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Fact or fiction

Possible UFO base Found | True Or Fake?

Possible UFO base Found | True Or Fake? 3
For nearly two years now people have raised their concerns about something that has been found on Google Earth, a possible UFO base.
Ufo base google earth 2005

Google Earth Image – 2005

UFO Base found

Google Earth image – 2006

Possible UFO base Found | True Or Fake? 4

Google Earth Image – 2010

They have discovered a strange Island that moves. Surrounded by supernatural stories. Nobody ever explored it; you read that right, an island that moves. But if you want some even more exciting news, they are offering a chance to join them on their expedition to explore this island that moves.

The shape is large and circular, big enough to fit a 100 metre UFO through it or something is hidden underneath it. The water below this floating island needs to be dove into and explored; then you would be able to know exactly what was hidden underneath.

While most of these sightings then drift away into the back channels of the internet, it seems as though this particular one has become the centre of some considerable attention because no one can seem to explain it. What it reminds me off is a lid, if you look at 2006, there is a weird residue on the image as well. It even looks like a different terrain as its a different colour to the mass area around it.

If you’re interested, you can watch the documentary below and check it out yourself.

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