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2023 could be the year of Great Wonders. May the Force be with us 5

Planet Earth

The New Year 2023 is here – the fourth strange year of the gloomy cycle that began in January 2020. First a pandemic, then a...

Ominous estimates for 2023: 'Doomsday clock' warns of biggest nuclear threat since 1945 Hiroshima 6

Planet Earth

The Global Challenges Foundation, the Swedish group that assesses catastrophic risks, made the relevant warning in its annual report. He says that the threat...

The Four Top Cancer-Fighting Spices 7 The Four Top Cancer-Fighting Spices 8

Planet Earth

These four cancer-fighting spices have powerful health benefits and were part of my daily regimen to beat cancer without chemo. They are common, but...

The Ocean Is Broken 25 The Ocean Is Broken 26

Planet Earth

Australia’s Newcastle Herald describes the sorry tale of Ivan Macfadyen’s adventures in the polluted Pacific Ocean. Here’s a particularly depressing excerpt: “After we left Japan,...

Switzerland Decriminalizes Marijuana 31 Switzerland Decriminalizes Marijuana 32

Planet Earth

Switzerland Decriminalizes Marijuana, Won’t Prosecute For Small Amounts Of Weed As of Oct. 1, possession of marijuana is decriminalized in Switzerland. Anyone over the...