Proof of existence of another race of humanoids found in the caves of the “Mongolian Amazon”?

The expedition to Mongolia gave the world a real sensation. Basaan Zoritsalkhan – a local explorer organized the study of caves in the Khubsugul region. Fact is, UFOs are often seen in these parts, and creatures that only partly resemble people have wandered among local residents.

In 2012, Basaan had already visited these parts and explored Lake Khuvsgul, the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia. There he witnessed a disc-shaped apparatus submerging under water and emerging from under it. However, the study did not provide strong evidence to consider the lake reservoir as an alien base. It is understandable that it is extremely difficult to explore a lake that has a depth of more than 260 meters and a surface area of ​​more than 2,700 km2.

Presumably, this is how the creatures from Prikhubsugul look like.

In 2016, Basaan returned to these regions to collect information from local residents where some unknown creatures have visited human settlements. They were described as yellowish-gray humanoids with a flattened head. Their height was a little over a meter, the faces lacked an accentuated nose, and the eyes resembled those of a serpentine – a vertical narrow pupil against the background of a yellow iris of the eye. Similar details were described by many eyewitnesses. Moreover, the description was also identical in the neighboring villages. Most often, the creatures stole rags and other utensils without harming livestock and people.

Finally, in 2018, Basaan Zoritsalkhan gathered a group of like-minded people and went to the mountainous area. According to the information received, the creatures were hiding in the mountains, possibly in caves. Following the dungeon inspection, they made an incredible discovery!

During the descent into one of the manholes, the team of four men found themselves in a room with suspiciously smooth walls, forming a domed hall. Next, the enthusiasts were led by a passage. It was just one and a half meters below and it was difficult to walk along it with large backpacks. 

Nevertheless, while squeezing through it, Basaan noticed some movement ahead. A certain creature, making a sound like a squeak, hid behind several boulders. When the flashlights were pointed in that direction, no one was found, but several dozen bats flew out towards the researchers. Probably, the cave dweller, while running away from the expedition members frightened them.

Caves where humanoids hide. 

While going deeper, the researchers noticed a tendency that some of the rooms have smooth walls, in other rooms there were recesses in the walls, similar to small niches. They were not large enough to accommodate an adult. 

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Finally, small skeletons were found in one of them. Surprisingly, they were wrapped in some kind of rag material which apparently was stolen from local residents.

It was not possible to meet again the inhabitants of the dungeons, the further the researchers went, the narrower and lower the corridors between the halls became. As a result, they had to return but now Basaan had bone remains on his hands, which were examined.

It turned out that the skeleton has 26 differences from the human. For example, the number of edges – there were 4 more than the human. There were only two phalanges on the fingers. The eye sockets were located very close to each other. The skull consisted of 40 bones, whereas the human skull consisted of only 23. There were 8 teeth above and 8 below. 

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DNA analysis revealed that the remains were not human. The skeleton was transferred to the Academy of Sciences. Basaan Zoritsalkhan wanted to publicize his discovery, but suddenly a statement came from scientists: the skeleton belongs to a human child.

Part of the skull of the mysterious creature. 

This story is extremely strange and it is clear that scientists will hide any manifestation of extraterrestrial beings as well as creatures that refute the theory of evolution. 

Considering the results of research in independent laboratories, we can conclude that Basaan made a huge mistake – he gave his find to those who simply destroyed it or hid it very reliably. 

In 2022, Basaan Zoritsalkhan is going to descend into the caves of the Khubsugul region again to get more evidence of the existence of these mysterious creatures.


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