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'Mysterious' pneumonia spreads in Argentina, killing three people. Second round? 5

Planet Earth

Nine cases of “pneumonia of unknown origin” have been identified in the country. According to experts, the disease is similar to COVID-19, flu and hantavirus,...

Cosmic Alert: Sunspot 'muzzle' magnified 10 times and aimed at Earth 6

Planet Earth

A small spot that formed on the Sun a few days ago has grown, increased by 10 times and turned into a giant one...

Is this the city of the future? 9 Is this the city of the future? 10

Planet Earth

A century ago, we imagined futuristic cities full of hulking, steel buildings, their towers surrounded by a lace of elevated roads. But today, the...

To Be Greek 29 To Be Greek 30

Planet Earth

Living in the most beautiful and sacred country in the world..Be always proud to be Greek!

Gates Of Hell Open In Africa 41 Gates Of Hell Open In Africa 42

Planet Earth

The US has pledged intelligence and logistic aid to French forces battling al-Qaeda militants in Mali. In response to the French bombardment of the...