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Photos Reveal Possible Solar Star Gate

Photos Reveal Possible Solar Star Gate 1

I know, you thought the sun was a giant ball of gas, right?  Estimating some 10 million degrees Fahrenheit on the surface and 25 million degrees at it’s core? What if that wasn’t true at all?  What if the sun was something entirely different than what we previously thought it was?  In January of 2010, NASA’s SO-HO satellite recorded what looks like giant Earth-sized solar UFO’s.  Is it possible NASA photos revealed our beloved sun to be a solar star gate?

Famous research physicist Nassim Haramein, Director of Research at the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics looked at pictures and videos recorded by NASA and amazingly explains them using quantum physics and singularity theory.  His theory suggests that a black hole exists at the center of everything, including our sun.  This black hole singularity is, according to Haramein, a star gate through which advanced extraterrestrial spaceships as big as the Earth may enter and exit our galaxy.

This seems like a crazy notion, doesn’t it?

NASA had posted the incredible footage of massive objects approaching and leaving the sun back in January of 2010.  Soon after the images were posted, they were suddenly removed and re-posted, doctored to appear as though these large moving spots were comets.  Original NASA footage, along with in-depth information regarding this theory -leading one to ponder a quite a provocative yet alluring explanation – are found in this video footage (difficult to find as it has been censored all over the web):


Is the sun a star gate as is suggested in this video? He certainly makes a convincing argument.

In 2011, when much of this information was being shared with interested parties, Nassim did a presentation with Klaus Dona where they unveiled an interesting artifact recently discovered deep inside a Mexican Mayan pyramid.  This unique artifact depicts alien spacecraft that seems to be heading into the sun carved with what looks like a giant triangle. Was this triangle perhaps a portal of some kind? One must wonder, as around that same time, NASA started posting images of our very own sun with giant black isosceles triangles on the surface, just like in the artifact.  Do these NASA photos reveal a possible solar star gate?

NASA Photos Reveal Possible Solar Star Gate

According to Nassim’s black hole singularity theory, everything contains a black hole and is therefore a potential star gate. The bigger the ship, the larger the star gate needs to be. The sun and it’s ‘sun spots’ is the chosen star gate for extremely large space craft, apparantly as big as planets – judging by the size of the dots to the sun. On our Earth there are thought to be similar portals, like the sunspots, located in areas of volcanic activity. As is explained in the video above, Mexico city has a well-known UFO star gate which must be navigated around by aircraft flying through the area.

If you didn’t hear it straight from the physicist’s mouth and see the photographs it would seem like science fiction. Yet so many accounts have been recorded, videoed and told of alien life both on Earth and in the sky, it seems almost anticlimactic to have finally spotted them with NASA equipment and explained to us by science. What a relief!

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Many cultures speak of ‘The Great Central Sun’, the place from which many ascended masters, advanced and inter-galactic beings live and come from (or through). In our case, this ‘central sun’ would be referring to the black hole at the center of our galaxy, according to Nassim.

Haramein’s black hole theory applies to every size object, down to the proton itself. This points to a similar portal or ‘star gate’ existing inside of each one of us. David Wilcock, author of The Source Field Investigations calls that star gate our pineal gland, through which we can access multi-dimensional realities without leaving our chair. Could our sun be a star gate for giant solar UFO’s as indicated from Nassim Hariamein’s work and revealed by NASA’s photos? Is this science or are the lines between what could be and what is just becoming more blurry?  Can we access other realities within as is suggested by the sun and it’s possible multi-dimensional functions? What is science and what is fiction? In the quantum world, only the observer can know for sure.


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