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POLL: Monsanto Third Most Hated Company In the World

POLL: Monsanto Third Most Hated Company In the World 1

by Mike Barrett

Back in 2011, we declared Monsanto to be the worst company of the year for threatening both human health and the environment at large. Our decision was met with massive support, even amid the still growing climate of understanding when it came to what Monsanto and mega biotech at large were truly doing to the food supply. In 2014, however, the global resistance is making even greater strides.

Now, a relatively new poll from Nielsen found that Monsanto’s reputation ranked 3rd worst among 60 high-profile companies, right behind oil juggernaut BP (responsible for the worst oil spill in U.S. history) and Bank of America (known for being a key player in the meltdown of the financial market).

Monsanto, a major biotech corporation responsible for genetically modifying and taking over many of the nation’s crops, isn’t necessarily a consumer-facing company. Yet it faces public opposition unlike no other.

As reported by 247Wallst:

“3. Monsanto
> Reputation score: 57.27
> 2013 Reputation score: 61.70

…few businesses have had such a long-running negative public perception. The company’s promotion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been controversial because many consumers remain suspicious about crop engineering. Monsanto has also actively worked to protect seed patents, including suing farmers who have used its seeds without permission and proper payments. The company’s opposition to proposed GMO labeling laws, which require that foods sold to consumers containing GMOs include a label, has also not helped its image.”

The Many Reasons to Hate Monsanto

Numerous scientific studies have found Monsanto’s products, from GMO crops to top-selling pesticides, to be endangering the planet at an incredibly fast rate. It took Monsanto less than 2 decades to convert much of the nation’s crops to GMO, leading to 98% of corn and 94% of soy to be genetically modified – among other crops.

And with this genetic manipulation of our crops, we also have a host of studies demonstrating that Monsanto’s GMOs and Roundup herbicide (a top selling herbicide sprayed heavily on GMO crops) have been linked to numerous disease, including:

What’s more, we already have a host of genetically modified crops contaminating organic farms. According to one survey, a third of organic growers are now reporting problems with cross contamination. More than 80% of farmers who participated in the survey are ‘concerned’ about the impact of genetic seeds. About 60% are ‘very concerned.’.

But that isn’t all. Even those who know little about Monsanto may realize that the company puts forth tens of millions of dollars to strike down GMO labeling laws. This is an action that would cause anyone to be against the company, as 96% of the nation supports GMO labeling laws. GMOs maybe controversial, but we still want to know what ingredients are in our food – including those from GM sources.

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Lastly, Monsanto seems committed to selling soybean seeds treated with neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides used to treat about 1/3 of the United States’ crops. Neonicotinoids are thought to be a leading cause of honeybee colony collapse disorder, or CCD. What’s worse, the Environmental Protection Agency just said that neonicotinoids do not improve crop yields.

According to the EPA, “in most cases there is no difference in soybean yield when soybean seed was treated with neonicotinoids versus not receiving any insect control treatment.”

Thanks to you, awareness of Monsanto’s actions become more well known every year. In 2011, we deemed them the worst company over the year, and now in 2014, a major poll from a different source found Monsanto to be the 3rd most hated company of the year. Perhaps next year Monsanto will rank #1, that is if it isn’t overrun by the power of the people.



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