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Poison Shampoo: The Shockingly Toxic Ingredients EXPOSED

To EndAllDisease, we begin by eliminating every source of toxic exposure in our lives, and what better place to begin than with your own personal care products?
I took the liberty of going to my local drug store, from where most people buy their shampoo, and took photos of 20 of the most popular and commonly used shampoo products so I could investigate each ingredient individually. I was shocked at what I had discovered.
Most people clean their hair and bodies everyday with poison, brush their teeth with poison, rub poison underneath their armpits, clean their clothes with poison, and wash their dishes with poison and then after years of this abuse, they wake up one day with cancer and wonder why. Then, of course, everybody pats them on the back and tells them its not their fault, and then we all blame it on genetics and cry together like we are somehow victimized by the world around us.

Heres the Big  Empowering Secret:
We are not victims of disease, and disease doesnt happen by accident.
Below I have analyzed one of the most popular brands of shampoo for your review. In any personal care product, each individual ingredient either enhances or diminishes your state of health. Put even more simply, each ingredient is either a nutrient, or a poison. Its time to take a look at all of the ingredients and make an educated decision as to what you want to be washing your hair with.
Is Your Shampoo Poison?
= Limited Information!
Concerns and Effects of Exposure:
Poison or Nutrient?
Nitrosamines  Cause Cancer, Damage Reproductive System, Organ System Toxin.
Environmental Toxin, Immune System Toxin, Allergen.
Contamination Concerns:
Cocamidopropyl Dimethylamine  Environmental Toxin, Immune Toxin, Allergen.
3-Dimethylamino-propylamine  Organ System Toxin, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Irritation (Skin, Eyes, and Lungs)
Contamination Concerns:
1,4-Dioxane  Causes Cancer, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Organ Toxic.
Recent scientific studies link Coal Tar Dyes to a wide variety of health problems including ADD, ADHD, asthma attacks and cancer. Coal Tar Dyes have been banned in many countries and Californias Proposition 65 requires the Cancer Warning on any products containing Coal Tar Dyes.
Contamination Concerns:
Ethylene Oxide  Causes Cancer, Reproductive Toxin, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Respiratory Toxin, Irritation (Skin, Eyes, and Lungs).
1,4-Dioxane  Causes Cancer, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Organ Toxic.
Organ System Toxin.
Environmental Toxin, Organ System Toxin, Irritation (Skin, Eyes, and Lungs).
From Citrus Fruit.
Natural and safe!
Environmental Toxin.
Organ System Toxic.
Lilium Hybrid Extract is an extract of the whole plant, Lilium hybrid, Liliaceae.
Information Extremely limited.
FDA alerted healthcare professionals of several reports of toxicity, including death, associated with the use of FDC Blue No. 1 (Blue 1).
Corn silk is used as an herbal remedy to treat prostate disorders, bed wetting and obesity, among other things.
The problem:
Unless it says Organic Corn Silk Extract, then it has been genetically modified by incompetent scientists.
A molecule of citrus bonded to a molecule of sodium to balance the pH.
Classified as Low risk on Cosmetics Database.Studies have found liver toxicity and skin irritation in higher doses. Lung Irritant.
Water is generally safe.
Sodium chloride is table salt.
Healthy Shampoo? Yes! YES! YESSS!
You didnt think I would explode the myth about drug store shampoos being safe to use without giving you a healthy alternative, did you?  Of course not!
Its time to wake up and take action. Clearly the commercial brands of shampoo are almost all poison, and using these everyday will bioaccumulate poisons in the cells of your body and you will likely develop a disease from it at some point in your life.
The shampoo I use is by a company called Dr. Bronner and is not only free of poisons, but it has many ingredients that nourish and move your body towards a greater state of health. I have no affiliation with Dr Bronner and dont sell his products on my website. I would rather encourage you to support your local health food store and buy it there. The beauty about this product is that it can be used to clean the hair, the body, even to wash the dishes and laundry!
I highly recommend you throw out the poison you used to wash your hair with and Upgrade Your Life by getting some clean and healthy soap.
Lets take a look at the ingredients on Dr. Bronners Natural Shampoo  Soap:
Dr. Bronners Pure-Castile Soap
Concerns and Effects of Exposure:
Poison or Nutrient?
Water is generally safe.
Coconut oil has many incredible health benefits, including:
– Boosts Immune System
– Promotes Fat Loss
– Moisturizes Skin
– Anti-aging for Skin
Olive oil is an incredible oil.
Here are some of its benefits:
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Rich in Antioxidants
– Nourishes the Skin
– Reduces risk of Arthritis
– Reduces risk of Cancer
Hemp Seed Oil contains vitamins such as tocopherols and tocotrienols of the Vitamin E complex), phytosterols and trace minerals.
– Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a perfect balanced ratio
– Moisturizes, nourishes, and regenerates skin
Historically, jojoba oil was used by the early Native Americans for many things, including wound treatment and skin healing.
More Benefits:
– Moisturizes the Skin
– Antibacterial
– Anti-inflammatory
– Resistant to Spoilage, Heat Damage, and Rancidity
_The leaves of this herbal plant have a fresh minty flavor and are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.
Peppermint oil comprises vitamins A and C, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals including potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, and copper.
Peppermint oil is antiseptic in nature, and when massaged on the scalp, it helps to remove dandruff and lice in addition to its usual cooling effect.
Present in the juice of lemons and other sour fruits, Citric Acid is used to balance the pH of the shampoo.
Although Potassium Hydroxide is a corrosive chemical, the bottle says None remains after Saponifying Oils into Soap and Glycerin.
Lets support the companies that create healthy products and not buy from the ones feeding us poison.  Doing this will put them out of business.  This is our world!  We control who is in business everytime we open our wallets.  Its time to claim our power and be the change!
Know another brand that makes a clean and healthy shampoo?


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A tourist fell into a fire trap: published a creepy video from California

The video, which was filmed in the Sierra National Forest, located in California, shows how one of the holidaymakers was in the heart of a fire trap.

This vacationer turned out to be just one person out of 207 who were also captured in the fire and were saved in the very last moments. The rescue service came to their aid, which took people to a safe place. 

In the video, which was made by a man on the estate of Jeremy Remington, you can clearly see how cars burn, and the flame is getting closer to tourists and its speed is noticeably increasing.

People were in a real trap. Fire surrounded them on all sides, and the roads that could be driven were destroyed. According to the information provided by the Emergency Situations Department, work to rescue tourists began on Saturday evening and continued until Sunday morning. 

More than 20 people had to be transported to hospitals. Two of the victims were in critical condition and required immediate medical attention. At the same time, two people who were vacationing in the National Forest refused the proposed evacuation.

The scale of the wildfire that started on Friday is not too large. But at the same time, the fire managed to destroy more than 71 square miles of forest. By the middle of Saturday, due to the increase in the rate of spread of fire, a 7 times larger area was destroyed. 

On Sunday morning, it was possible to stop the fire by no more than 5%, so the work continued actively and further.

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Great solar minimum and the onset of the Little Ice Age

Niels-Axel Mörner is the former head of the Department of Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics at Stockholm University. He retired in 2005 and has since dedicated his days to refuting the global warming bullshit as well as warning of an impending Great Solar Minimum.

From 1997 to 2003, Moerner led the INTAS project on geomagnetism and climate. The project concluded that in the middle of the 21st century we should return to a new solar minimum with climatic conditions of the Little Ice Age.

In 2015, Moerner’s study “Approaching New Great Solar Minimum and Climatic Conditions of the Little Ice Age” was published. 

The conclusions are that by 2030–2040 the Sun will experience a new large solar minimum. 

During the previous large solar minima – the Sperer Minimum (1440-1460), the Maunder Minimum (1687-1703), and the Dalton Minimum (1809-1821) – climatic conditions worsened and the Little Ice Age began.

During the last three large solar minimums – the Sperer, Maunder and Dalton minimums – the global climate has experienced Little Ice Age conditions. Arctic waters penetrated south as far as Central Portugal and Europe experienced harsh climatic conditions. The ice cover of the Arctic has expanded significantly.

We now have data indicating that by 2030-2040. A New Great Solar Minimum will come, which, by analogy with past minimums, will lead to a significant deterioration of the climate with the expansion of ice in the Arctic and global cooling.

All this excludes the theory of global warming, instead of warming, we will face a new Little Ice Age .

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California wildfires create giant “volcanic” clouds

California is now burning like hell and fires are creating huge pyrocumulus clouds as a result of intense heating of the air from the surface. 

The heat from the fires spreads so much that it creates its own pyrocumulus cloud systems, each up to 9 km high. These clouds make fire fighting very difficult. 

The intense heat causes convection, which causes the air mass to rise very high, causing apocalyptic clouds.

Common clouds form when the sun heats up the earth’s surface, causing water to evaporate and rise into the atmosphere, where it cools and condenses into a cloud.

This is a relatively slow process compared to the formation of a pyrocumulus cloud, when the intense heat of a huge forest fire burns moisture from vegetation. Then this moisture accumulates on the smoke particles and quickly condenses, rising up. 

Pyrocumulus clouds are more commonly seen over volcanic eruptions, which produce a lot of steam. If you’ve ever seen an ominous cloud creating dry lightning over a volcano, then this is a pyrocumulus cloud. They are black or dark brown due to volcanic ash, and those from wildfires are usually dark gray due to smoke and ash.

The rate at which pyrocumulus clouds form and change, combined with the heat from the fire, can lead to rapid and severe temperature fluctuations in the atmosphere, causing unpredictable and high winds.

They can exacerbate the intensity of forest fires and cause them to move or otherwise behave in unpredictable ways. And all this can endanger the lives of firefighters and people. 

However, if the fire is large enough, the cloud can continue to grow and turn into a cumulonimbus cloud, which can cause powerful thunderstorm activity, and lightning in turn can trigger another fire. 

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