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Pope John XXIII’s meeting with the alien

Pope John XXIII's meeting with the alien 1

One of the most amazing revelations regarding the Vatican has been made during this millennium. Loris Kapovila – a former secretary of Pope John XXIII, who died in 1963 – stated that the pope had met in person once and had spoken to … an extraterrestrial.

In this unexpected statement made to the press in 2005, the cardinal told reporters that Pope John XXIII never hid from anyone the fact of his amazing meeting, and the cardinals who were closest to the head of the Roman Catholic Church , they were well aware of this and they unanimously believed the Pope.

According to Loris, His Holiness made contact with a representative of a reasonable extraterrestrial civilization at his residence in the Italian city of Castel Gandolfo. The pontiff and his secretary were walking in the garden when a golden aura suddenly appeared next to them. Then in the air, a portal of the most incredible colors was formed, from which emerged an incredibly beautiful creature, not resembling a human.

Struck by this incredible scene, John XXIII and Capovilla fell to their knees and began to pray, believing that an angel of God appeared before them. Nevertheless, the well-meaning extraterrestrial asked the men to stand up and asked to speak with the Vatican head alone. The talk of the pope and the alien, coming from another star or from a parallel world, according to the recollection of the cardinal, lasted about half an hour. When it was over, the alien instantly disappeared, and His Holiness returned to his secretary and said with inspiration:

“The children of the Lord are present everywhere, though not all see us as brothers.”

What those words meant was that Capovilla couldn’t explain exactly to the press. The alien visitor may have told the pope that he had a reasonable life in all corners of the universe, but not every alien race would treat us amicably.


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