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Poison Shampoo: The Shockingly Toxic Ingredients EXPOSED

To EndAllDisease, we begin by eliminating every source of toxic exposure in our lives, and what better place to begin than with your own personal care products?
I took the liberty of going to my local drug store, from where most people buy their shampoo, and took photos of 20 of the most popular and commonly used shampoo products so I could investigate each ingredient individually. I was shocked at what I had discovered.
Most people clean their hair and bodies everyday with poison, brush their teeth with poison, rub poison underneath their armpits, clean their clothes with poison, and wash their dishes with poison and then after years of this abuse, they wake up one day with cancer and wonder why. Then, of course, everybody pats them on the back and tells them its not their fault, and then we all blame it on genetics and cry together like we are somehow victimized by the world around us.

Heres the Big  Empowering Secret:
We are not victims of disease, and disease doesnt happen by accident.
Below I have analyzed one of the most popular brands of shampoo for your review. In any personal care product, each individual ingredient either enhances or diminishes your state of health. Put even more simply, each ingredient is either a nutrient, or a poison. Its time to take a look at all of the ingredients and make an educated decision as to what you want to be washing your hair with.
Is Your Shampoo Poison?
= Limited Information!
Concerns and Effects of Exposure:
Poison or Nutrient?
Nitrosamines  Cause Cancer, Damage Reproductive System, Organ System Toxin.
Environmental Toxin, Immune System Toxin, Allergen.
Contamination Concerns:
Cocamidopropyl Dimethylamine  Environmental Toxin, Immune Toxin, Allergen.
3-Dimethylamino-propylamine  Organ System Toxin, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Irritation (Skin, Eyes, and Lungs)
Contamination Concerns:
1,4-Dioxane  Causes Cancer, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Organ Toxic.
Recent scientific studies link Coal Tar Dyes to a wide variety of health problems including ADD, ADHD, asthma attacks and cancer. Coal Tar Dyes have been banned in many countries and Californias Proposition 65 requires the Cancer Warning on any products containing Coal Tar Dyes.
Contamination Concerns:
Ethylene Oxide  Causes Cancer, Reproductive Toxin, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Respiratory Toxin, Irritation (Skin, Eyes, and Lungs).
1,4-Dioxane  Causes Cancer, Allergen, Immune System Toxin, Organ Toxic.
Organ System Toxin.
Environmental Toxin, Organ System Toxin, Irritation (Skin, Eyes, and Lungs).
From Citrus Fruit.
Natural and safe!
Environmental Toxin.
Organ System Toxic.
Lilium Hybrid Extract is an extract of the whole plant, Lilium hybrid, Liliaceae.
Information Extremely limited.
FDA alerted healthcare professionals of several reports of toxicity, including death, associated with the use of FDC Blue No. 1 (Blue 1).
Corn silk is used as an herbal remedy to treat prostate disorders, bed wetting and obesity, among other things.
The problem:
Unless it says Organic Corn Silk Extract, then it has been genetically modified by incompetent scientists.
A molecule of citrus bonded to a molecule of sodium to balance the pH.
Classified as Low risk on Cosmetics Database.Studies have found liver toxicity and skin irritation in higher doses. Lung Irritant.
Water is generally safe.
Sodium chloride is table salt.
Healthy Shampoo? Yes! YES! YESSS!
You didnt think I would explode the myth about drug store shampoos being safe to use without giving you a healthy alternative, did you?  Of course not!
Its time to wake up and take action. Clearly the commercial brands of shampoo are almost all poison, and using these everyday will bioaccumulate poisons in the cells of your body and you will likely develop a disease from it at some point in your life.
The shampoo I use is by a company called Dr. Bronner and is not only free of poisons, but it has many ingredients that nourish and move your body towards a greater state of health. I have no affiliation with Dr Bronner and dont sell his products on my website. I would rather encourage you to support your local health food store and buy it there. The beauty about this product is that it can be used to clean the hair, the body, even to wash the dishes and laundry!
I highly recommend you throw out the poison you used to wash your hair with and Upgrade Your Life by getting some clean and healthy soap.
Lets take a look at the ingredients on Dr. Bronners Natural Shampoo  Soap:
Dr. Bronners Pure-Castile Soap
Concerns and Effects of Exposure:
Poison or Nutrient?
Water is generally safe.
Coconut oil has many incredible health benefits, including:
– Boosts Immune System
– Promotes Fat Loss
– Moisturizes Skin
– Anti-aging for Skin
Olive oil is an incredible oil.
Here are some of its benefits:
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Rich in Antioxidants
– Nourishes the Skin
– Reduces risk of Arthritis
– Reduces risk of Cancer
Hemp Seed Oil contains vitamins such as tocopherols and tocotrienols of the Vitamin E complex), phytosterols and trace minerals.
– Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a perfect balanced ratio
– Moisturizes, nourishes, and regenerates skin
Historically, jojoba oil was used by the early Native Americans for many things, including wound treatment and skin healing.
More Benefits:
– Moisturizes the Skin
– Antibacterial
– Anti-inflammatory
– Resistant to Spoilage, Heat Damage, and Rancidity
_The leaves of this herbal plant have a fresh minty flavor and are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.
Peppermint oil comprises vitamins A and C, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals including potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, and copper.
Peppermint oil is antiseptic in nature, and when massaged on the scalp, it helps to remove dandruff and lice in addition to its usual cooling effect.
Present in the juice of lemons and other sour fruits, Citric Acid is used to balance the pH of the shampoo.
Although Potassium Hydroxide is a corrosive chemical, the bottle says None remains after Saponifying Oils into Soap and Glycerin.
Lets support the companies that create healthy products and not buy from the ones feeding us poison.  Doing this will put them out of business.  This is our world!  We control who is in business everytime we open our wallets.  Its time to claim our power and be the change!
Know another brand that makes a clean and healthy shampoo?


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Hundreds of Birds Die Mysteriously in Rural Area of Wales

David Sims / Cover Images / SIPA

Things mysteriously falling from the sky is one of the classic Fortean phenomena. Birds dying from no apparent cause is another. That winning (or losing) combo occurred this week in a rural town in Wales no one has yet been able to explain the hundreds of dead starlings – many with their internal organs outside their bodies – found on an unclassified road near near Llyn Llywenan in Bodedern on Anglesey, an island off the north-west coast of Wales. With mysterious circumstances and no official explanation, the strange and conspiratorial theories abound.

“There’s easily more than 300 of them. I counted 150 last night but I gave up as there’s just hundreds of them littered everywhere. It’s as if they just dropped down dead from the sky.”

Dafydd Edwards reported on social media that his partner, Hannah Stevens, found the birds while driving home. She claimed that on the afternoon of December 10 she had seen a “massive flock” flying overhead before landing to eat something on the road. Less than an hour later, she said they were dead where they had been eating. It’s not clear how she arrived at that short timeframe from flying to dead in the road.

“It’s very strange, I can’t put my finger on it. There are still some alive in the hedges today but it’s all unexplained at the moment.”

As seen in Edwards’ video and photos (see them here and here), the vast majority of dead birds were in the road, where he counted 150 before quitting. North Wales Police’s Rural Crime Team counted at least 225 and some witnesses estimated the total to be over 300. They collected the carcasses (identified as starlings) and sent some to a lab for examination and toxicology tests, which means they assume the birds were somehow poisoned. Locals were not so sure.

“It’s unlikely that the birds would have been in contact with an aircraft – RAF or civilian. Bird strikes can have quite an effect on aircraft, and can cause severe damage. Even minor bird strikes are reported as a matter of course at RAF Valley, and no such reports have been fed back by our personnel.”

The Ministry of Defence answered speculations that the birds had been hit by low-flying planes with that denial. On the act-of-God side, there was talk that the birds might have been caught up in strong winds or stunned by a sudden lightning strike or loud sound, but Hannah Stevens did not report any unusual conditions. The current cause-of-all-bad-things – 5G – was blamed but no other birds or wildlife seem to be affected. A sign of the apocalypse? We’re still here and so are the residents of Llyn Llywenan.

“We’re hearing one story that it happened in exactly the same place many, many years ago so we’re just trying to confirm that as well.”

Rob Taylor, Team Manager for North Wales Police’s Rural Crime Team, added to the mystery by pointing out that locals claim another similar dead bird incident happened in the same area about 12 years ago, but no details were given and Internet searches turned up nothing.

As of this writing, the North Wales Police indicated they believed they know the cause of this mysterious bird kill but were awaiting the toxicology report. That hints of a suspicion of poisoning of some sort, which would seem to be one of the most likely causes. However, that memory of a previous event makes one wonder if something more sinister – something pre-5G – may be happening underground in Llyn Llywenan. Is anyone checking for unusual human conditions, cancers, deformities or mental illnesses amongst the residents?

Will there be a consensus? Will officials admit it if the cause is not poisoning?

What would Charles Forte think?

Source: Mysterious Universe

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Asteroid Will Make Close Fly by of Earth on Friday the 13th

NASA has been monitoring an asteroid which maintains an orbit around various bodies in the solar system and consistently passes through Earth’s orbit with the sun. 13 near-Earth objects in total are expected to fly past Earth in December of this year.

Earth is set to have a close encounter with an enormous asteroid which is set to fly nearby Earth on Friday at a speed of almost 18,000 miles an hour (more than 28,000 km/h), according to NASA.

The upcoming pass-by is estimated to happen on 8:25 am on 13 December, the unlucky Friday the 13th. The asteroid’s orbit diagram indicates that the near-Earth approach will follow the rock’s intersection with Earth’s orbit.

According to the space agency’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid has an Earth-crossing orbit with the sun and will not approach from a diagonal or perpendicular direction and instead will flyby perpendicular to earth.

It is expected to pass by earth at a shockingly close 0.03033 astronomical units, around 1.9 million miles (more than 3mn km) away.

NASA has dubbed the asteroid 2019 XO1 and estimate that it is around 243-feet wide, about the width of a Boeing 747 plane.

According to CNEOS, 2019 XO1 is classified as an Aten asteroid, meaning that its orbit circulates around a number of celestial bodies in the solar system including the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Earth.

The asteroid has a tendency to intersect its orbit with Earth’s, typically when it is furthest away from the sun.

3 December marked the first time 2019 XO1 was identified in its frequent encroachment on Earth. It also comes close to Mercury and Venus but, unlike its proximity with Earth, it does not cross the paths of the two other planets.

The body first came near Earth on 17 November 2013, missing the planet by 0.09488 astronomical units, around 8.8 million miles.

Following its passing on Friday the 13th, the asteroid will not come back from Earth’s outcrop of the solar system until December 22, 2022, where it will creep as close as 0.09534 astronomical units, up to 8.9 million miles (more than 14Mn km) away.

Image credit: © CCO

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Los Angeles and Chicago Are Readying to Erase 68,000 Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The cities of Los Angeles and Chicago are taking a big step toward ending the damage caused from the war on drugs by getting ready to expunge nearly 70,000 non-violent marijuana convictions from citizen’s criminal records.

Kim Foxx, Cook County’s State Attorney in Chicago, is preparing to eliminate misdemeanor convictions of close to 18,000 residents which she argues will help mostly racial minorities get back into the housing and job markets, whereas having these cannabis crimes on their record sets up a barrier between them and these life essentials.

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