Prophecies about the fateful Mother of the Millennium, whose arrival will change the whole world

In different eras, the future savior of the world was called differently: Mother of the third millennium, Unknown Lady, Mother of the World and other names. However, everyone was unanimous in their conviction that a woman would save humanity from collapse. Prophets and spiritual fathers predicted the end of the world, but there was always a reliable ray of hope – the advent of the era of the future most important figure of humanity.

It was noted that the role of savior was assigned to a woman. These great prophecies raised questions about her coming and what events heralded her coming. Historical records indicate that the future savior will guide women into leadership that will lead humanity out of darkness and into light.

Who is this woman? What is its role for humanity? Why will she appear and what will she bring to people?

John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom is an outstanding theologian and preacher who had the ability to see through time. Living in the third century AD, the saint already foresaw then that humanity would one day lose faith in God and would wallow in sins. In accordance with his prophecy, a Woman will one day appear on earth who will carry salvation with her.

“This Woman will stand in front of the sun, and her feet will trample on the moon. On her head she will have a shining crown with twelve stars. Her coming will be a bright event for humanity, and she will bring peace and salvation to absolutely everyone.“

John of Jerusalem

Elder John, born in 1042 in France, was ordained a monk at a young age. He became one of the founders of the Templar Order and spent twenty years in Jerusalem. Often far from people, Elder Johann went into the wilderness to pray, and he was given a prophetic gift, as his witnesses claimed.

He recorded all his visions in his book “Secret Protocols”, which contained excerpts about the Mother of the Millennium. Sections from this book have survived to this day. One of the plots says that the Mother of the Millennium will come in difficult times and raise spiritual values ​​to bright heights.

“When life for many people turns into a real hell on earth, and it seems that there is no more hope for a bright future, a girl will come, the Savior of the World and human souls. From now on, a new era will come, and the “Mother of the Millennium” will rule. The way she will rule will be approved and accepted by many people. Perhaps because they will be based on love, kindness, mercy.”

When the Great Mother comes into the world, everything will change and humanity will realize its beginning. True motherly love will be felt by everyone who has faced their own difficulties. Those who have been wounded in spirit will be healed. The poor in spirit will realize their mistakes and spirituality will become the new priority, not materialism.


French poet, alchemist and astrologer Michel de Nostradam, known as Nostradamus, became famous for his work “Prophecies”, which consists of quatrains, stated by the author himself, that contain predictions for the period up to 3797. Today, historians argue whether the poet himself wrote this book or whether it was the work of a whole group.

In any case, the work of the Nostradamus project is associated with the image of the Unknown Lady, who, as stated, will change the course of history. Evidence of this is not only found in the poet’s quatrains, but also in his watercolors. Many of them depict a divine woman holding a book (probably the Bible) and the papal tiara in her hand, symbolizing divine authority.

The poet described how the Unknown Lady, arriving secretly, would bring the Omnipresent Law. She will be a Messenger from God who confronts evil outside the temple. Although this may seem like a story, a fictional fairy tale.

“The messenger does not consider himself great, but the truth is revealed and evil is destroyed. Everyone will receive what he sows. God teaches us to forgive and endure. Persistence and forgiveness will change our destiny. The Unknown Lady will surprise people with her games, happiness and energy and humanity will supposedly taste a divine blessing.“

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Helena Roerich

Talking about recent times, the Russian writer and philosopher predicted the appearance in the world of a woman who would become a symbol of the new century – the “Century of the Mother of the World.” Thanks to her unquestioned spiritual authority, humanity will find a balance between male and female and end the age-old struggle between the two sexes for power. After all, it was this war, according to Roerich, that could lead to the death of civilization and the end of the world.

“They will ask why this age is called the Age of the Mother of the World. Truly, that is what it should be called. A woman will bring great help, not only bringing enlightenment, but also establishing balance. In the midst of confusion, the magnet of balance is disturbed, and free will is needed to connect the disintegrating parts. Maitreya-Compassion needs cooperation. He who sacrifices himself in honor of the Great Age will reap a bountiful harvest. The new era will bring the rebirth of Woman.”

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene contains the following lines:

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“When the Earth, at the end after many centuries, gives birth to the Mother of God, then I will come through Her as a Victor without enemies. Then I will be born in the hearts of all people, and I will bring the Kingdom of God to Earth forever and ever.”

Indian Vedas

Adherents of Hinduism believe that a “golden era” will come in the world – a century when a perfect Woman, a deity with a feminine essence, will rule civilization. Many see her in the person of the goddess Lakshmi, who brings wealth, fertility and prosperity. Esotericists associate the manifestation of this divine energy with the golden color and golden radiance that will accompany the leader of the Golden Age.

And in one of the places there floats a golden ball woven from golden energy threads. The ball has a feminine nature, and a clear conviction arises – the future of our planet belongs to this Woman. The beginning of the Golden Age depends on its presence, on its manifestation in this material world.

The golden era will last 10,000 years, and all these years will pass under the auspices of this divine personality.

Edgar Cayce

The prominent clairvoyant who died in 1945, became famous for making prophecies in his sleep while falling into a trance. Thus, Casey predicted the economic crisis of 1933, the end of communism in the USSR, a further crisis and the religious revival of our country. Moreover, the American was confident that a technological revolution would come, thanks to which a new leader would emerge in the world.

The new and powerful leader will not be known for a long time. But everyone suddenly finds out about him, all thanks to new unique technologies that will surpass existing ones and will belong entirely to the new leader, Woman. They won’t be able to resist her and after a while she will be able to conquer the whole world. There will be no more hatred and evil, wars and diseases. This Woman will be able to bring prosperity and light to all the people of the planet.


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