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Cry of the Earth: The sound of our planet's protective magnetic field reminds of a thriller movie soundtrack 5

Planet Earth

The sound of the Earth’s protective magnetic field which was heard for the first time, is somewhat frightening, as announced by the European Space Agency (ESA)....

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of an ancient climate apocalypse which by the way will happen again soon 6

Planet Earth

Christiano Mazur Chiessi, a Professor of the University of Sao Paulo Cristiano, together with colleagues, decided to restore the details of the climate catastrophe...

“Human Beings Have No Right to Water” 7 “Human Beings Have No Right to Water” 8

Planet Earth

Andrew Gavin Marshall writes: In the 2005 documentary, We Feed the World, then-CEO of Nestlé, the world’s largest foodstuff corporation, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, shared some...

Iraq’s Secret War Files 37 Iraq’s Secret War Files 38

Metaphysics & Psychology

From Channel 4: Dispatches exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath. The programme reveals the true scale of civilian...