Programmable Matter? Black Goo began to drip from the sky in Nevada

Nanotechnology is one of the most important technologies of today and the future. You may be reading these lines on a device with a semiconductor chip whose components are only a few nanometers in size. This is about the size of three strands of DNA lying next to each other. At such dimensions, new areas and new physics emerge that do not occur at any other dimensions: the paradoxically operating quantum field. Then “black goo” appears, programmed, reasonable matter at the nanoscale that can take possession of man and matter. 

And now here’s the news from Nevada

People in an area of ​​East Las Vegas near Hollywood Boulevard and Charleston Avenue have been in complete disbelief for weeks now. This happened after mysterious brown or black drops began to fall on their possessions.

Marcos Cervantes said that over the past three to four weeks, raindrops have hit his house, cars, van, basketball court and pretty much everything else.

“Could it be fat? Butter? I don’t know,” Cervantes says, looking at the hood of his SUV, filled with an incomprehensible substance. “It is very difficult to maintain my cars. It’s very, very difficult to be in the backyard knowing that I can’t even barbecue or anything because of the drips on my food.”

Other people living in the area declined to be interviewed in depth but said they all experienced the same thing without any explanation.

Cervantes wondered if the droplets could have come from planes flying overhead, but he said a call to the Federal Aviation Administration had not come up with answers.

He wondered if this substance could be toxic or harmful to his health?

Some eyewitnesses write that the substance looks like wax that cannot be torn off the surface, others say that it looks like some kind of oil, but some have long had a name for this mysterious substance – Black Goo, that is, Black Mucus:

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It is unknown why it first appeared in Nevada, perhaps because of the proximity of Las Vegas to Area 51, which is just over a hundred kilometers away, but we think it will soon be dripping in other cities of the world. 

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The Black Goo concept puts everything in a much clearer light. It was always in front of our eyes and yet it was so well hidden. It’s like a slimy glue that holds everything together. The poisoning of humanity, Morgellions, 5-7Gs, genetic manipulation, internet surveillance, A.I. and nanotech all work together and lead to something very bad. 

The dark forces have held humanity tightly since its inception and have been working for centuries on what will happen in our lifetime. All plans eventually culminate in this – the completion of the great work – the synthesis and virtualization of human beings, reality and nature. 

The synthesis of all the consciousnesses of humanity into an archonic biotech hive-mind is a black awakening. We know only one thing – it will be evil. And it will be chaotic – because many other things will happen, and without chaos, they will not be able to realize a strict transhumanist order. 

And, of course, Hollywood programming into programmable matter has been in full swing for many years, from the shape-shifting T-1000 robot in Terminator, to Star Trek, Transformers, Disney’s Big Hero 6, and probably much more. another. 

Pay attention to “the future is now” at 0:50 and “you don’t understand what the Arctic find means” at 0:55…

Like the T-1000 Terminator, there is now a programmable “shape-changing liquid metal” thanks to British scientists.

And the agenda seems to be advancing now at breakneck speed, as if there were only 16 hours in a day.

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