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Could This Be Proof of Reincarnation?

Could This Be Proof of Reincarnation? 1

Is reincarnation what happens to us when we die? This fascinating video showed up in the mainstream media and so I thought it would be good to share. The story is about a little boy who vividly remembers a previous incarnation of being a soldier in World War II and how he had died.
From the information provided it is very difficult to deny this as being true. I think it is amazingly powerful for people to see and understand that the current life that we are living is not the only one we have ever had, or will ever have.
This story significantly shows how we can carry memory and emotional attachments to these memories of lives that we have lived at any time on this planet, and even other planets, and also how it affects our current lives in how we perceive, create and experience everything.
There is also very key points shown in the clip of how the little boy being a soul, remembers that he CHOSE the family that he incarnated with. It’s showing us that we choose everything for our greater good so that we can grow and move forward in our soul evolution. The soul has no judgement towards experiences such as the family that it chooses to incarnate through because it is a choice.
If you do not believe in reincarnation that is perfectly ok. If you do, here is confirmation of your truth. As things are shifting within our experience here, more stuff like this will come to surface as we are making the choices to assist one another in awakening ourselves to the truth that we all deserve to know and long for. Ride the wave of change!



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