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Cry of the Earth: The sound of our planet's protective magnetic field reminds of a thriller movie soundtrack 5

Planet Earth

The sound of the Earth’s protective magnetic field which was heard for the first time, is somewhat frightening, as announced by the European Space Agency (ESA)....

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of an ancient climate apocalypse which by the way will happen again soon 6

Planet Earth

Christiano Mazur Chiessi, a Professor of the University of Sao Paulo Cristiano, together with colleagues, decided to restore the details of the climate catastrophe...

Health benefits of Basil 12 Health benefits of Basil 13

Planet Earth

If a kitchen has only a few herbs in its possession, basil will likely be one of them. Its fragrant essence combines well with...

The Soviet Story 29 The Soviet Story 30

Planet Earth

From: [youtube] The Soviet Story is a 2008 documentary film about Soviet Communism and Soviet–German collaboration before 1941 written and directed by...