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Psychic Predicts Royal Wedding Will Be Cancelled

Psychic Predicts Royal Wedding Will Be Cancelled 1

A psychic in Ireland has issued a rather bold prediction that this coming weekend’s royal wedding between Prince William and Meghan Markle will be cancelled! The lavish affair, expected to draw millions of royal watchers tuning in on TV from around the world, has been beset by odd events over the last few days. And self-proclaimed clairvoyant Siobhan Kilroy foresees the strangeness surrounding the wedding culminating with a shocking conclusion on Saturday when the couple will wind up not exchanging vows.

According to an Irish media outlet, the psychic had previously predicted that this week would see a major headline-making story rock royal watchers in the days before the big event. With the news that Markle’s father now plans to pass on attending the wedding due to health concerns, Kilroy believes that her proverbial sixth sense has been proven correct. However, she warns, not everything is as it seems with the surprising story.

“I said there would be sensational news coming from the UK and somebody would “fall ill” and that wouldn’t be the truth,” Kilroy declared. She claims that Markle’s cancellation is part of a cover up to set the stage for an even bigger bombshell before the big day. “Something serious will happen that will stop the wedding,” she forecasted, musing that the event has likely already “fallen apart” behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace.

While there does seem to be a weird vibe hovering over the weekend’s events, a cancellation of the royal wedding would be a story of seismic proportions. Given the carefully stage-managed image of the royal family, such a turn of events is hard to imagine happening. So, in a sense, the psychic deserves some credit for sticking her neck out and making the rather audacious prediction. Should she be proven correct, the world may be talking more about Siobhan Kilroy than Meghan Markle on Sunday.



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