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Post apocalypse: how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic


While many doctors and scientists are thinking about whether the Chinese coronavirus will stay with us forever or just disappear, ordinary people learn new habits: wear masks, it is better to monitor hygiene, and so on.

Marketers are in full swing to come up with ways to earn money on the fear of a person to catch an infection. Already now, what has been invented: from a contactless door opener to cars and even aircraft with protection against coronavirus. We tried to look into the near future and understand how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the moment, no one knows for sure whether the damned SARS-CoV-2 will stay with us forever or disappear. Some argue that after the appearance of the vaccine and as a result of building a person’s own immunity to the causative agent of the COVID-19 disease, the virus will gradually disappear. This has already happened with another coronavirus – SARS-CoV, the causative agent of SARS. The outbreak occurred in 2003, however, since 2004, not a single case of SARS has been reported in the world.

The second possible scenario – Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 will stay with us forever. This is not the first or second, but the seventh coronavirus, which is able to infect humans. Scientists believe that in the process of mutation, the pathogen gradually weakens, so that after a while it will become easier for a person to cope with it. At the same time, we have already formed a certain reflex to wear medical masks and respirators to protect against the virus, use sanitizers and generally better monitor hygiene. And this is great: when a person processes his hands when entering or leaving a store (cafe, cinema, museum etc.) or puts on a respirator in a public room, he protects his body not only from coronavirus, but also from other unpleasant pathogens.

In a pandemic, people found a way to organize mass protests. Moreover, no arrangements are yet required for events. A kind of “rallies” have already taken place in some cities. The form of such actions is very peculiar and has no analogues in the world – all participants write comments near government buildings. The plus, at least, is that they won’t beat the protesters with batons. But there are drawbacks – the chance that you will be “heard” by officials is negligible.

New fears are at the good of business. The label “Protected from COVID-19” or “Processed Against Viruses” can become the new mainstream, as the prefix “Bio” and “Eco” once turned out to be. Such marketing gimmicks are used now not only by food manufacturers, the label “Virus-free” appeared even on building materials.

Courier services have now a new service – contactless delivery: the courier informs about arrival and leaves the parcel under the door. The manufacturer of special diving masks has added a filter element to its products, so its now akin to a respirator. Moreover, the novelty is not a dubious marketing ploy at all: it really protects all the mucous membranes, including the eyes.

A new penny gadget – a contactless door opener – is now gaining special popularity. A small plastic hook with which you can catch on the doorknob to open it. There is an option that is mounted on the handle, which facilitates opening the door with the elbow.

A huge number of devices for disinfecting a car and protecting its interior from infectious agents have been previously sold. But now, with mobile ultraviolet lamps, dubious nozzles for airflow deflectors and antibacterial steering wheel covers, the gear lever and buttons are the second wave of popularity. Unless manufacturers added the note “Against Coronavirus” in the description.

The Italian company Avio Interiors has developed a conceptual design of seats for aircraft that could ensure the safety of travelers in the post-pandemic world. There are two options: the first – transparent curtains are installed on the already existing seats on both sides of the seat, and in the second case, the central chair in a row unfolds upstream and is also isolated by transparent screens. The second option is more reliable in terms of protection, but also requires large investments for deep conversion of the cabin.

At the origins of “coronavirus” marketing was the Chinese Geely, which released a special version of the Iconic crossover with a new intelligent air purification system (IAPS) with an air filter that can hold bacteria and viruses. The system is certified according to the standard CN95. In total, a line of 30 thousand pre-orders was lined up for the car per day.

The US military organized a whole secret “coronavirus” special forces detachment. It included 10 thousand military personnel, and it reports directly to the US Secretary of Defense. The task of the secret special squad includes the evacuation of the president and top officials of the state, as well as some other American officials and generals in case of an epidemiological threat. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic future!


Planet Earth

A bright fireball exploded over Armenia

Fireball over the sky of Armenia / Zohrap Yeganyan

Yesterday, a very bright fireball exploded over Armenia. This was announced by the head of the meteorological forecast department of the Hydrometeorological Center Gagik Surenyan on Facebook. The magnitude (brilliance) of a celestial body, which entered the Earth’s atmosphere with great speed, is at least 12.

Photo Source: Getty Image

On the evening of May 27, local residents saw a luminous ball flying from the sky, when it collided with the ground, an outbreak occurred.

Users of social networks began to share their guesses, but they officially gave a comment at the  Hydrometeorological Center  only the next day:

“Yesterday’s fall of a large meteorite in the Hrazdan  -Hankavan section  ,” Gagik Surenyan wrote, head of the meteorological forecast department of the Hydrometeorological Center and posted a video showing the meteorite.

Those who also saw the meteorite offered to go to the site of the fall of the celestial body and “collect the pieces”, others reproached the authorities and scientists for silence, when everyone discussed the event, no one began to confirm to people that the luminous ball was a meteorite.

“A meteorite is the final act of this nightmare year,” users of social networks wrote a comment on the video, with sad irony.

The camera was installed in the vicinity of Hrazdan and was directed towards the village of Hankavan.

“The meteorite, judging by the records studied, was very large and entered at great speed the atmosphere of the planet, where it burned at an altitude of several kilometers. The risk that parts of this fireball could reach Earth is small, and the likelihood that they can be somehow found tends to zero, including the woodland and the fact that, when burned, meteors and fireballs crumble, as a rule, for particles up to several millimeters in size,” astrophysicist R. Martirosyan said.

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Planet Earth

Powerful sprites over Kansas were visible to the naked eye

Have you ever seen sprites? They say that this is impossible. Strange and fleeting forms of Red Lightning materialize over thunderclouds, usually disappearing in less time than it takes to blink. However, storm hunter Michael Havan had no problems seeing them on May 23rd.

“The extremely bright jellyfish sprites were easily visible to the naked eye at dusk!” Says Gavin. “This is one of the brightest shots I’ve captured with my modified Canon T3i.”

Gavin saw this sight from Northwest Kansas. “Clear skies provided fantastic views of the MCS (mesoscale convective system) moving through Nebraska almost 100 miles from us,” he says. “I was not the only one who saw them.” There have been reports that people also saw sprites from Interstate 70. “

The storm lasted so long that Gavin managed to attach an 85mm lens to his camera for several close-up shots. “Because I had an image of the same area without a sprite from a few seconds earlier, I was able to subtract the sky (stars, air glow, etc.) to take a photo of the structure of the sprite without any distractions.

A solar minimum can stimulate sprites. During the low phase of the solar cycle — now occurring — cosmic rays from deep space penetrate the inner solar system relatively unhindered due to the weakening of the Sun’s magnetic field. 

Some models claim that cosmic rays help sprites get started by creating conductive paths in the atmosphere.

By the way:

Today, May 25, 2020, the level of cosmic rays crashing onto the Earth, reached its maximum levels, increasing today by 10.4% of average values.

Cosmic rays 

The magnetic field of the sun is weak, which allows additional cosmic rays to penetrate the solar system. Neutron counts from the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory of the University of Oulu show that cosmic rays reaching Earth in 2020 are close to the peak of the space age.

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Planet Earth

A surge in volcanic activity threatens the Earth with a new Ice Age

Over the past few days, we have witnessed a turbulent global volcanic surge in activity. He sends us all signs that the Great Solar Minimum is approaching.

The Japanese meteorological satellite HIMAWARI-8 recorded two powerful eruptions on May 16, both of which occurred in Indonesia.

The first took place in IBU – a relatively new volcano with only 3 noticeable eruptions; in 1911, 1998 and 2008 – and was confirmed by Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC), which warned that the ash plume rises to about 13.7 km.

The second high-level eruption occurred just a few hours later on Semera – a very active volcano with an eruptive history; the first happened in 1818, the most recent in 2014.

As with IBU, the Semeru eruption was confirmed by both HIMAWARI-8 and VAAC Darwin, the latter confirming the generation of a “dark ash plume that reached a height of 14 km.

In addition, active lava flows remain active on the southeastern flank of Semeru, currently about 1.5 km long (as of the morning of May 18).

Direct cooling effect

These high-level eruptions are notable for the fact that solid particles are thrown to a height of over 10 km – and into the stratosphere – are often delayed, where they have a direct cooling effect on the planet.

Volcanic eruptions are one of the key factors pushing the Earth toward its next round of global cooling, with their worldwide surge associated with low solar activity, coronal holes, a diminishing magnetosphere and the influx of cosmic rays penetrating silica-rich magma.

In addition to Indonesia, Icelandic volcanoes have intensified, and it is this high-mountain volcanic region of the world that is believed to be home to the next “big eruption” – one that will plunge the whole world into the new Ice Age almost instantly.

Katla is such a volcano here and it shows signs of activity, since a significant gas output has been recorded over the past few days. 

In addition, seismic activity under a large ice volcano has also increased, and this activity is probably caused by injections of new magma entering the chamber.

Icelandic authorities are aware of the danger posed by the next Katla eruption, and a delegation of volcanologists regularly meets with the Icelandic parliament to discuss how to respond in the event of an eruption, the likelihood of which is simply a matter of when, not if.

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