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Phobos is the Great Lifeboat for millions of Martians. And it is no coincidence that there is a similar biblical story

Until now, the satellite of Mars Phobos is one of the most mysterious and “inexplicable” objects in the solar system.

“The European Space Agency, using a special radar (MARSIS) installed on the Mars Express spacecraft, studied the interior of Phobos in 2015. Scientists told the world that the interior of Phobos appears to be filled with stunning geometrically regular voids!”

Before further considering the assumption that Phobos could well be a kind of lifeboat for Martians, it is worth dealing with the problem of global space disasters, which we rarely think about in our daily lives, although there is a corresponding biblical plot and not only that. 

After all, it is believed that the largest meteorite crater on Earth has a diameter of about 500 km, as for the same Mars, there is an assumption that most likely, Earth’s ancient civilizations had information about how the red planet’s civilization actually perished.

In general, there is no doubt that sooner or later our civilization will face a threat of destruction, caused, in particular, by the fall of a gigantic cosmic body to Earth and, quite possibly, by that time, mankind will not be able to find the proper means of preventing such threats. Therefore, it is worth thinking about what will be discussed below, albeit just as an assumption.

So, one should not unequivocally reject the assumption that the allegedly lost civilization of the red planet managed to survive during the mentioned catastrophe. Their survival with the help of Phobos, which in Greek means “Fear”, could take place by using it as a kind of lifeboat.

Now, by the way, it is believed that sooner or later Phobos will fall to Mars. This fact is well known to astronomers, but is not advertised so as not to cause panic on Earth. According to observations, Phobos is slowly but surely approaching the surface of Mars. The speed of approach between the two cosmic bodies is about two meters every hundred years and gradually increases. Of course, from the human life viewpoint, the time before the fall of its second satellite on Mars is eternity but in cosmic realities, it’s a moment.

According to scientific calculations, the explosion of Phobos in the orbit of Mars will take place in about 20-40 million years. When this happens, rings similar to those possessed by Saturn will appear around the planet.

So, it is possible that on the eve of the aforementioned and predicted catastrophe, Phobos was launched into space by the Martians themselves, who urgently built it in order to survive this catastrophe on it at a sufficient distance from it. 

It is quite possible that on this boat, almost the entire Martian civilization could have existed for quite a long time, not daring of going back.

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All this could happen, for example, as follows.

If we received information about the alleged catastrophe on Mars, we would be able to urgently deal with all possible rescue options, among which, the best available option would not be to evacuate somewhere in deep space using a huge number of rockets. Same applies to Elon Musk’s version of the colonization of Mars.

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It is possible that the Martians, having properly understood the properties of hydrogen, settled on the option of urgently building a giant hydrogen airship made of sheet metal, much stronger than the strongest sheet metal we are using now.

In fact, we are talking about an almost 25-kilometer thin-walled structure with a 60-millimeter force shell as some imagined back in the 1960s. But in this case, we are talking about a “flying vehicle” almost ten times lighter than “Earth’s air”, but heavier than the Martian one. It was this that allowed Phobos to take off from the surface of Mars and become the very satellite of Mars, which, as by assumption, was not a natural satellite. 

In other words, Phobos is not a natural satellite, nor a “captured asteroid”. It is supposedly “hollow”, a giant Martian wreck.

As for the assumption that it could have been built by the Martians themselves, so far no one has expressed such a theory. Moreover, no one likened it to a huge hydrogen airship.

When this kind of artificial structure such as Phobos is filled with hydrogen under a pressure of about 0.01 atm., hydrogen’s carrying properties (even when filling it with only 30% of the volume), could develop a lifting force at the level of 16,000,000,000 kg, not counting the centrifugal force, which is also developed due to the rotation of Mars. 

This means that, in principle, tens of millions of Martian humanoids could be delivered with the proper comfort to a stationary orbit (to an altitude of 20392 km) directly from its surface by an ultralight spacecraft of this kind.

Accordingly, after the completion of the construction of Phobos on the eve of the predicted catastrophe, the entire population of Mars (or a significant part of it) could settle on it and, with all the same comfort, go into a stationary orbit.

Over time, by replacing all hydrogen with the usual atmosphere for Martians, Phobos could have descended into its current orbit, respectively, and with the partial appearance of zero gravity. The Martians who went on it for temporary residence could never have dared to return back to Mars, after getting used to living in orbit.

It is possible that in the very near future, having made sure that Phobos was used at one time as a lifeboat, our exploration of outer space, finally, will begin to be carried out without, one might say, prehistoric rockets.

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In principle, it would be more reasonable to assume that a huge artificial structure would not be used as a “lifeboat”, but, so to speak, a modernized natural object such as its own moon. By creating cavities lined with metal, filled with hydrogen inside this moon, it develops the same reactive force as, in particular, the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua.

In this regard, it is possible to picture the arrival of our predecessors to us, even from Phaeton and on the present Moon.

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