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Possible Hitler’s Secret Clinic Found In Canary Islands

Possible Hitler's Secret Clinic Found In Canary Islands 1
Photo: Chalet de Cofete on Facebook

In the Canary Islands, they found a possible refuge for the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. According to assumptions, the villa served as a secret clinic, where the Fuhrer, after the defeat in World War II, underwent plastic surgery, after which he left for South America. This is reported by The Sun with reference to the Secret Nazi Bases program.

The authors of the issue visited the Villa Casa Winter, which is located on the cliff of the southern outskirts of Fuerteventura. Inside the tower building, they found tiled rooms reminiscent of a crematorium and operating theater, as well as a tunnel. 

Conspiracy theorists have put forward the theory that at the end of April 1945 Hitler faked his own suicide and was taken to the Canary Islands. According to legend, the Nazi leader arrived at the villa with his secretary Martin Bormann and the doctor Josef Mengele, who was conducting medical experiments on the prisoners of Auschwitz. At the villa, the surgeons changed their appearance, and the Nazis fled to Argentina and Brazil.

The estate was built by the German engineer Gustav Winter. According to rumors, the Nazis were involved in financing the project, and during the war, submarines were placed in bunkers under the structure. However, Winter denied such assumptions, noting that the construction of the house ended after the war. 

The archival materials about the object were also studied by the Austrian-German publicist Alex Peer. In a conversation with the publication, he said that Winter was associated with the Nazis, but his house was intended for the family, and the tiled room served as a kitchen. However, the engineer’s wife led an isolated lifestyle and refused to move.

At the moment, Pedro Fumero lives in the villa. According to the current owner, his relatives took part in the construction of the house. Fumero theorized that the building was related to military operations, citing stories from relatives about the arrival of the military during work on the site. The owner is sure that the house “hides many secrets” and was not intended for entertainment.


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