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Powerful Native American Herb That Can Cure Cancer! Here’s How To Prepare It!

Powerful Native American Herb That Can Cure Cancer! Here’s How To Prepare It! 86

As you have probably already noticed, conventional medicine is lastly catching up to the techniques that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries now.

Actually, a larger number of scientific studies is being conducted that prove the healing properties that some herbs and foods have.

The large pharmaceutical companies are likewise catching up, as they are marketing items such as curcumin extracts and fish oil supplements.

Unfortunately, scientists are still skeptical when it comes to Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, and Essiac tea is not an exception to that.

The Story Of Rene Caisse

For more than fifty years, Rene Caisse, who worked as a registered nurse, has been using tea to efficiently cure terminally ill cancer patients.
The ingredients, as well as the recipe, for this tea originate from an Ojibway Native America medicine men in remote northern Canada.

This man had shared the recipe with a woman who was suffering from breast cancer. After just a few months of consumption of the tea, the cancer had disappeared completely! By the time she met Rene, she had been cancer free for thirty years!

Then, Rene made a tea for her aunt, who was suffering from liver and stomach cancer at that time and had been told that she had only six months to life. Medical science couldn’t do anything for her anymore. By getting the approval from Dr. R. O. Fisher, the physician who was taking care of her aunt, Rene made and gave her the treatment. Her aunt lived twenty one years longer.

After this. Rene spend more than fifty years treating terminally ill cancerous patients with this tea, always making certain to work together with certified physicians, who frequently required her help.

What Does Science Say?

The pharmaceutical companies, as well as the Canadian government, have been trying for a long time to stop the use of Essiac, and no new research has been conducted on the subject ever since 2007.

Nevertheless, a study that was conducted in 2006 and published in The Journal of Ethnopharmacology said that Essiac tea has a powerful DNA-protective and anti-oxidant activity, as well as properties that are commonly found in natural anti-cancer agents.

In addition, The Journal Of Alternative And Complimentary Medicine proved that Essiac might be able to hinder the growth of tumor cells, while at the same time strengthening the response of the immune system to antigenic stimulation. This could be particularly valuable in immune-suppressed persons.

Even though there are numerous scientific data that prove that the Essiac tea works effectively, as well as a number of accounts of patients that have been successfully cured, the medical community does not recognize these facts.

How To Make Essiac Tea

This tea is so beneficial due to the various ingredients that are used for preparing it. That is the reason why it is of utmost important to use the best and natural ingredients and make certain that they are stored in glass containers and kept in a dry and dark area.



  1. Put all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix them just like you would mix baking ingredients.
  2. Pour the water in a cast iron or stainless steel pot with a lid and bring it to a boil.
  3. Add all of the above listed herbs and boil everything hard for about ten minutes.
  4. Turn the heat off and leave the tea to sit during the night.
  5. The next morning heat it up again to steaming hot, but make sure you don’t boil it!
  6. Leave it to cool off and strain the mixture with a strainer made of stainless steel.
  7. Keep your mixture in sterilized glass jars and store it in the fridge.

How To Use Essiac

Just take four tablespoons of pure water. Heat that water. Add four tablespoons, or 2 oz, of Essiac to the heated water. Mix everything and drink. It should be consumed before going to sleep on an empty stomach, or at least two hours after you’ve eaten. It can also be drunk in the mornings on an empty stomach. If you take it in the morning, you shouldn’t eat at least two hours after taking it.

Note: It is possible that Essiac interacts with some types of cancer treatments, therefore it is of utmost importance to inform your physician if you are thinking about consuming Essiac.

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Indigo boy Anand predicts the disaster of “Six Stars” in February, opens a website

Indigo boy Anand predicts the disaster of "Six Stars" in February, opens a website 99

Abhigya Anand, a popular Indian indigo boy, predicted that under the influence of six stars , an astonishing disaster might happen in February 2021. In addition, Anand announced at the beginning of the new year that he had set up a personal official website to post messages to get rid of social media censorship and fake messages.

” Six Stars” in February 2021

14-year-old Indian boy Anand became popular online because he predicted the outbreak of the epidemic last year. He also predicted that the world would be in danger from November 2020 to November 2021.

He said that Jupiter will enter Capricorn in November 2020, and the disaster will begin again. In particular, the rare conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 will affect the earth, from wars, epidemics to economic collapse, and there may be problems with the vaccine being developed. 

A mutated strain first appeared in the UK. This new strain has a 70% higher transmission rate than the old strain, and has spread to more than 50 countries, and the mutated virus has turned to attack young adults, and many adults Died in the virus. As of January 12, the number of people diagnosed worldwide was 91.38 million, which is equivalent to 1 in every 100 people. All this has confirmed Anand’s prediction about the epidemic.

Anand even predicted that on February 10, 2021, there will be a “six-star connection”, that is, the sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon will be connected in a straight line, just like a candied haw. This means that greater dark forces will impact the earth, and there may be astonishing disasters, and the economy may even collapse.

At present, all parts of the world have begun to take measures to close the city and curfew. Will these measures be implemented wrongly? People don’t work anymore. If you don’t work and just eat, how long can you say this economy can withstand?

Anand said that until Jupiter enters Aquarius in November 2021, most of the disasters caused by these astronomical changes will gradually disappear and the world economy will begin to recover.

Anand predictable manner is the use of “Vedic astrology “, also known as ” Indian astrology ” (Jyotish Astrology), it originated in the ancient Indian system of astrology, and Western astrology is different. And 14-year-old Anand is already a master of Vedic astrology.

In addition to being proficient in “Vedic Astrology “, Anand is also familiar with Ayurveda (Ayurveda, refers to Indian traditional medicine), Sanskrit and management. He has obtained a master’s degree in herbal microbiology and is studying for a PhD in financial astrology, so Anand is a real super genius.

Anand sets up an official website

Due to unexplained reasons, YouTube has repeatedly deleted videos, so Anand set up a personal official website ( Friends who are interested in his predictions can now go to his website to watch his videos freely. Log in to the website to directly obtain his updated information, avoiding the interference of Internet censorship and false messages.

In the introduction video, Anand stated in words:

“Tubing has been desperately deleting Anand’s predictions, and these predictions are now being fulfilled. Therefore, we are launching our website to you.”

Anand’s website, for example, predicted in a short film published on April 1, 2020, that “the next (epidemic) outbreak will occur around December 20, 2020.” However, this short film was deleted by YouTube on May 16, and was re-uploaded by a third party.

Anand reminded people in the comment area at the bottom of the video that he does not have any Facebook, Twitter or Reddit accounts. Now someone is issuing false predictions in his name, don’t believe it. 

He said, “Having a social media account does not help. We try to use every alternative platform.”

Anand wrote:

“Because Youtube deleted the film without any reason, threatening Internet freedom, and some people deliberately faked it, so he created a personal website.”

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An ancient Greek inscription of 1,500 years dedicated to Christ was discovered in Israel

An ancient Greek inscription of 1,500 years dedicated to Christ was discovered in Israel 100

The team is sure that the inscription comes from a church and not from a monastery. The discovery was reported by the Israeli Foreign Ministry with reference to the Antiquities Authority. It was performed in the Jezreel Valley, which since ancient times was the main battlefield of biblical Israel.

An inscription 1,500 years old writes in ancient Greek “Christ, born of Mary”. This was found by a team of archaeologists in an excavation in northern Israel, a text that was placed above the church door to ward off evil spirits.

The phrase was used by Christians to exorcise the evil eye, a superstition of the Greeks and Romans.

The inscription was discovered during the excavation of the ruins of a once magnificent Byzantine church, probably built during the early Islamic period. The church came to light during the mandatory excavations to cross the new road to the Jezreel Valley.

The researchers also established the identity of Theodosius mentioned in the text, who founded this church. This was one of the first Christian bishops. He was an influential person, the supreme religious leader of the Metropolitanate of Bet Shean, to which the modern village of al-Tayyib belonged.

“This is the first evidence of the existence of a Byzantine church in the village of et-Taiyiba and adds to the other findings that certify the activities of Christians in the area,” said Dr. Walid Atrash of the Antiquities Authority of Israel.

The team is sure that the inscription comes from a church and not from a monastery.

According to the researchers, artifacts from different periods were also found during the excavations. They shed new information on the long history of the settlements that existed in al-Tayyiba, as well as on their status.

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Why does Satan’s name mean “light-bearer”?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 101

In modern languages, Lucifer is one of the names of Satan. However, from Latin the word lucifer literally translates as “luminiferous” and comes from the words lux (“light”) and phero (“carry”). What kind of light is this that the infernal ruler carries?

Franz von Stuck.  Lucifer
Franz von Stuck. Lucifer

The ancient Romans called the planet Venus by the word Lucifer, that is, the “morning star”, which is better than all other celestial bodies visible in the morning (as well as evening) firmament. By the way, this name is “tracing paper” from ancient Greek: the ancient Greeks called this celestial entity Phosphorus (from Φωσφόρος – “carrying light”).

Lucifer means ‘that which brings light’. From φῶς (phôs, “light”) +‎ -φόρος (-phóros, “bearing”), from φέρω (phérō, “I carry”).

Venus in the morning sky in January
Venus in the morning sky in January

Why did the name of the star become the name of Satan? This happened as a result of “translation difficulties”. The Bible, in the Book of Isaiah, contains a prophecy about the death of the Babylonian king – a terrible enemy of the ancient Jews. It looks like this:

“… You fell from the sky, morning star, son of the dawn! He crashed to the ground, trampling on the peoples. “

“Morning star” and “son of the dawn” here are nothing more than magnificent oriental titles of the ruler. When Jerome of Stridonsky, the first translator of the Bible into Latin, translated this passage, he translated the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (“heylel”, “morning star”) as lucifer, because that is how the morning star was called in Latin.

Caravaggio.  Saint Jerome
Caravaggio. Saint Jerome

However, Christians, contemporaries of Jerome, associated this passage not with the king of Babylon – the embodiment of evil for the ancient Israelites, but with their enemy – Satan. And the word “lucifer”, which was just the title of the Babylonian king, began to write with a capital letter. So the innocuous name of the star became a terrible hellish name.

Jerome’s other translation error led to an amusing misunderstanding. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, European artists and sculptors depicted Moses – the main biblical prophet … with horns on his head! Why?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 102
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 103
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 104

The Bible says that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, his face was radiant. In Hebrew, the words “ray” and “horn” are similar. So Jerome got it: “His face became horny because God spoke to him.”

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