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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch: Signs of Imminent Days?

Many people, to one degree or another, are aware of the prophecies of Ursula Southail – she is also a “Yorkshire witch” as well as “Mother Shipton”.


According to legend, this woman lived in Knaresborough, in the county of Yorkshire in the XV-XVI centuries. She was born in 1488, leaving behind a number of prophecies.

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch

The reliability of this biographical information is doubtful, but it is known for sure that the text of “Mother Shipton Prophecies” is at least two hundred years old.


Hence, no matter who and when this text was written, it should deserve attention if coincidences with the events of the 20th century can be traced there. And there are, of course, a lot of such coincidences:

Carriages will ride without horses
And disasters will fill the world with grief
Iron will float in water,
As easy as wooden ships.
People will build houses of glass,
They will be in England.
In those wonderful distant days
Women will dress like men and wear trousers.
They will cut their hair and ride on iron
Just like the witches do it now on a broomstick.
But alas – after this comes the war
She will be where the heathen and the Turks live.

A very strange coincidence with reality, especially considering the fact that the Alawites, with whom the Turks are fighting, and the Kurds, with whom the Turks also have problems, are pagans, to say the least. So, the main angel in the occult hierarchy of the Kurds is the angel Malak Tavus, or Azrael.


In Islam and Judaism, Azrael is identical to Satan, and in the Christian Apocalypse it is called the “Angel of Anger”, tormenting sinners after the Last Judgment. He has the same name in the main sacred text of the Sikhs, “Guru Granth Sahib.”

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch

Ursula Southail, who lived in the 15th century, could not know all this. Moreover, she did not hear anything about Mr. Erdogan, who pulled all Turkish armored vehicles to Idlib. And here, there are such strange coincidences that do not end further:

And yellow people get more power
From the mighty bear with whom they lay.
But these mighty tyrants can’t do anything
They will not be able to divide the world into two parts.
For danger arises from their actions –
A terrible fever, leaving many dead.
And doctors won’t find a cure
For the disease will be worse than leprosy.

Actually, sooner or later, China would encounter biological weapons, but the fact that it would break out of their control as if by itself, is interesting. In addition, the connection of all this with the bear is not very clear. The transfer to China of technologies over which engineers in the USSR have been hunchbacked for generations is a well-known topic, but it seems that not only iron went to China.

With the onset of the coronavirus epidemic in China, to date, researchers have already found dozens of references to Covid-19 either in prophecies, or in films, or in computer modeling of future scenarios or even in documents from the Club of Rome from 1972: All this found is also very interesting and very wonderful, but – this is absolutely not the main thing.

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch

The main thing is that in the prophecies of Ursula Southail, “yellow fever” will only be a sign of the imminent onset of the following:

When moving pictures seem alive
When boats like fish swim under the sea,
When people, like birds, will cut through the sky
Then half of the world, drenched in blood, will die.
Those who survive the century
Will be in awe and awe
Many will flee to the mountains, to the forests and hide in the swamps
Slowly they will die out
Searching for diminishing streams of water
Many will die of thirst earlier
Than the oceans rise to the shore.
Fire dragon cross the sky
Six times before this earth dies
Humanity will tremble and be scared
Until the sixth herald in this prophecy.
Seven days and seven nights
A person will watch this amazing sight.
The tides will rise beyond
The shores will begin to crumble
Mountains will roar
And earthquakes will split the plains.
And floods of water rushing
Flood all the lands with a roar
Having buried humanity in a dirty swamp
And a man will roar at his brethren.
He will bare his teeth, he will fight and kill
Fighting for food supplies
Hidden in secret hills
Not every soul on earth will die.
As the tail of the Dragons passes by.
Not every earth on the planet will sink
But plants, bodies of people and animals
Will roll around
They will rot, crunch under your feet and stink.

All this is very reminiscent of the Third World War against the backdrop of the passage of Nibiru, the pole shift or some other similar cataclysm and of course the “fever among yellow people” in Wuhan.

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch

Lets see how it will all turn out…


Apocalypse & Armageddon

The Third Temple could be built no later than next year

According to the well-known eschatological resource The End Times Forecaster with reference to Mahon ha-Mikdash (a research institute in Jerusalem whose activity is focused on building the Third Temple), both red heifers that can be used to consecrate the Third Temple feel good and now -they have reached the age of three:

According to the rules, heifers can be sacrificed at the age of three, although some rabbis believe that this is not necessary. Nevertheless, based on tradition, the cows will reach three years of age in August 2021. Obviously, at this moment the Third Temple will be built.

Surprisingly, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, who studies the Torah codes, completely independent of The End Times Forecaster, came to a similar conclusion.

According to Breaking Israel News, retelling Glaserson’s video, Mashiach will come “anytime from the night of Rosh Hashanah, from September 18, 2020 to September 6, 2021.

However, what confused both the editors of Breaking Israel News, and Glazerson himself, when reading the Torah, according to a special algorithm that helps to open hidden messages there, near the time interval 18/09/20 – 06/09/20 and the words “God’s time” and “Messiah” also the words “End of Times” are spelled:

It is very unlikely that this is a coincidence, so the appearance of the “Messiah” is definitely not far off and everything is going to that.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Nibiru with satellites spotted near the sun

On the evening of June 22, 2020, at about 19:00 UTC, a gigantic coronal mass ejection occurred on the Sun:

Judging by the frames provided by STEREO satellites, the explosion in the Sun was somehow unexpectedly large, so a number of enthusiasts began to examine these images by downloading from NASA Pictures in full and experimenting with filters. In the end, this is what happened there:

Thus, what was originally interpreted as a flash turned out to be a glow of the atmosphere of a certain celestial body, the proximity of which caused an ejection of solar mass. The body there is clearly not one, but surrounded by satellites:

Now the question arises: what is it? Instead of an answer, NASA began repair work on the service and it shows only the current picture.

Suppose, purely theoretically, that this was a shooting artifact, or rather, three artifacts at once. However, the same satellite on April 8, 2020 showed a similar picture:

Thus, the “artifacts” became somewhat more frequent and the satellites show even more often. Probably, the satellites have broken down and are showing incorrectly, so we will see what people see there on their own, without satellites:

The photo was taken in Mexico, where now the sky is covered with “dust from the Sahara”, so let’s see what the cameras in Brazil show, where there is less dust:

So there seems to be some kind of dust over Brazil too. Moreover, this dust from the Sahara tends to stray into luminous lumps.

We do not know how this will end, but we are afraid that we really need to be afraid not of the pole reversal and the landing of the Anunnaki. The main problem will begin when 7 billion people see it all. And then the real Apocalypse begins, after which the pole shift will seem like a children’s matinee.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

June 21 will initiate the countdown to the Three Days of Darkness

On June 13, 2020 over a number of countries in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia), for the 33rd time this year a “Rare” atmospheric phenomenon was observed, which the officials call “sprites”:

For the first time, these “sprites” were seen only in 1989, after which they were seen again several years later and then began to appear more and more often. In particular, over the past couple of months, sprites have been seen in Brazil at the end of April, then in May, twice in the USA, now in Europe.

Lately, sprites in one form or another are seen every week, if not every day, and therefore the question arises: why?

The photon belt

The photon belt is a hypothetical region of space formed inside the Pleiades star cluster. The central star of the cluster is Alcyone around which several thousand stars revolve and one of these stars is supposed to be the sun.

The Sun makes a complete revolution in approximately 24,000 years, of which 10,000 fly in a pure vacuum, then 2,000 years in the photon belt, and then repeats a semicircle. The previous 10,000 years, we were just in that very vacuum, while somewhere from the middle of the 20th century we began to fly up to the photon belt. And in the very near future the sun will enter this area completely, a sign of which will be “three days of darkness”. However, this darkness will be unusual.

As the myths of different nations and the messages of mystics narrate, there will be not just darkness, but a change in the properties of matter and space / time, as a result of which the atoms will jump or vibrate, certain physical laws will be violated, and some incredible miracles will appear. The the effect can be either total darkness, or vice versa – the brightest ice light.

Naturally, the TV will not say this, but there will be certain signs that everyone will see. In particular, incomprehensible glows in the sky, under the description of which these sprites just fall. Previously, after all, there were no sprites, but they appeared suddenly.

Mystics call the second important signal the growth of cosmic gamma radiation. Sitting at home at the computer, of course, we can’t check this radiation, but we can go to the NASA profile page and look at the gamma-ray bursts with which the real madhouse has reigned over the past six months:

A year ago, each gamma-ray burst was a sensation, forcing volcanologists to bounce on their sofas after each burst, a strong earthquake occurred with a 75% probability.

Somewhere from December last year, these surges occur 2-3 times a week, sometimes several a day. Where are they coming from? The officials do not explain, because they can not. But the theory of the photon belt offers a good and logical explanation.

Finally, there is another topic called the Mayan calendar. About the fact that it ends not on December 21, 2012, but in June 21, 2020 many people already know as we also previously posted. Consider that a whole generation of specially trained Mayan priests-astronomers watched the Pleiades.

Once every 52 years, these priests climbed the pyramid and established the exact position of Alcyone relative to other stars, after which, making sure that with the Pleiades all normally enlightened adherents descended to the herd, lit a sacred fire and told the rams to drink wine, beat on drums and dance on occasion extending the life of the world for another 52 years.

Another sign of the approach to the photon belt is a mixture of seasons, that is, the absence of spring and autumn, a fuzzy winter, among which grass grows and an incomprehensibly cold summer. Since we are already observing this, then the countdown to the “three days of darkness” either has already started (December 21, 2012) or is about to start (June 21, 2020).

NASA assures that the End of the World will not come on June 21

The panic in social networks is growing and crowds of pilgrims and cultists have set off to Mexico, who intend to meet the End of the World exactly where it all began:

To somehow end this mind-boggling conspiracy theory, NASA made official clarifications. NASA says:

“This whole story began with Nibiru, the hypothetical planet mentioned by the Sumerians, heading toward Earth. Nibiru’s initial passage and catastrophe were predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened, the End of the World date was deferred to December 2012. Fortunately, on December 21, 2012, nothing happened again, and therefore the conspiracy theorists again had the need for an urgent transfer. ”

However, if 50 years ago NASA’s authority was undeniable, now it is not and conspiracy theorists ask: where did the priceless original telemetry from the moon go? And what is this luminous hanging constantly above the cities that flies around? In addition, several disasters and terrifying events have already occurred this year: the global pandemic, the global economic downturn, and riots that began in the United States.

Nevertheless, NASA stands its ground and continues to believe that there is no evidence or any scientific evidence that the world will end on June 21, 2020.

“For such fundamental forecasts as the End of the World, there must be a justification. But where is it ?! Where is the science? What is your evidence? ”The NASA expert invited to television exclaims in hysteria.

Renowned experts on  Mesoamerican culture also say that the predictions of the “end of the world” based on the Mayan calendar were misinterpreted. Instead, the calendar will be reset at the end of the 13th Baktun, and will not end with the annihilation of the Earth.

William Saturno, a Mayan archeology expert at Boston University, told National Geographic that the calendar is akin to a car’s mileage.

“When your mileage counter shows  99,999.99 miles, you don’t jump out onto the track and start to pray there?” No, you just wait for the mileage counter to reset to zero and drive on. The calendar works the same way,” Saturno says.

Nevertheless, the public continues to disbelieve the glorious experts invited to the TV and the panic is growing.

What do you think? Is the photon belt and the Mayan beliefs interconnected?

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