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Psi-vampires among us: why they are dangerous and how to defend against them

Psychic vampires are different from emotional vampires. Sometimes they are called psi-vampires. These are people who have learned to take energy from others (or have a natural ability to do so), and then use this received energy to increase their own energy level.

There are many psi-vampires who are blissfully unaware of their actions. When they drain another person’s good mood or energy, it is done unintentionally, which is why we call them unintentional. They just don’t know what they’re doing and don’t know they’re causing harm.

In addition, there are uninvited psychic vampires who feed where they want without permission, and this is completely on purpose. They are called deliberate and uninvited. For these characters, this deliberate taking of another person’s energy causes a high and makes uninvited psi-vampires feel stronger or superior to those around them. It’s the whole “look what I can do and no one can stop me” scenario.

On the other side of the coin, there are psychic vampires who only feed with permission. In other words, the energy donor verbally invites them in with full understanding of what is to come. These types of psi-vampires will be ethical when it comes to energizing another person, as they would like to be invited back in the future.

The main thing that distinguishes the deliberate practice of psychic vampirism from the unintentional is, in fact, the intention. As with all magical or psychic work, it all depends on the intent of the person. Some accidental or unintentional psychic vampires just don’t have a clue. These people are just sad, unhappy, or insecure, and they probably look up to you. They unconsciously want some of your positive energy and happiness for themselves, so being around you and drawing in some of your spark and essence makes them feel better.

It’s true that we all rely on our friends or loved ones for emotional support from time to time. We draw strength from their affection and camaraderie. This is not psychic vampirism, this is love. What makes it different is that we are happy to reciprocate our friends when they are upset and to be there to support and help our loved ones when they need us. So don’t panic when a friend or loved one wants emotional support as there is a big difference.

As a rule, this friendly energetic and emotional support is only needed for a short time, because in the end they feel better, stronger and more enthusiastic, and they recover. They will start laughing at things again and then go their own way in life. If this routine becomes a habit, then you have a possible, albeit unintentional, problem with the psi-vampire.

On the other hand, there are deliberate psi vampires who know exactly what they are doing and feed without permission when they need it, which is why we can call them uninvited. Unfortunately, this stolen psychic energy only satisfies their needs for a short time, and then the psychic vampires themselves become their own prey, something many uninvited psi-vampires don’t realize. The habit they have acquired is very unhealthy. In truth, they will become addicted to the stolen energy of others, and then that stolen energy will keep them going for shorter and shorter periods of time, leaving the uninvited psi vampire only wanting more. So, like energy addicts, they are always on the lookout for the next, even larger dose of psychic energy.

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Unlike emotional vampires, deliberate, uninvited psychic vampires are masters of illusion. They attract their victims with a deft combination of cunning and cunning. Intentional psychic vampires work best when they can confuse their victims with misdirection, because every time your mind is in a state of confusion, you turn off your defenses and focus only on a mystery that you cannot fully solve, because for which you completely do not notice what exactly they are actually doing.

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Uninvited psi-vampires stand too close and will give you special and flattering attention. That way, you’ll last long enough for them to make light, harmless physical contact. This allows them to contact you so they can use the surface or contact feed to drain your energy, while smiling right in your face and stealing whatever they want from your personal energy.

The truth is that uninvited, deliberate psi-vampires are energy thieves. Because, frankly, if you take something from another person that does not belong to you without their permission, then this is theft. Their usual story plan is about how they can’t help themselves and how they were just born that way. Its a tragic and romantic-gothic well played act by these unfortunate, misunderstood creatures. 

Don’t buy into this whole “poor psi vampire” train of thought. As soon as you show a weakness for this type of energy thieves, they will pounce on you. Don’t let them into your life or your personal space unless you like the idea of ​​someone sneaking in and sucking your life force out of you and feeling totally drained after they’re done. 

Oh, and any “sexy vampire” fantasy you have really gets shattered once you figure out exactly what they’re really up to.

A robot breaks their fangs

Vampires choose those who are compassionate and have a good heart. A person who knows how to sympathize is the easiest to draw into a game that will end in his complete devastation.

Therefore, owners of undeveloped emotional intelligence almost never become victims of energy vampires – after all, it is very difficult to “dissolve” them into feelings. But does this mean that we urgently need to “cut off” all our ability to empathize?

Of course not! The inability to share emotions very rarely becomes a plus – usually it only prevents a person from building relationships with other people. So it’s easier to learn how to portray a “robot”, about which the vampire will only break his fangs. 


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