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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabić – “A strange disease will fall upon the world …”

The Serbian peasant Mitar Tarabić (1829-1899) predicted key events of the 19th and 20th centuries with incredible accuracy.

Before our eyes, his prophecies for the 21st century begin to come true. Mitar Tarabić (1829-1899), an illiterate peasant from the Serbian village of Kremna, appeared from time to time to give prophetic visions. Being a religious person, he spoke about his “visions of the future” to parish priest Zakhari Zakharich (1836-1918), who wrote down his stories in a notebook. After the death of the priest, the notebook was kept in his family. In 1943, when the Bulgarian army occupied the village, the notebook nearly burned out in a fire. Today, it is kept as a family value, by Zakharich’s great-grandson, Dejan Malenkovich. 

Unlike the texts of Nostradamus (1503-1566), which are difficult to unambiguously decipher, the prophecies of Tarabić are set forth in a completely clear, conversational language. They attracted wide attention at the beginning of the 20th century, when, one after the other, his predictions regarding the fall of the Serbian royal dynasty of Obrenović began to come true with incredible accuracy and consistency. 

Taribich Prophecies for the 21st Century Coronovirus?

A strange disease will fall upon the world, from which no one can find a cure. Everyone will say: “I know, I know, because I am a scientist and capable”, but no one will do anything. People will think and think, but will not find the right medicine, which with God’s help they would find everywhere and even in themselves.

 • A person will go to other worlds and find lifeless deserts there, but even then, God forgive him, he will continue to believe that he knows more than God himself … People will fly to the moon and to the stars in search of life, but will not find a life similar to ours. It will be there, but they will not understand it and will not see that this is life …

 • The more people know, the less they will love and cherish each other. The anger between them will become so strong that they will care more about different devices than about their loved ones. A person will trust devices more than his closest neighbor …

 • A small person will appear among the people living far to the north who will teach people love and sympathy, but there will be many hypocrites around him, so it will be very difficult for him. None of those hypocrites would even want to know what true grace is, but from that person there will be wise books and all the words spoken by him, and later people will see that they were deceiving themselves.

• Those who read and write different numbers of books will think that they know the most. These knowledgeable people will live according to their calculations and do everything as the numbers tell them. Among such knowledgeable people there will be both good and evil. Evil will do evil. They will poison the air and water, will disperse the plague over the seas, rivers and lands, and people will suddenly begin to die from various ailments. The good and wise will see that the wisdom of the numbers is not worth a penny and leads to the destruction of the world and will begin to seek wisdom in thinking.

 • When the good will begin to think more, they will approach divine wisdom, but it will be too late, because the evil will devastate the Earth and people will begin to die in huge numbers. Then people will rush away from the cities and begin to look for mountains with three crosses and there they can breathe and drink water. Whoever succeeds will save themselves and their families, but not for long, because hunger will come. In cities and villages, food will be abundant, but all of it will be poisoned. Whoever eats it from hunger will die immediately. He who abstains to the end will survive, because the Holy Spirit will save him and bring him closer to God.

  • The greatest and worst will grapple with the most powerful and violent! In this terrible war, grief will be for those armies that rise to heaven, it will be easier to fight on land and water.

• Armies in this war will have scientists who invent strange cannonballs. Exploding, instead of killing these cores, they will bewitch all life – people, armies, cattle. Under the influence of this witchcraft they will sleep instead of fighting, but then they will regain consciousness.

• Only one country, at the very edge of the world, surrounded by large seas, the size of our Europe, will live in peace and without worries … Not a single cannonball will explode in it or above it! 

• Those who hasten and hide in the mountains with three crosses will find refuge there and then will live in abundant wealth, happiness and love, because there will be no more wars …


Apocalypse & Armageddon

The poles are shifting, the magnetic field is turning over and it will be very unpleasant for our civilization!

The shield that protects the Earth from solar radiation is under attack from within. We cannot prevent this, but we must prepare.

Earth’s magnetic field flips over, what happens when the Earth’s North and South Poles roll over?

Once in 1905, the French geophysicist Bernard Bruins brought to his laboratory several stones, which he dug on the road near the village of Pont-Tharin.

When he analyzed their magnetic properties, he was struck by what they showed: millions of years ago, the Earth’s magnetic poles were on opposite sides of the planet. The North was South and the South North. This discovery spoke of planetary anarchy. Scientists could not explain this.

Today we know that the poles changed their places hundreds of times, the last time 780,000 years ago.

Sometimes the poles try to change places, but then again fall into place, which is called a guided tour. The last time it was about 40,000 years ago.

We also know that the next time they roll over, the consequences for the electrical and electronic infrastructure that governs modern civilization will be terrible. The question is when this will happen.

By the way : there is evidence that everything will not end only with malfunctions of electronics and the destruction of infrastructure, it is believed that after the coup d’etat, people will lose their memory and there will come a long period of amnesia. Experts advise you to keep reminders for yourself – notes that need to be put in a prominent place in which to write who you are, what happened and what actions you should or shouldn’t take.

In the past few decades, geophysicists have tried to answer this question using satellite imagery and mathematics. They figured out how to look deep inside the Earth, to the edge of a molten metal core, where a magnetic field is constantly generated. It turns out that a dipole-ordered bipolar magnetic field to which our compasses react is attacked from the inside.

The latest satellite data from the European Space Agency’s Swarm trio, which began reporting in 2014, shows that a battle is raging on the edge of the core. Like fractions planning a coup, swirling clusters of molten iron and nickel gain strength and draw energy from the dipole.

The magnetic north pole is on the run, which is a sign of increased turbulence and unpredictability. The Kabbalah clan in the Southern Hemisphere has already defeated about a fifth of the earth’s surface. A revolution is brewing.

If these magnetic blocks gain enough strength and weaken the dipole even more, they will force the North and South poles to swap places, as they seek to restore their superiority.

Scientists cannot say for sure what is happening now – a dipole could repel the invasion of strangers. But they can say that the phenomenon is intensifying and that they cannot rule out the possibility that a reversal is beginning.

It is time to wake up from danger and begin to prepare. Or maybe this is happening now – global preparations for a pole revolution?

Earth’s magnetic field protects our planet from dangerous sun and cosmic rays, like a giant shield. As the poles change places (or try to do this), this shield weakens; scientists estimate that it can weaken to one tenth of its usual strength.

The shield can be weakened for centuries, while the poles move, allowing destructive radiation to approach the surface of the planet for all this time. Already, changes within the Earth have weakened the field over the South Atlantic so much that satellites exposed to the resulting radiation have experienced a memory failure.

This radiation has not yet reached the surface. But at some point, when the magnetic field is sufficiently reduced, it may be a different story. 

Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, one of the world’s experts on how cosmic radiation affects the Earth, fears that some parts of the planet will become unsuitable for life after the reversal of the poles .

Hazards : destructive particle fluxes from the sun, galactic cosmic rays and enhanced ultraviolet rays, radiation damage to the ozone layer are some of the invisible forces that can harm or kill living things.

How bad can this be?

Scientists have never established a connection between previous pole reversals and such disasters as mass extinctions. But today’s world is not the world 780,000 years ago when the poles last swapped, and not even the world 40,000 years ago when they tried to do this.

Today, almost 7.6 billion people live on Earth, which is twice as many as in 1970. By our actions, we radically changed the chemistry of the atmosphere and the ocean, damaging the life support system of the planet. Humans have built huge cities, industries, and road networks, cutting off access to safer living spaces for many other creatures. We pushed, perhaps, a third of all known species to extinction and endangered the habitat of many others. Add cosmic and ultraviolet radiation to this mixture, and the consequences for life on Earth can be fatal.

And these dangers are not only biological. The huge cyber-electric cocoon, which has become the central data processing system of modern civilization, is in serious danger.

Particles of solar energy can break through the sensitive miniature electronics of a growing number of satellites orbiting the Earth, severely damaging them. Satellite synchronization systems that control electrical networks are likely to fail. Network transformers can be burned in droves. Due to the fact that the grids are so closely connected to each other, a wave of destruction will race across the globe, causing a series of blackouts (domino effect) that can last for decades .

But these dangers are rarely taken into account by those whose job it is to protect the electronic pulse of civilization. More satellites are being launched into orbit with more heavily miniaturized – and therefore more vulnerable – electronics. The electrical network is becoming more interconnected every day, despite the great risks from solar storms.

No appliances, there will be no light without electricity. No computers. No cell phones. Even flushing the toilet or filling up the car’s gas tank would have been impossible. And this is just a start.

One of the best ways to protect satellites and networks from space weather is to accurately predict where the most destructive force will strike. Operators can temporarily turn off the satellite or disconnect part of the network.

But progress in learning how to track harmful space weather is not keeping pace with the exponential growth of technologies that could be damaged by it. And private satellite operators do not collect or share information on how their electronics can withstand cosmic radiation, which can help everyone protect their equipment.

We blithely built the critical infrastructure of our civilization at a time when the magnetic field of the planet was relatively strong, not taking into account the tendency of the field to anarchy. 

This field is not only restless and uncontrollable, but at the moment it is also unpredictable. It will soon roll over anyway, no matter what we do. Our task is to find out how to make it less painful for our civilization …

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Indian Indigo boy warning on the imminent start of war

An old video uploaded seven months ago by a YouTube channel named Conscience has gone viral on the internet. The video was uploaded in August 2019, in which an Indian boy can be seen predicting the virus outbreak that will happen in 2020.

Whatever it is at its core – the boy tells amazing things. He begins with the fact that in 2020 an unusual number of conjunctions of large planets – Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus – are taking place and will still occur, to which Pluto is also added. All together, this should give rise to a kind of “general intoxication”, which will begin in China at the end of 2019 and capture the whole world by the beginning of 2020.

As a result, the world economy will collapse, real estate prices, raw materials prices will drop, but prices for gold, silver and products will jump.

Chaos will begin in the world and a 99% chance of military conflict will arise. The United States and Iran, India and Pakistan will go to war, as well as many others. The first critical date for the outbreak of hostilities is March 23 – many astrologers expressed this opinion. But, as the Indians continue to say, if nothing happens on March 23, the next critical period is March 31, April 1 and April 2.

At that moment, Mars will be in the South Node of the Moon, which was last seen in September 2001. The child will advises to stay at home for these three days and not go out into the street unless absolutely necessary. There will be some kind of disinformation explosion these days, although there may be some other explosions. By the end of May, the epidemic escaping from China will begin to subside, but the summer months will still be very difficult.

Markets will continue to fall and only gold will creep up, reaching a peak on November 4. And all this time, from the end of March until late autumn there will be a risk of the Third World War. With COVID-19, his forecast came true and now, if the epidemic really subsides in May, the forecast will also come true which would make us look closely at other things voiced in the forecast. We won’t say anything for March 31, but if Indian astrologers advise staying at home for three days, we don’t exclude that there may be those very “three days of darkness” – for some reason, troops have already been deployed around cities.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Red mushroom cloud over Portugal and Bats falling dead in Israel

Bizarre footage, the appearance of an orange mushroom-like cloud over Portugal, was compared to the scene directly from the apocalyptic blockbuster Independence Day.

In incredible frames you can see how the cloud extends over a huge distance. The video was shot on March 20 and became viral on YouTube after it was shared by a conspirator Discovery Screen.

The conspirator said the video first appeared on Facebook with the caption: “Does anyone know what’s going on?” The author of the video is Acacio Fernandes Bjj.

Bats Fulfil Bible Prophecy?

Dozens of dead bats fell from the sky in one of the regions of Israel, some began to claim that the biblical prophecy is coming true. Adi Moskowits spotted lifeless creatures while walking through Gan Leumi Park in Ramat Gan on Saturday (March 21, 2020). He shared four photos of the dead bats before another resident posted a video of the same kind, a few kilometers away in the Pardes Katz neighborhood. Many bats are apparently healthy and young.

Another Facebook user said he saw dead bats in the city of Hadera, about 50 km from Gan Leumi Park. Nora Lifshitz, founder of the Israeli Bat Society, said in an interview with Breaking Israel News:

“The phenomenon is extremely rare. She suggested that an unusual incident could have occurred as a result of cold weather last weekend. But Nora admitted that it’s just a theory and she’s never heard of this phenomenon before.”

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