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Physicists found evidence of another world being “inserted” into our Universe, which moves back in time

A new crazy idea of ​​physicists – but this time it has experimental evidence. Another world is “inserted” into our world, which is exactly the same – but it moves back in time. There, we all first appear as old people, and then we are born? Sounds unbelievable, but apparently, somehow it happens. The problem is, we are not allowed to look there as there is an impenetrable wall between us.

The study is published by Cornell University. It can be called “long-awaited”, because the new concept removes many problems. Dark matter and Dark energy are not needed as well as other dimensions. Most importantly, the study fits perfectly into the known facts and you can get new ones to test it – scientists especially appreciate this.

So, when the Big Bang happened, our universe was born and at the same time another, its twin. They began to expand as if into each other. Only one is forward in time and the other is backward.

Why is this likely to be true? Let’s reason. The universe is perfectly symmetrical. Except for time. It only flows in one direction, forward. In theory, this means that somewhere there is a symmetrical time flowing backwards. Physicists for a long time could not decide on this theoretical leap, and were looking for reasons why time was “allowed” to be asymmetric. Now the decisive step has been taken.

Furthermore, the world is filled with neutrinos: the lightest, and even massless, particles and they all rotate to the right. There is none to the left. That doesn’t happen. Somewhere, there are neutrinos turned to the left. Now it is clear where – in another universe.

If the Big Bang gave birth to one universe, it must be crammed with gravitational waves. But we don’t see anything like that. We have only recently begun to notice gravitational waves, and they are incredibly weak. It is now clear that all the gravitational waves went to the separation of our and not our universes.

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Finally, gravity does not obey the general rules; neither quantum mechanics nor the theory of relativity has succeeded in “curbing” it to the end. The new theory says that gravity is just the effect of that other world on ours. A Kind of an illusion.

So far, it is believed that we have no way to get into the opposite time. Maybe there will be such a way. But it is important that the new theory predicts some interesting properties of the same neutrinos.

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Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to get into the twin of our Universe, since it exists before the Big Bang. But that doesn’t mean the idea can’t be tested. True or not, future experiments with gravitational waves or calculations of the neutrino mass will be able to answer.

According  to Japanese scientists, an imbalance of neutrinos can explain the existence of the twin universe. These almost weightless and barely visible subatomic particles, formed in the center of stars and as a result of nuclear reactions, behave differently than their antimatter counterparts.

If this is confirmed, that’s it, time is officially going backwards. The correctness of the theory will be irrefutable.


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