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Preparations for a space show with an alien invasion: Is the Blue Beam project already being rehearsed?

Preparations for a space show with an alien invasion: Is the Blue Beam project already being rehearsed? 1

Project Blue Beam is a secret plan by NASA and the United Nations that plans to use advanced technology to create a fake alien invasion and a fake second coming of Christ to establish a new world order led by the Antichrist.

This plan was first brought to the public by Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast in 1994, who received documents confirming the existence of this plan to take over the world.

Serge Monast claimed that the authorities were persecuting him for exposing this secret plan and that his life was in danger. Monast died in 1996, allegedly of a heart attack, at the age of 51. Some of his followers believe that he was killed by the conspirators to silence him.

Serge Monast believed until the last day that the Blue Beam project was part of a satanic plot to destroy Christianity and create a unified world government led by the Antichrist.

Preparations for a space show with an alien invasion: Is the Blue Beam project already being rehearsed? 2

After Monast’s death, his followers continued to study this topic and linked the Blue Beam project to HAARP, claiming it can manipulate the weather, cause earthquakes, and create holographic images in the sky. They also claim that UFO sightings, crop circles, chemtrails, and other anomalies are signs that Project Blue Beam is being tested or is already under way.

Preparations for a space show with an alien invasion: Is the Blue Beam project already being rehearsed? 3

Serge Monast also argued that these events will coincide with major political changes in the world order, such as peace agreements, economic crises or wars. All this is already happening.

Strange atmospheric phenomena or Blue Beam rehearsals?

Our planet has always been quite rich in atmospheric and other strange phenomena, ranging from antediluvian artifacts, the origin of which is not clear to anyone, ending with ghosts, which, as it were, do not exist, but they do exist.

And somehow it turned out so strange that the pandemic affected, among other things, these phenomena, the number of which is growing with an amazing speed. 

On August 15, something appeared again in Florida, which popular rumor called “plasma pillars”:

It is unknown whether or not these are are plasma rays, but the fact that NOAA is not at all interested in this is well known to everyone.

At the same time, the NOAA abbreviation itself stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Obviously, the office is now focused on observing the Ocean, so the atmosphere and national security have somehow slightly faded into the background.

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Meanwhile, in South America, the following observation was made:

Here, as they say, it’s just two in one – a figure with a halo and wings, and two suns. But the NOAA is “absence de service” for the South American population, so there is no one to ask, they just stand, blink and go crazy.

This is all pretty weird too. And also two in one: on the one hand, a “lenticular cloud” above the volcano, on the other hand, a miracle lightning that strikes either from the volcano or from the cloud. Here is the video from a different angle:

However, the most interesting spectacle, as it seems, is still taking place in America. Unfortunately, @topsecrettexan does not specify where the video was recorded:

This is not at all like an atmospheric phenomenon – the structure is too complex and square. It does not look like an official laser show either, since the height is high and the time of day is not suitable for light shows. It’s more like testing some device like Blue Beam, but who decided to scare mortals is still unclear.

Maybe it was some kind of secret military, maybe aliens themselves, who are not trusted by such technologists, took up the matter. But anyway, it’s interesting. And what is even more interesting is what kind of show we will be given in the final day of the exhibition. 


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