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Pilots are widely reporting UFO sightings during flights. There is also interference with the work of weather forecasters. Why aliens have been so active lately?

Pilots are widely reporting UFO sightings during flights. There is also interference with the work of weather forecasters. Why aliens have been so active lately? 1

The international ufological organization MUFON presented the results of information collected for 2023 on UFO sightings. When considering civil aviation, more than 1,400 messages were received from airplane pilots who reported sightings of unidentified flying objects during flights. Furthermore, weather forecasters are trying to understand what is flying above them.

In 2023, the organization received more than 1,400 messages from pilots around the world. As a rule, these are experienced specialists who have probably seen other planes, birds and other “familiar” objects in the sky more than once. So, among these readings the percentage of true UFOs is much higher than in general from all observers. Therefore, ufologists, first of all, try to check and evaluate this layer of incidents, on a par with those recorded by the military.

In contract to the figure of 1400 messages for the calendar year 2023 only 760 such evidence was received from pilots in 2021, and about 840 in 2022. A sharp jump in recorded observations suggests that UFO incidents are not decreasing, but on the contrary, it seems that they are closely monitoring humanity.

However, sometimes their “curiosity” seriously interferes with our daily life. So, in India, China, Canada, USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Nigeria, Argentina, Egypt, Turkey, Uruguay and other countries of the world in recent years due to UFOs Flight schedules were disrupted many times.

Pilots are widely reporting UFO sightings during flights. There is also interference with the work of weather forecasters. Why aliens have been so active lately? 2
Pilots and airplane passengers observe UFOs almost on a daily basis.

And in 2023, five incidents almost ended in tragedy due to the danger of a collision between a civilian airliner and an unidentified flying vehicle. The most significant of them occurred in Chicago when three white UFOs blocked the plane’s path as it approached the city.

Inquiries to the flight center from the two pilots did not yield any results. They reported that three objects had merged into a large triangular formation with six blue glowing lights. This entire structure was located along the route to the airport.

Pilots had to change the flight route and make two extra passes, as the UFO continued to pursue and “prevent” them from landing in Chicago. The specialists located at the flights center noted the abrupt movement of the unidentified object, as if it was not flying, but teleported a short distance in front of the plane. A similar incident happened in Bangalore, where a UFO also prevented a civilian airliner from landing.

Despite the fact that in most cases unidentified flying objects do not come within dangerous aircraft distance, the number of 1,400 sightings per year is impressive. Maybe they are trying to convey something to humans? Or do they simply follow the development of our technologies?

For example, the interest of aliens in military and nuclear facilities is explained by humanity’s dangerous tendency to start military conflicts, but what might they want from civil aviation?

UFOs are being seen more and more often from airplanes.
UFOs are being seen more and more often from airplanes.

In January 2024, 216 messages have already been received from pilots. The peak of sightings occurred on January 19-21, when more than 80 different UFOs were seen by airline pilots over Australia, the USA and Canada. You can’t help but think, why would this be?

Sightings by weather forecasters

On January 20, 2024, Texas weather forecasters sounded the alarm: their radar systems detected a thunderstorm front, prepared for rain or snow, but nothing happened. The weather forecasters themselves write the following about the incident.

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“On January 20, the National Weather Service (NWS) in Fort Worth reported that its radar systems had detected something unusual in the area. The slow-motion video shows a thin, elongated droplet passing over Dallas-Fort Worth, but there was no rain.“

The Texas weather service radar was connected to specialized services, therefore, weather forecasters suspect something is wrong and think in terms of the military. 

In late January, fishermen reported a sighting in Florida. They usually film their catch for TikTok, but when they saw this, they forgot about the fish:

Another strange hole in the atmosphere in Florida, which was seen by MrMBB333’s subscribers:

Thus, the range of actions of the Texas military is somehow very wide, many people think that these are traces of HAARP, but we don’t think so. 

In January 15, witnesses recorded a bizarre scene:  

A year ago exactly the same thing was on display over Las Vegas:

Most likely, the anomalies in the clouds are caused by some particularly large UFOs. Since such “rods” and “saucers” are observed very rarely, they are probably surrounded by some kind of force shield. This assumption is indirectly confirmed by bright lightning and flashes inside the clouds in which such objects are hidden.

For ufology, the main thing in UFOs is, of course, the very observation of the saucer plates – so that later they can draw their diagrams and guess where the aliens came from. But for conspiracy theorists, all these details are secondary. The main thing is a change in the nature of the devices and apparently there are somehow a lot of large UFOs and they began to fly low, at altitudes of 3-6 miles.

There is an opinion that UFOs always become active before large-scale disasters or serious conflicts. Given that surveillance data is being conducted all over the world, it is difficult to predict what exactly is causing it, although It seems that the extraterrestrials are continuing some large-scale preparations for something.

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