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Plasmoids filmed in the Amur Museum of Local Lore in Russia

Plasmoids filmed in the Amur Museum of Local Lore in Russia 1

In the Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore, a video surveillance camera recorded an inexplicable phenomenon. Glowing objects flew in one of the halls. Appearing from nowhere, they also suddenly disappeared. A security guard watched the scene.

Commentators divided into two camps. Some believe that otherworldly forces are present on the video, others believe that this is a physical phenomenon.

“If it’s not some trick or raffle, then … Strange. And not just one of the halls, but the exposition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory … Immediately associations: fireworks … shells … lighters rush about on the floor and go out, leaving a mark .. ”

“The souls of the deceased also fly like balls, it was not for nothing that they chose this particular hall.”

“This phenomenon in physics has the name“ plasmoid. ” Studied by Nikola Tesla. A hot gas having an electric charge moves in space by electromagnetic waves. Captured by video equipment during backlighting. In general, miracles must also be believed. Otherwise, it will be boring to live. ”

Museum staff themselves say that their opinion is twofold.

– On the one hand, we believe that there is some otherworldly force. There is no direct evidence; no one has seen anything from the current staff. But previous museum workers told many different stories. So, according to rumors, we pass them to each other. Today they turned to our subscribers, and they explained this phenomenon to us from the point of view of physics. We read and came to the conclusion that indeed these flying objects can be explained from a scientific point of view, – said the museum staff.

There have already been cases in the history of the museum related to unusual phenomena. At night, employees several times saw a transparent female silhouette, heard strange sounds. Five years ago, surveillance cameras recorded the movement of a huge luminous ball.

The guard of the Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore saw a UFO

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