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Pub landlord catches ‘spirit’ on security camera in Llanelli, Wales

Pub landlord catches 'spirit' on security camera in Llanelli, Wales 5

Stephanie Linning Daily Mail, UK

* David Langley-Evans caught ‘ghost’ on CCTV in his pub in Llanelli, Wales

* In the video a wispy white shape appears in the hallway and rises to ceiling

* Latest in a series of ‘weird and wonderful’ things seen by the landlord

* Now he wants experts in the supernatural to identify the ghostly shape

This video of a ghostly white shape floating down a hallway might look like it was taken from the latest science-fiction thriller – but in fact it was captured by a pub’s CCTV camera.

And the landlord said that this spooky footage is the proof he needed that his pub in Llanelli, west Wales, is visited by supernatural spirits.

David Langley-Evans, 49, said he couldn’t believe it when he first saw the wispy shape appear in his hallway – and now he wants experts on the supernatural to identify what it was.

Pub landlord catches 'spirit' on security camera in Llanelli, Wales 6

The shape moves down the hallway, towards the camera mounted in the corner of the room. Mr Langley-Evans and his wife said this is the latest in a series of a ‘weird and wonderful’ experiences at their pub

In the video the ‘spirit’ apparently appears from the ground, before becoming a more solid white shape and rising into the ceiling.

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Mr Langley-Evans said: ‘I’ve seen it before with my own eyes but now I have proof and people believe me.

‘In the 10 years I’ve been at the pub I’ve seen all kinds of ghostly things going on.’

Mr Langley-Evans and his wife Christine, 48, have also seen a fish bowl sliding the length of the bar and fall off the end.

And they blame the pub’s ancient cellar which dates back to 1830 for the unexplained happenings.

He said: ‘I often entertain our regulars with the weird and wonderful experiences we have. I’ve heard voices, seen orbs and all kinds of other-worldly things.

Pub landlord catches 'spirit' on security camera in Llanelli, Wales 7

The ‘spirit’, just seen beneath the light fixture, rises towards the ceiling in the final shots of the CCTV footage. The landlord said that he thinks the apparition has something to do with his spooky cellar

‘I know this presence isn’t dust catching the light or an insect inside the camera. You have a sense while it’s happening that it’s a spirit. I can’t explain it.’

Mrs Langley-Evans said: ‘We all think it’s something to do with the cellar. People go down there and come back up crying and refuse to go back down.

‘But the whole place is spooky… There’s always been lots of banging and bumps in the night and when you go downstairs there’s no-one there.

‘When you go up again you get the feeling that someone is chasing you up the stairs.’

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