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Predictions of Nostradamus for 2021: “The great plague will not end until the blood of the righteous is avenged”

Millions of people living all over the world are looking forward to the end of 2020, believing that all the troubles it brought will go down with it in history. But what did one of the most famous predictors, Michel Nostradamus, who, by the way, foreshadow many events that happened in history, said on this score?

Nostradamus predicted a great battle at sea, which, according to interpreters, will take place just in 2021:

Soon after a little respite

There will be a lot of turmoil on land and sea

There will be even more battle at sea

Animals will suffer most from fire …

Researchers are confident that these lines contain a prediction about impending natural disasters that will happen both on land and on water. Indeed, the climate on the planet has been changing a lot lately, which may well lead to irreparable consequences.

Someone, after reading these lines, seriously believes that in 2021 the planet will have to face a series of tsunamis and large fires or volcanic activity. By the way, the big floods for 2021 were also predicted by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, pointing out that as a result of these, some territories would go under water.

About the new form of trading

In his predictions, Nostradamus also spoke about the opening of new trade routes. The seer also predicted a significant growth in the popularity of handicraft activities – it is the craftsmen who do something with their hands that will have the opportunity to earn something in the near future.

Contemporaries interpret this as the transition of the trading sphere to the online format, which, in fact, is now happening against the backdrop of a pandemic that has swept the whole world.

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Will the virus end?

And finally, the main question that worries millions of people on the planet: will the coronavirus disappear in 2021? There is no exact answer to it, but Nostradamus really predicted the plague and said that it would end only when “the blood of a righteous man, taken and condemned without crime, is avenged.”

But who exactly did the great soothsayer mean by these words? Many contemporaries agree that we are talking about the Chinese doctor Li Wenlian, who was one of the first to warn the world about the outbreak of the coronavirus, but then no one allowed him to talk about it openly. There is evidence that the doctors were even summoned to the Civil Security Directorate, where they were forced to confess that everything he said was a lie, spread with the aim of undermining order in society. After some time, this doctor died due to infection with the coronavirus.

If you believe the words of the seer, then an effective cure for COVID-19 will be found immediately after the whole truth about what happened is revealed.

Other predictions of Nostradamus for 2021

One of the most important prophecies of Nostradamus for 2021 is the prediction of the birth of a new world faith – it is in this year that the processes that will lead to the formation of a completely new religion by the 23-24 centuries of our era may begin.

Due to the vagueness of the wording in the quatrains, researchers disagree on how this religion will be formed. Someone believes that it is formed due to the merger of the Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity. Others are convinced that Christianity and Islam will unite.

On the accuracy of prophecy

Nostradamus believed that not everyone was allowed to know the future. Therefore, he encrypted his quatrains with predictions about future events so vaguely that modern researchers interpret the same quatrains in almost dozens of different ways. Nevertheless, all lovers of esotericism agree that his predictions are the most accurate of the prophecies of all other world famous soothsayers (including Vanga).

The main indicator of the accuracy of these predictions is considered to be the percentage of confirmation of events that have already taken place, about which Michel de Nostrdam wrote long before their implementation. In the case of his quatrains, the events described by him are carried out with an accuracy of 70-85%. In particular, over the past century, many predictions of Nostradamus have come true, from which one can single out:

  • declaration of US independence;
  • the discovery of Australia;
  • the introduction of the Gregorian calendar;
  • the emergence of a number of technical inventions: the railway, the steam engine, the electric light bulb, the aircraft, the telephone, dynamite, television, space rockets and many others.

Of course, not all of the prophecies that Nostradamus wrote about in his quatrains were realized in practice. It is possible that some of his predictions were initially wrong. Perhaps some of the prophecies were true, but later were simply misinterpreted by the interpreters of his quatrains.

And yet, those who wish to look into the future have no other way but to carefully study the heritage of the famous French soothsayer. After all, the world events predicted by him and realized over the past centuries have already proved that Michel de Nostredame is the greatest predictor in the history of mankind.


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