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'Mysterious' pneumonia spreads in Argentina, killing three people. Second round? 5

Planet Earth

Nine cases of “pneumonia of unknown origin” have been identified in the country. According to experts, the disease is similar to COVID-19, flu and hantavirus,...

Cosmic Alert: Sunspot 'muzzle' magnified 10 times and aimed at Earth 6

Planet Earth

A small spot that formed on the Sun a few days ago has grown, increased by 10 times and turned into a giant one...

Are we being poisoned? 7 Are we being poisoned? 8

Planet Earth

From our perspective we don’t believe this really is a question, what do you think? Have you ever taken your time to actually read...

Merry Christmas 26 Merry Christmas 27

Planet Earth

We wish you a Merry Christmas, full of Joy, Happiness and Health! And Peace…

Greece Is On The Brink Of Civil War 35 Greece Is On The Brink Of Civil War 36

Planet Earth

“I’m wondering how much this society can endure before it explodes,” said Georg Pieper, a German psychotherapist who specializes in treating post-traumatic stress disorders...