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Planet Nibiru is approaching the Earth

Many predictions of significant changes on Earth are associated with the advent of the planet Nibiru. For some prophets, it is called the “planet of death”, which threatens life in our cosmic home. Virtually all significant astronomers deny the existence of Nibiru, but this does not stop the predictors of the “end of the world.”

Planet Nibiru, homeland of the Anunnaki promising to return

Planet Nibiru, homeland of the Anunnaki promising to return

Cancel your long-term plans and forget everything that you are prepared to do for the future. Get ready for the end of the world and survival in a world of chaos and struggle for life. This advice is given by prophets who assure: life will end with a biblical prediction when the “planet of death” appears in the solar system.

The day of the mass departure of mankind to a different dimension is concluded in the deadly date of the global catastrophe – the date of truth would be December of 2019. According to a curious theory, the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter are going to align in Virgo, causing the beginning of the biblical Rapture, the second coming of Christ. Please note that much will happen this night, because it will be the last in the history of human civilization, as we know it today.

According to the prophets mistaken in each previous prediction, the closer doomsday of mankind is when everyone appears before the foot of the White See Court.

Honestly, the event cannot be called an instant collapse of life and the fall of civilization. We are invited to watch the exaltation of Antichrist. The beginning of the Third World War and the next seven years of the Great Tribulation, and of course the appearance of the ghost planet Nibiru. Actually, since the advent of the planet Nibiru, the prophets have declared the revelation of the apocalypse.

Space agency researchers say again: the planet of death does not exist.

If you do not believe in official statements, that is, exceptional evidence of the failure of the predictions of the end of the world – you read it, then you are still alive. But according to many predictors, we should have perished long ago in fire and chaos.

The famous prophet David Mead, who previously repeatedly predicted the end of the world and the death of the planet, said: by the beginning of April 2018, the Church will fall (today 2019). This will be followed by the triumph of the Antichrist, the advent of Planet X, the beginning of the Third World War and other passions.

When will Nibiru fly to Earth?

In the past, it was predicted many times that a giant red dwarf (or death planet) would hit the Earth in September 2017. The same was said in December 2016 and April 2018.

Even earlier, the end of the world was predicted in December 2015. This shows the pattern and general pattern for the prophets.

A terrible panic was in 2012, when the prophets were choked with words of predictions about the arrival of the planet Nibiru. Pointing to the completion of the Mayan calendar predicted the great apocalypse of December 12/12/12. Long before these predictions, an American writer came up with the assertion that he had someone else’s implant in his brain and knew exactly the date of the end of the world in 2003.

Meanwhile, Nibiru has never been seen in the vicinity of the solar system. No credible scientist has confirmed the existence of this wandering heavenly ghost. Space researchers have repeatedly denied the myth of the killer planet: … stories of wayward ghost planets are a hoax. Such statements have no factual basis.

If Nibiru or Planet X exists in reality and came to a meeting with the Earth, then astronomers would follow it, at least in the last decade. And today, this could have been observed with the naked eye.

Given all the above, we conclude that the end of 2019 and the beginning of next year will be a normal day. Although of course, such predictions significantly increase the number of sales of family rescue capsules.

American writer Zacharia Sitchin first wrote about Nibiru in his 1976 hit book, The 12th Planet. In a graceful alternative history, he settled on it a race of “ancient aliens” – the Anunnaki, who created humanity. And interestingly, in mythology, the Anunnaki often visited the aborigines of the Earth, and always brought technological “gifts”. Although indeed, climate change has occurred on our planet.

The great gods of Sumerian mythology came from the planet Nibiru

The great gods of Sumerian mythology came from the planet Nibiru

However, Sitchin himself, if he had expected the arrival of the planet Nibiru, would be no sooner than after 1000 years, which is extremely unsatisfying for modern predictors.

In the past, according to myth, Nibiru collided with the planet Tiamat, which was located between Mars and Jupiter. The result was the formation of an asteroid belt. Nibiru itself populated by the race of the Anunnaki, an advanced humanoid civilization who once arrived on Earth in order to mine African gold.

As a result of a laborious mining operation, they used their own genes to create Homo Sapiens. It was an interesting experiment from aliens, but it also shows that the “end of the world” did not come with the advent of Nibiru.


Fact or fiction

Former NASA employee: “I saw some humans on Mars”

Any person claiming to have seen humans on Mars could be considered crazy. But what if there are very reliable testimonials? Could these statements be real and sincere? Follow this story. Jackie, a former NASA employee involved in the Viking mission, said he saw two men working on Mars in 1979.

human on mars coverup

Mars: this image taken by the Rover Curiosity has been deliberately retouched by NASA making it out of focus. What is the US Space Agency hiding from us?

Former CIA pilot John Lear said that humans are most likely on Mars. Moreover, Andrew Basiago, the most famous chronicler in the world, has incredibly supported these statements by stating that a colony of human beings has been working for years on the planet Mars.

domed buildings on Mars

Domed buildings on Mars

John Lear said that the humans that Jackie saw in 1979 were most likely cleaning up the Viking rover. In fact John during his mission noticed a very curious detail that seems to support this whole story. John had noticed in fact that the solar panels had been covered by a lot of dust and a few days later they were completely clean, as if someone had approached and removed the dust.

humans on Mars

humans on Mars (1)

There seems to be more and more clear evidence of the presence of humans on Mars and a further confirmation would come from the images taken by the Opportunity probe that seem to show two human figures. Looking at the photographs published in this article, the questions seem to increase: is it a game of shadows? Or is the American Space Agency hiding from us something big? Will we ever know the truth to the end?

Following the service of Fernando Correa, dedicated to this story of the Cosmic Top Secret on Mars. The document was broadcast on TercerMilenio TV, broadcast by UFO journalist and investigator Jaime Maussan.

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Fact or fiction

Mysterious and huge object in the shape of a “pyramid” appears in the sky above Philadelphia

A few days ago a woman named Venetia identified a bizarre pyramid-shaped object suspended in the night sky over Philadelphia (USA) on which she was able to capture an image.

There appears to be illumination coming from behind the object, which reveals the shape of the anomaly. Could it be some kind of alien or artificial aircraft?

Some people have suggested that the pyramid-shaped object may actually have been a secret triangular plane like the TR-3B. But a TR3B is not of these proportions. The object photographed by the witness shows a huge triangular aircraft, whose distance and diameter cannot be evaluated.

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Fact or fiction

Extraterrestrial abduction in Manhattan: an unusual case

The case of abduction of Linda Cortile Napolitano, is that of a young woman who was “disappeared” on November 30, 1989, and is very well documented.

It happened at the end of 89, but it was not until 1993 when the case caught international attention after the appearance of Linda Napolitano and Budd Hopkins on the TV show Inside Edition.

It happened in New York, the girl was kidnapped through a beam of light in her apartment that was on the Lower East Side, very close to the Brooklyn Bridge, in the eyes of many witnesses.

It all happened when Linda, at dawn, was in her bed and realized the presence of three humanoid beings, who were watching her from the window.

Curiously, the then secretary of the UN (Javier Pérez de Cuéllar) witnessed the phenomenon, because at that moment he was crossing the bridge.

But he was also a first person protagonist, as several witnesses witnessed as he was also led by a blinding light that emitted an object.

According to the testimonies collected by the police, the bluish light came from an extraterrestrial ship that was above the city skyline.

One of the witnesses who were on the Brooklyn Bridge that night said that the lighting and engine of his car had suddenly stopped.

The beam of light was put on a nearby building, and then descended to the road. Suddenly 4 objects appeared, aligned and positioned as the tip of an arrow. Budd Hopkins has dedicated a book to this case: “Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions”, in 1996.

According to the book, Pérez de Cuéllar and his two bodyguards were teleported a few kilometers away, on a beach on Long Island, where they saw a woman with the aliens, in a kind of initiation rituals.

According to Linda Napolitano, she was transferred to the interior of a ship, where among other people, was the United Nations diplomat.

Humanoids told them about the ecological damage they were causing to the planet, even one of them was holding a fish they showed as an example.

Although the case has had detractors, the truth is that it was supported by many people of great reputation, which gives more truth to the case.

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