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Pilot reported seeing a man with a jetpack while landing at Los Angeles airport

Pilot reported seeing a man with a jetpack while landing at Los Angeles airport 1

The US Airlines pilots reported a mysterious “jetpack man” flying high over Los Angeles, right in the path of approaching planes at Los Angeles airport on Sunday evening.

When an American Airlines pilot radioed the control tower that he saw “the guy in the jetpack” as he approached Los Angeles at an altitude of about 1 kilometer and only 16 kilometers from the runway, the control tower took the message seriously.

The co-pilot saw it too. 

Is this possible or is it some kind of strange UFO? According to research, jetpacks can fly so high, but is it possible? Common sense would say no, but again, this is reported by two airline pilots observing this in good visibility conditions and it was not dark yet.

You would think that anyone with the technical and financial ability to do something like this would also understand that they should not do it on the route of a passenger plane. 

No one has claimed to have flown a jetpack for some reason, and usually the promotional or funny videos we’ve seen of them fly much lower there and are aimed at vacationers or thrill-seekers who take off with a backpack attached to their back. … in a few seconds of flight at low altitudes. 

Flying at such a dangerous altitude is not typical.  

Attempts to learn more from the pilot were fruitless, and American Airlines officials told FOX 11 to contact the FAA. We were told by the FAA that they have submitted a report to the LAPD for investigation, possibly trying to locate a person using a helicopter or ground patrol. The LAPD tells FOX 11 that they have not received such a report from the FAA.  

Two former pilots who currently teach and advise on safety issues say they would absolutely believe the pilot in the situation given their “trained eyes” and visual awareness. 

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The pilot estimated that the jetpack was only 270 meters from his window in the cockpit.


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