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'Mysterious' pneumonia spreads in Argentina, killing three people. Second round? 5

Planet Earth

Nine cases of “pneumonia of unknown origin” have been identified in the country. According to experts, the disease is similar to COVID-19, flu and hantavirus,...

Cosmic Alert: Sunspot 'muzzle' magnified 10 times and aimed at Earth 6

Planet Earth

A small spot that formed on the Sun a few days ago has grown, increased by 10 times and turned into a giant one...

Silvery clouds alerted scientists 19 Silvery clouds alerted scientists 20

Planet Earth

In summer, in the night sky, you can see something truly magical, namely silver clouds or mesospheric clouds. This rare phenomenon got its name because...

African sorcerers prey on albinos 35 African sorcerers prey on albinos 36

Planet Earth

June 13 will mark International Albinism Awareness Day. This memorable date was established at the UN only a few years ago after it became known...

A bright fireball exploded over Armenia 39 A bright fireball exploded over Armenia 40

Planet Earth

Yesterday, a very bright fireball exploded over Armenia. This was announced by the head of the meteorological forecast department of the Hydrometeorological Center Gagik...