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Bizzare & Odd

Popular Tik Tok blogger filmed a mysterious object, frozen in the sky

Popular Tik Tok blogger filmed a mysterious object, frozen in the sky 1

Popular TikTok blogger Kristina Santa, to which 420 thousand people have subscribed, filmed a mysterious object frozen in the sky, the nature of which could not be determined. She published the video on her page, causing a violent reaction from the users of the site.

In the video, a luminous object is seen, from which a beam falls on the ground. The blogger’s subscribers joked that the devil is trying to send American rapper Lil Nas X to heaven, because he cannot cope with him on Earth. Others saw a reference to Marvel Heroes and suggested that Thor is trying to descend to Earth in this way.

One of the spectators who watched the video gave a scientific explanation to the phenomenon noticed by the blogger. According to her, the tiktoker witnessed a pillar of light (or solar) – the result of the reflection of sunlight by the smallest ice crystals that form in the atmosphere.


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