.

In 2006, the official television version of these commercials was completely destroyed, but soon amateur videos of this advertisement appeared on YouTube. And soon, many people began to say that from watching this advertisement they had cramps, headaches, or even loss of consciousness. Several deaths have even been reported.

Some users noticed another oddity: if you watch this ad at night, then the small details of the video change by themselves. Sometimes a cannibal boy becomes colored blue, and the color of the girl’s dress also changes, or interference bars begin to run across the video screen. Some viewers wrote that these commercials do not just feel like something ominous, they allegedly encoded some information aimed at destroying the human psyche or taking it under control.

All this is quite frightening, like a plot from a horror movie, but most likely all this is completely (or partially) fiction. The fact is that at least one striking “fact” has not been completely confirmed – the girl in white is the actress Keiko Matsuzaka, who is still alive and healthy and has never been in a mental hospital. At the same time, it was neither possible to confirm nor deny the death of the demon boy or accidents with the film crew. No information was available on them.

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Fact or fiction

The Woman who fell in love with an alien from Venus and gave birth to a hybrid child

While climbing a hill near Johannesburg, a woman saw a low-hanging silver disk there, and then she had a telepathic connection with one of the aliens. He was very similar to a man, they began to love, which led to the birth of a child. The story of Elizabeth Klarer is one of the most bizarre and unusual in ufology. So much so that many suspected Elizabeth of fiction for the sake of self-interest or simply of an excessively rich imagination.

At the same time, the woman herself assured that everything she told was true. Even if there appears a love for an alien, the birth of a child from him and a journey through the colorful star worlds. Some directly accused Elizabeth of being crazy, eccentric, or suffering from some kind of mental problem. At the same time, Elizabeth Klarer was quite smart, competent and educated. She was born in 1910 in South Africa, her parents were of noble birth and a girl from a young age was fond of music and sciences.

Elizabeth was especially interested in meteorology, and when the Second World War began, she worked in the intelligence of the South African Air Force and decrypted secret German radio programs. After the war, she also did not do anything “eccentric or unabashed”. But in 1950, a book about UFOs accidentally fell into her hands and she immediately remembered something that had long ago gone somewhere in the very depths of her memory. She remembered that when she was 7 years old, she and her sister saw in the sky a flying silver disk that glowed and soared very low right above their farm.

And this was not a solitary event, but only the first of a whole series when little Elizabeth watched flying disks. These memories and the read book about UFOs turned Elizabeth into a big fan of ufology, however, the strangest events in her life began in 1954. Elizabeth found out that over a hill in a rural area near Johannesburg people often saw UFOs and she decided to go there and explore everything. When Elizabeth arrived there and spoke with the local Zulus, they told her that there was a “lightning bird” on the hill and that their legends had been telling about her for many years.

When Elizabeth herself climbed this hill, she immediately ran into a low-hanging disk-shaped object. He made a humming noise, and in the windows of the ship Elizabeth saw humanoid creatures. She wanted to come closer, but she was suddenly pushed away by a wave of hot air, but at the same time she immediately got a telepathic connection with the creature from the UFO, which said that his name was Akon.

Elizabeth talked with him for a while and every minute realized that she wanted to learn more about these creatures. When the contact ended and the UFO flew away, Elizabeth came to the hill several more times over the next two years in the hope of talking to Akon again. In 1956, she was given a second chance. When Elizabeth came to the hill again, she saw a flying disk coming down, sits on top of the hill, and then Akon stepped out and invited Elizabeth inside. Next to him was his friend, whom Akon introduced as a botanist and astrophysicist, and then they both began to lead Elizabeth around the ship and talk about him.

They said that their disk is a reconnaissance ship and that in the orbit of the planet is a mother ship, which is much larger than this. They flew there and Elizabeth saw a huge cigar-shaped object, the length of which was 8 miles (!), So she was told. Inside this ship everything resembled a huge beautiful city, there were houses, parks with trees, clearings with flowers and even artificial lakes. And of course there were a lot of humanoids. Elizabeth described them as very similar to people, but taller, more beautiful, more polite, gentle, completely not aggressive and not cruel.

Akon and others told Elizabeth that they were actually from Venus and that they lived on her before she turned into a cold piece of stone. When Venus died, they flew to a planet called Meton and now live there. They described that when Venus was a normal planet. there were many plants and it was very similar to Earth. They said that Venus died due to the fact that its orbit has changed and it has come too close to the Sun. And that when they realized that the irreparable would happen, they began to fly away from Venus in search of other worlds, and they used the Earth and the Moon for temporary stops.

Elizabeth found out that Venusians still have their bases on Earth, the Moon, and also on Mars and they regularly visit them because they feel responsible for the fate of earthlings and want to make them more developed. After this detailed excursion, Elizabeth was returned to Earth, on the same hill, but even then she realized that Akon very much attracted her as a man. Akon also had feelings for Elizabeth. In the following months, they met several times and Akon gave her a special ring, with which Elizabeth could telepathically communicate with him at any time.

There were intimate contacts between them, after which Elizabeth once realized that she was pregnant. It was 1958, and when Elizabeth told Akon about the baby, he suggested that she fly to their planet Meton so that Elizabeth could give birth there. So they did.

Planet Meton was very developed and was one of the seven planets inhabited by the Venusians. Elizabeth then described in detail what civilization looks like on this planet and her words painted a perfect society as in utopia. There were no wars, crime, poverty, everyone had equal rights and everyone had equal access to food.

There was no monetary system, and all the houses and enterprises were powered by renewable and unlimited energy. People wore luxurious silk clothes and lived mostly in vast park areas. There were no high-rise buildings in their cities, no factories, and the air was very clean. Children were trained with the help of telepathy and therefore they had neither textbooks nor schools. In an interview with ufologist Stuart Bush, Elizabeth told for example this:

“Meton is similar in size to the Earth, but it’s a bit larger and it’s covered almost entirely by the oceans. The land there is part of the island, not the mainland. The climate is very good and they keep it under control. They have almost everything you can want, that’s true utopia. Not only are they technically more advanced for thousands of years than we are, but they are spiritually very developed. They have no politicians, no laws, no money. Medicine there is a science that is not even considered mandatory for health, they are all healthy anyway. Their way of thinking is different from ours, they are very loving, gentle and creative people.

Everyone does the work that he loves the most. There is no need for law, no crime and no police. Everyone’s behavior is controlled only by a code of ethics. They constantly create beauty around them, there is complete harmony with it. Their houses are beautiful and made of transparent walls. They do not have books, but they make up for this by frequent travels throughout the galaxy, and always take their children, even the smallest, with them to learn from their own experience.

They have technologies to look into the past at any moment in history. For example, they can see our planet during the time of the dinosaurs. They paint beautiful paintings and write wonderful harmonic music. They have no problems in learning languages, because communication through telepathy does not require this.”

In general, Elizabeth was in a wonderful place and of course she really wanted to stay there forever. However, it turned out that this was impossible, she was explained that Meton’s vibrations were completely different than on Earth, and if Elizabeth stays there too long, her heart will weaken. ”Elizabeth was forced to say goodbye to Akon with tears in her eyes and leaving her son Isling to return to Earth.

Akon drawing by Elizabeth

In the following years, Akon and Isling visited Elizabeth many times on Earth, and then Akon and his son went on a long journey through the galaxy. In the mid-1970s, Elizabeth told the whole story to ufologists and became very popular in their community. She was interested in journalists, she attended various conferences about UFOs. Unfortunately, elsewhere, Elizabeth was mostly ridiculed for “fantasy writing”.

In 1980, Elizabeth Klarer released a book about herself, “Beyond the Light Barrier”, but after it began to insult her even more and even pursue her. Threats were sent to her. intimidated, so soon Elizabeth decided to “go underground.” She stopped communicating with ufologists and journalists. In the 1990s, she worked on her second book, The File of Gravity, but did not have time to finish it, having passed away in 1994. The story of Elizabeth Klarer still causes a skeptical smile for many and is read like a fairy tale, but Elizabeth herself, in the words of her entourage, was in her mind until she was old, did not at all resemble an insane dreamer and always said that her words were true.

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