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Post apocalypse: how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic 86 Post apocalypse: how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic 87

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Post apocalypse: how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic


While many doctors and scientists are thinking about whether the Chinese coronavirus will stay with us forever or just disappear, ordinary people learn new habits: wear masks, it is better to monitor hygiene, and so on.

Marketers are in full swing to come up with ways to earn money on the fear of a person to catch an infection. Already now, what has been invented: from a contactless door opener to cars and even aircraft with protection against coronavirus. We tried to look into the near future and understand how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the moment, no one knows for sure whether the damned SARS-CoV-2 will stay with us forever or disappear. Some argue that after the appearance of the vaccine and as a result of building a person’s own immunity to the causative agent of the COVID-19 disease, the virus will gradually disappear. This has already happened with another coronavirus – SARS-CoV, the causative agent of SARS. The outbreak occurred in 2003, however, since 2004, not a single case of SARS has been reported in the world.

The second possible scenario – Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 will stay with us forever. This is not the first or second, but the seventh coronavirus, which is able to infect humans. Scientists believe that in the process of mutation, the pathogen gradually weakens, so that after a while it will become easier for a person to cope with it. At the same time, we have already formed a certain reflex to wear medical masks and respirators to protect against the virus, use sanitizers and generally better monitor hygiene. And this is great: when a person processes his hands when entering or leaving a store (cafe, cinema, museum etc.) or puts on a respirator in a public room, he protects his body not only from coronavirus, but also from other unpleasant pathogens.

In a pandemic, people found a way to organize mass protests. Moreover, no arrangements are yet required for events. A kind of “rallies” have already taken place in some cities. The form of such actions is very peculiar and has no analogues in the world – all participants write comments near government buildings. The plus, at least, is that they won’t beat the protesters with batons. But there are drawbacks – the chance that you will be “heard” by officials is negligible.

New fears are at the good of business. The label “Protected from COVID-19” or “Processed Against Viruses” can become the new mainstream, as the prefix “Bio” and “Eco” once turned out to be. Such marketing gimmicks are used now not only by food manufacturers, the label “Virus-free” appeared even on building materials.

Courier services have now a new service – contactless delivery: the courier informs about arrival and leaves the parcel under the door. The manufacturer of special diving masks has added a filter element to its products, so its now akin to a respirator. Moreover, the novelty is not a dubious marketing ploy at all: it really protects all the mucous membranes, including the eyes.

Post apocalypse: how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic 88

A new penny gadget – a contactless door opener – is now gaining special popularity. A small plastic hook with which you can catch on the doorknob to open it. There is an option that is mounted on the handle, which facilitates opening the door with the elbow.

A huge number of devices for disinfecting a car and protecting its interior from infectious agents have been previously sold. But now, with mobile ultraviolet lamps, dubious nozzles for airflow deflectors and antibacterial steering wheel covers, the gear lever and buttons are the second wave of popularity. Unless manufacturers added the note “Against Coronavirus” in the description.

The Italian company Avio Interiors has developed a conceptual design of seats for aircraft that could ensure the safety of travelers in the post-pandemic world. There are two options: the first – transparent curtains are installed on the already existing seats on both sides of the seat, and in the second case, the central chair in a row unfolds upstream and is also isolated by transparent screens. The second option is more reliable in terms of protection, but also requires large investments for deep conversion of the cabin.

Post apocalypse: how we will live after the COVID-19 pandemic 89

At the origins of “coronavirus” marketing was the Chinese Geely, which released a special version of the Iconic crossover with a new intelligent air purification system (IAPS) with an air filter that can hold bacteria and viruses. The system is certified according to the standard CN95. In total, a line of 30 thousand pre-orders was lined up for the car per day.

The US military organized a whole secret “coronavirus” special forces detachment. It included 10 thousand military personnel, and it reports directly to the US Secretary of Defense. The task of the secret special squad includes the evacuation of the president and top officials of the state, as well as some other American officials and generals in case of an epidemiological threat. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic future!

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Polar vortex: “wild” winter is coming in the US, Northern Europe and East Asia after the 16th of January

Polar vortex: "wild" winter is coming in the US, Northern Europe and East Asia after the 16th of January 102

In the upper atmosphere above the North Pole, experts saw a rapidly swirling vortex of cold air that could bring severe frosts to the United States, Northern Europe and East Asia. Serious cold snap and snowy weather are expected after January the 16th.

Snowfalls and a cold snap hit South Korea since the start of 2021, hitting historic snow maximums and temperatures. In the country, for the first time since 1964, television and newer communications are sending people cold snap warnings:

The situation is similar in Japan, where a new snow storm hit historic highs:

On January 7, the thermometer In Beijing dropped to -20 degrees Celsius, breaking the 1966 record. In other regions of China, the temperature is also not sugar, and you can only move around in special uniforms:

The cold even reached Taiwan, where the temperature in some areas dropped below freezing point, snow poured down and people realized that rice terraces can be used as a ski jump:

Even more snow went to Spain, where on January 6, 2021, a temperature of -34.1 ° C was recorded – the lowest on record. After that, a snow storm hit the country, which has not been seen for 80 years:

The same thing happens in Canada and in the northern states of the United States:

It seems that after a stratospheric warming, the subpolar vortex began to split:

The vortex itself is a standard phenomenon. However, this time experts were surprised at his movement. It is possible that in the near future it will be divided into two parts. 

Scientists associate the strange behavior with the changed climate in the Arctic, which has become warmer. From September to December, the amount of ice cover decreased significantly.

The polar vortex is a low-pressure region located in the stratosphere and filled with cold air. When the jet stream of air that holds the vortex weakens, the low pressure area moves south. 

As the ice shrinks, more moisture will move inland. It will turn to snow, so snowfalls are expected. Snow, in turn, reflects heat, leading to a cold snap.

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Hospital in Naples was evacuated after a new, huge sinkhole appeared

Hospital in Naples was evacuated after a new, huge sinkhole appeared 103

Eyewitnesses said they heard a loud crash at dawn when a huge hole in the ground formed outside the Ponticelli Ospedale del Mare hospital in eastern Naples.

Early in the morning of January 8, 2021, a sinkhole occurred in the parking lot of a clinic in Naples. The depth of the formed cavity is about 20 meters, the total area of ​​the hole is about 2,000 square meters.

No casualties were found at the scene; firefighters say the sinkhole “affected an area of ​​about 500 square meters” and engulfed several cars parked near the hospital.

As the press writes and as a little can be seen from the videos, rescuers and firefighters were running around the pit together with the governor of the area.  But who should be there in the forefront are Italian geologists, since Naples stands in the very center of the volcanic system known as the Phlegrean Fields.

If the surface collapsed, moreover – the surface reinforced with concrete and reinforced from below with some kind of communications, then we are talking about serious soil deformations caused by the activity of magma.

Italy has been in doubt since the summer of 2020, because swarms were observed there in very atypical places in May, and according to the forecasts of old Italian seismologists, who had witnessed many strong earthquakes, it should have boomed in the August region.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened to Italy and there was no big earthquake. But, since there are swarms, it means that something is being prepared, the magma is gathering strength. 

Following this particular sinkhole event – an obvious sign that a major earthquake in Italy is already very close.

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A new great pandemic cycle has begun (again) in China

A new great pandemic cycle has begun (again) in China 104

In the first months of 2020, the whole world with a certain fright followed the events unfolding in China, where people fell on the streets during the day and astronauts wandered, and in the evening crematoria began to smoke. And now, with the onset of December, the cycle seems to be repeating itself.

Shunyi area in Beijing, where the authorities announced “wartime status” the day before. As you can see in the videos, thousands of people are lined up in the queue for mandatory testing:

Dalian city, where “wartime” is also declared. Neighborhoods are blockaded, people are walled up in entrances, familiar characters of George Lucas roam the streets:

Chinese ‘rescuers’, before performing a combat mission:

Chengdu City:

Daluo Port, Yunnan – tourists came for adventure and they received the ‘time of their life’ after leaving the ramp:

If something happens in Beijing, it does not mean that tomorrow the same will happen everywhere. However, the trend towards such dynamics is observed and, as the practice of the first wave of the pandemic has shown, all countries and people, to one degree or another, have taken into account the ‘Chinese experience’. 

Therefore, one must think that everything will now be in peace, as in spring – a new global round of the fight against the Covid has begun in China, a new great pandemic cycle!

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