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Prof. Luc Montagnier: “There are people who die from the vaccine Effects. Stop vaccinations now” – Nobel laureate’s anxious appeal to governments

Prof. Luc Montagnier: "There are people who die from the vaccine Effects. Stop vaccinations now" - Nobel laureate's anxious appeal to governments 1

The leading, internationally renowned and Nobel laureate, French virologist Luc Montagnier, is ringing the bell of danger to humanity and calling on governments to stop the madness of mass vaccination now. In fact, it is of particular importance that what Montagnier says comes at a time when governments are literally pushing citizens by chasing them with a syringe in hand, while there are also states that are now following the path of legal coercion.

Luc Montagnier spoke on Sud radio radio on November 17, 2021 and this is his most recent interview.

“There are people who die from side effects of the vaccine,” he said . “Side effects include prion, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, pericarditis / myocarditis, etc. “We are not even a year away from the first vaccines and we already have these results,” he said. “There are many unknown side effects. We are more at the beginning than the end. So be careful, be careful and stop, stop the mass vaccination”“.

Professor Luc Montagnier continues: “There was a lot of hope in the mRNA vaccine. That was a mistake. We need to look at all these vaccine cases to calculate and analyze. We need to stop this option immediately to stop other deaths. In addition, what also worries me are the children. We are in the phase of wanting to vaccinate the children.”

The journalist interrupts him and tells him that US is vaccinating young children. The Nobel laureate answers:

“These children may die one day, even if it happens 10 or 20 years later. If we do not take every precaution, we are heading for a catastrophe! We are in a very serious point to talk about the origin of the virus”, he explains,

“We do not know the details yet but we are starting to get an idea. “We can think that there are unpredictable things unexpected for Chinese researchers,” the Virologist Professor said.

“It simply came to our notice then. Most likely, they worked on schematics from bat viruses. But of course there are new constructions coming from the bat that allow the passage to humans. “There is a lot of involvement, possibly American, at least financially, and technically, in this case,” Professor Luc Montagnier explains.

“In the beginning we have a Chinese virus and then we have something else. In other words, we have new variants that appear from the Chinese virus but that are quite far from its original structure”, the virologist explains to Sud Radio.

“The case is not closed and of course the more time passes the more people talk. Maybe we can get to know the truth. It will take time. We are still in a very serious situation right now. “Because these new variants have side effects.” the biologist explains.

“Even the original virus gives side effects and immediate effects which are bearable, so to speak, but then it causes myocarditis, cardiovascular effects and kills. “There are people who die from these myocarditis, one of the effects of the vaccine,” Professor Luc Montagnier said said.

“Doctor-researcher by training, I have my ethics, I have my ethics”, Professor Luc Montagnier explains. “Any death from a drug, a vaccine, should be considered serious and when there are several deaths it is really a problem,” he said.

“I do not tolerate the idea that in the risk-benefit ratio, you have risks, but the benefit-to-benefit ratio is much better for others ,” the biologist explained to Sud Radio. “This is not true because a lot of suffering comes from this perception”

“The first phase is the fairly common side effects that do not last long but are already fatal,” he explains. “Then you have the cardiovascular results”, the biologist continues. “And now you have the result of prions,” Professor Luc Montagnier explains.

“There are other deaths and these people have died of Cossen-Jacob disease,” Professor Luc Montagnier explained at Sud Radio.

“This disease is very rare, normally, when it is sporadic, it is one in a million,” he explains. There is a group of 7 independent people with different doctors who have this disease. The common factor is that they were vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer vaccine.”

“It is at the second dose that you have small signs and then general signs of the disease appear. “You can not prove that it is caused by vaccines,” he explains. “But you have to look at this hypothesis.” “Because the only common factor among these people is that they have been vaccinated with the same vaccine.”

(transcript from Sud radio’s official page)

The Nobel laureate and now the most competent and world-renowned virologist concludes with the anxious cry: 

“Stop, stop the mass vaccination”.

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