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Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano on the verge of eruption: part of a global process that is now occurring throughout the entire lithosphere? 5

Planet Earth

An immediate volcanic threat threatens Iceland’s Reykjavik Peninsula, with scientists predicting that the Fagradalsfjall volcano is on the verge of erupting, possibly within the next few...

Appreciate today, even if it is not enough: World War III - causes and consequences that no one has talked about before 6

Planet Earth

Every person on Earth feels that the world is gradually but steadily sliding into the abyss of a terrible global conflict, which will become...

Going GREEN...?! 11 Going GREEN...?! 12

Planet Earth

 Personally we feel this “term” (Go Green) may actually be a bit miss-leading or giving a wrong concept. What is really behind this or...

Is this the city of the future? 21 Is this the city of the future? 22

Planet Earth

A century ago, we imagined futuristic cities full of hulking, steel buildings, their towers surrounded by a lace of elevated roads. But today, the...

To Be Greek 41 To Be Greek 42

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Living in the most beautiful and sacred country in the world..Be always proud to be Greek!