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Phantom DNA: How a Russian scientist proved the existence of the soul 88 Phantom DNA: How a Russian scientist proved the existence of the soul 89

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Phantom DNA: How a Russian scientist proved the existence of the soul

At that moment, when the DNA phantom was first recorded, scientists decided that the equipment had broken. However, it turned out that the equipment was in good working order, and a sensational discovery took place, which confirmed the existing beliefs about the soul.

The conclusions that suggested themselves after a series of experiments on the apparatus of heredity, that is, DNA, shocked even the biochemists themselves. It turned out that after a violent death, genes are not completely destroyed, but leave a phantom carrying some information.

This phantom – a clot of information ejected from cells – exists for about forty days! Then it disappears. But not really. The information embedded in the human genetic apparatus never leaves without a trace!

It was a sensation. Because none of the scientists-biochemists and geneticists have ever managed to look so deeply into the holy of holies of human nature.

Experiments with screaming kernels

In the mid-1980s, Petrovich Gariaev was known only in narrow scientific circles. Gariaev worked at the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where, together with his colleagues, he was engaged in DNA research. As Nikolai Nepomniachtchi writes in the publication “100 Great Mysteries of Our Time”, the institute employees took DNA from the calf’s thymus and, placing it in a spectrometer cuvette, irradiated it with a red laser beam.

During the irradiation of DNA molecules with a laser, photons were scattered, reflecting the properties of the drug. Thus, Gariaev and other scientists tried to find an answer to the question of how microscopic sets of male and female chromosomes “direct” the creation of an entire biological system.

By the spectrum of light scattering, one could also judge about the sounds that emanated from the nuclei. The fact is that the nuclei perform oscillatory motions that generate acoustic waves. So, figuratively speaking, under the influence of the laser, the nuclei “danced” and “sang”. When Soviet researchers filmed the scattering spectrum from intact nuclei, they “sang” calmly at low frequencies.

Some authors call these sounds a “hymn to life”. However, at the moment when the nuclei were exposed to unfavorable factors such as a laser, they began to “shrill”, as if calling for help. When heated strongly, the liquid crystals on which the hereditary DNA information was recorded melted. Only dead matter remained, emitting sound chaos.

Accidental discovery

Phantom DNA: How a Russian scientist proved the existence of the soul 90

In general, there was nothing surprising in such experiments, they were ordinary studies. However, chance decided everything. In 1985, Pyotr Gariaev removed the test tube from the apparatus and, through inattention, irradiated an empty cuvette from under the melt of destroyed nuclei. However, Gariaev quickly discovered his mistake, but still glanced at the monitor.

According to E. P. Ishchenko, author of the publication “New Age of Criminalistics”, Pyotr Petrovich saw that the spectra of essentially empty space were similar to those that were recently taken from DNA, only the signal was now weaker. In other words, the molecule was no longer in the world, but its trace continued to exist.

Deciding that this result is due to the fact that traces of DNA remained on the cuvette, Peter Gariaev repeated the experiment with a perfectly clean device. However, the molecules continued to “scream” in the same way they “screamed” during the destruction of cell nuclei. Many years later, Gariaev confessed:

“I could not believe my eyes! The laser beam acted as if it was passing through a DNA preparation!” Meanwhile, the result of the “random” experiment was confirmed by a number of subsequent experiments.

Moreover, Gariaev said that the spectrometer registered a DNA phantom for 40 days. This is how long, according to religious beliefs, the soul remains with the deceased.

It’s no secret that in some closed laboratories around the world, monstrous experiments are being carried out on the human genetic apparatus: they mix human chromosomes, say, with pigs and get something. This, of course, is a violation of any scientific ethical standards. But try to grab the hand of such “scientists” and stop them … Most geneticists know what such experiments can lead to, so they do not risk doing them even on animals. It’s scary to imagine what kind of monsters would turn out when mixing chromosomes … Although, in fact, transgenic engineering has been doing this since the early nineties …

Needless to say, the temptation is, of course, great. There have always been enough volunteers in Russia to suffer for science. Whether it’s geneticists, biologists or biochemists. They will not regret themselves. Especially when it comes to the human genetic apparatus. One of these “kamikaze” was a colleague of Peter Gariaev. 

He examined the chromosomes of his own sperm with a laser beam. Then he turned the beam into the laser resonator, expanded the laser beam and himself got into the space of its action. The photons, turned into radio waves (this is the latest scientific fact discovered by Gariaev’s group quite recently), read information from the scientist’s chromosomes in a cuvette and instantly hit the experimenter. 

He immediately felt terribly unwell and almost died. Even Gariaev, who happened to be next to him at that time, felt the harmful effects of radio waves. His health also deteriorated sharply. But by the end of the evening, the pain and faintness had stopped.

“In the beginning there was a word …”

Thanks to the above research, Peter Gariaev, as Dmitry Sokolov notes in the publication “Mysticism and Philosophy of Special Services”, proved that hereditary information in DNA is recorded according to the same principle that underlies any language. The molecule has memory and is capable of transmitting information even to the place where the DNA sample was previously located.

According to Gariaev, “DNA tests, people’s writing, speaking perform the same managerial functions.” Therefore, you can communicate with DNA in the same way as with textual material. Thus, having “taught” the equipment to imitate the “language” of chromosomes, Peter Gariaev was able to restore damaged seeds of wheat and barley.

However, Gariaev assures that some words can have a healing effect, while others are destructive. Prayers and curses act on a similar principle, respectively. That is, Doctor of Biological Sciences Garyaev proved that “in the beginning was the Word”, and “a person is a self-readable text structure”.

For example, the phantom of a murdered person is capable, according to this theory, to damage the killer’s genetic apparatus, which will cause psychosomatic disorders. Hence the commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” Meanwhile, RAS Corresponding Member Korochkin believes that there is no genetics in Gariaev’s reasoning. But Gennady Pakharkov, author of the publication “Biomedical Engineering”, recalls that not long ago genetics and quantum physics were declared pseudoscientific directions.


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The Ganzfeld Effect: How To Experience Strong Hallucinations Without Drugs

The Ganzfeld Effect: How To Experience Strong Hallucinations Without Drugs 91
An experiment investigating the ganzfeld effect / Life

Sometimes hallucinations can appear in a healthy person, if he is in a homogeneous auditory and visual environment. For example, the researchers of the Arctic, who for a long time have to look at the endless expanses of ice, or the miners, after an accident, found themselves locked in a mine. 

This phenomenon is called the “ganzfeld effect”, it is the German “full field”. Some people deliberately evoke such visions in themselves. Is it dangerous for the psyche?

What is the Ganzfeld Effect?

About its existence, people knew the ganzfeld effect for a long time. Thus, the northern people who had to deal with such phenomena believed that these visions were sent to people by spirits. The followers of Pythagoras spent a lot of time in dark caves to gain wisdom by connecting with their subconscious.

When we are in a homogeneous, infinite space, where there is nothing to catch the eye, hallucinations may appear. The brain does not receive information, neither visual nor auditory. It cannot exist in reality, where there is no information, so it takes white noise as a basis and supplements it with some kind of visual picture.

The ganzfeld effect is not an aberration. It is based on the work of the brain, which needs to receive a flow of information from the senses. With the help of them, it recognizes models familiar to it, gives out ready-made templates. It does not need to be given any commands or instructions, the brain independently carries out this work. If there is not enough visual information, it complements the visual picture of sensations o its own accord, i.e. a person sees what is not really there.

This was confirmed experimentally in the 1930s by Wolfgang Metzger. His subjects, for a long time looking at a homogeneous field, began to see hallucinations. There are instructions by following which, you can evoke these visions in yourself.

To try this method for yourself, you need to find a clean ping-pong ball, cut it in half. It is advisable to turn on the red light in the room or turn off the lighting. To create “white noise”, you need to tune the radio so that only hiss is heard. You can lie down, fix the halves of the balloon in front of your eyes and wait. If you do not fall asleep, then hallucinations may appear after 10-30 minutes.

The Ganzfeld Effect: How To Experience Strong Hallucinations Without Drugs

Experts advise against doing this. Psychiatrists write that this procedure is stressful for the psyche. If a person has caused such visions in himself many times, he may develop neurotic states. But if you had to face this phenomenon, you should not worry about it, there should be no negative consequences for the psyche.

The ganzfeld effect and telepathy

It is believed that the ganzfeld effect is associated with clairvoyance. Due to the fact that auditory and visual analyzers are completely turned off, a person seems to fall out of objective reality and can plunge into a dialogue with the subconscious. It is this that creates different images in the head.

Many believed that in this way it was possible to establish contact with the universal information field and receive information from there. In the 1970s, experiments took place on the transmission of information telepathically.

One of the subjects sat in a room with dim red lighting, with halves of ping-pong balls in front of him, headphones with white noise in his ears. In another room, a second subject was sitting, trying to transmit a message using psychic abilities.

In 1983, 354 pairs of subjects took part in the experiment, 34% of the participants chose the right card from the proposed ones. In a similar 1985 study, that number rose to 37%. Given that the probability of random guessing is 25%, we can say that it was not possible to prove the presence of telepathic abilities at that time.

The Ganzfeld Effect: How To Experience Strong Hallucinations Without Drugs

The ganzfeld effect does exist, scientists have tried to study and explain it. Knowing about it, one can understand the origin of many legends and superstitions associated with caves, mines, etc. People really heard mysterious sounds and saw some figures, but all these images could be created by our brain, the work of which has not yet been fully studied.

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Research confirms that “near death experience” is not an illusion

Research confirms that "near death experience" is not an illusion 92

Dr. Alexander Batthyany, a professor of psychology at the University of Vienna, has studied thousands of cases of near-death experiences. Human thinking ability has nothing to do with the brain.

Near death experience case study

Dr. Batthyany and others collected thousands of complete cases describing near-death experiences , and recorded in detail the content of the near-death’s private prosecution and doctor’s consultation.

Doctors ask dozens of questions about what the patient sees (visual), what he hears (hearing), what he thinks (consciousness and thinking), life background (such as religious beliefs, life experience), etc., such as “Have this experience before Do you?”, “Do you see the light?”, “Who do you talk about your death experience?”, “Do you believe in your death experience?”, etc., to judge and evaluate the credibility of the patient’s narration of the near death experience Degree and the patient’s mental state after death (whether normal, etc.).

Dr. Batthyany said that the results of the study are reliable and fully confirm that the near-death experience is a real mental activity rather than an illusion. He also said that research methods have certain limitations, which will lead to underestimation of the proportion of near-death experiences.

Extremely credible near-death experiences

Dr. Batthyany explained that due to the limitations of the method, cases are likely to be missed, so the actual rate of near death experience should be higher.

Dr. Batthyany explained how he and his colleagues analyzed thousands of cases by compiling and integrating medical records into a resource library (such as the NDERF website), and then using search terms related to vision (vision) or cognition (such as “See” (saw) or “thought”> search for related medical records and score them according to visual or cognitive content, and then further narrow the scope of the study, such as selecting near-death experience cases with detailed medical records. This screening method based only on search terms is likely to miss cases where there is no such vocabulary in the expression.

Dr. Batthyany said that the near-death experience cases are highly credible. They considered that thousands of cases with near-death experiences are likely to have false reports, but in the process of sorting and analyzing, they noticed that only 1% of near-death cases were deleted due to validity.

Therefore, Dr. Batthyany believes that even if there are still false cases, the number is not enough to affect the overall conclusion.

Evidence of the phenomenon

In addition to these near-death experience studies, Dr. Batthyany also pointed out that the phenomenon of back light also shows that the phenomenon of thinking consciousness is extremely complex, even in the case of severe deterioration of brain function, there can be active thinking.

Dr. Batthyany studies the back-to-light phenomenon in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Among patients with Alzheimer’s disease (ie, Alzheimer’s disease), some people have been completely incoherent for many years, but suddenly showed a marked improvement or normal thinking shortly before their death. This is what is commonly referred to as “return to light”.

According to the current neurological concept, as the brain function of Alzheimer’s patients gets worse and worse, their thinking performance should be that their memory and various thoughts and feelings are becoming more and more lost, and there is even no human thinking at all.

However, the actual situation is just the opposite. The whole state of mind of Alzheimer’s patients may suddenly become intact like a spark burst.

“Psychological Vision” of the Blind

In fact, there is also a phenomenon of “mindsight” or “mind intuition” which also illustrates the independence of thinking. “Psychovision” refers to the sight of a blind person who reports during a near-death experience.

Kenneth Ring of the University of Connecticut found that among 21 blind cases who reported near-death experiences, 15 blind people described seeing the scene and had vision.

Dr. Batthyany pointed out that some scientists believe that near-death experiences are hallucinations produced by human neurophysiological processes. However, “in this study, the results of near-death experience, rebirth, and psycho-visual phenomena suggest that patients experience near-death experiences when their condition deteriorates, die, or have no neurological activity, and it is common.”

Therefore, Dr. Batthyany concluded that even when the brain function changes or even the electrical activity of the brain stops (the EEG is flat), there is still a clear sense of self, complex visual images, and clear mental activities. And other thinking phenomena.

Even though back-lighting and psychological vision are very rare phenomena, the countless examples of near-death experiences are enough to illustrate the problem.

Dr. Batthyany wrote:

“Our research results show that the visual scene, mental state and self-awareness that people continue to appear in the near-death experience are a rule rather than an exception.”

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What people see after clinical death: Stories from survivors that they would rather forget

What people see after clinical death: Stories from survivors that they would rather forget 93

Humanity still does not know much about death. Of course, it’s easy to write it off as “nothingness,” but what if in reality everything is a little more complicated? In the selection below – ten creepy stories “from the other world” from people who survived clinical death.

Recently, the user Aidanmartin3 asked near-death survivors on Reddit to describe what it was like. The post quickly went viral, with hundreds of people sharing their stories in the comments.

I was about fifteen years old. Climbed onto the kitchen counter to grab something from the top cabinet, but slipped and fell headlong onto the marble floor. The next thing I remember is walking barefoot on water. Then I look to the right, I see a very bright light and a hand, as if calling me. I go to her and suddenly realize how peaceful and relaxed I am. Like the best deep sleep ever. Then I said to myself: “Dude, this is so cool, I would never wake up.” And then all of a sudden everything disappears, and I wake up because of my mother, who is crying over me.By that time, I was already numb, cold, pulseless and even managed to urinate in my pants. As an atheist who does not believe in all this, I often think about that case.


My father died for a short while and then said that at that time he was walking along a long corridor to the door. But when he was about to open it, his father felt himself being “sucked” into his own body

What people see after clinical death: Stories from survivors that they would rather forget 94

GIF © Giphy

He died of an overdose for several minutes.In reality, there was nothing. It’s just darkness and an incomprehensible period of time. It was almost like waking up after hanging out all night and feeling like a horse kicked in the chest.


It seemed to me that I was kind of floating in a long tunnel and I felt very tired. I remember how I fell asleep then and had a dream that I was in the kitchen of my childhood home, and dad was preparing breakfast. I heard turmoil and chaos at one end, and at the other, there was a warm light that seemed soothing. But then all of a sudden I ended up in the chaos of the emergency room.


The story of my ex-girlfriend’s mom. Her heart stopped for 28 minutes. The doctors had already told the family that she had left, and even brought in a priest to bless the room. But in the end she returned. She said that she recalls running around the field with a little girl, who, according to the woman, was her niece, in the dress in which she was buried.

What people see after clinical death: Stories from survivors that they would rather forget 95

GIF © Giphy

I heard a loud, high-pitched noise telling me that I am still too young to die. Then he got even higher, and I saw a bright light and woke up. The ambulance driver was shining a flashlight in my eyes


Anaphylactic reaction to the deadly sting of the Irukandji jellyfish. I saw this white glow and how I soared up, then my family and the doctors and nurses who were saving me. Came back and felt a lot of pain


It felt as if my body was being filmed on a CCTV camera from a third person. Then the camera gradually moved away and rose. I became very cold and began to hear loud clanking sounds. Woke up in an ambulance to the sound of a gurney bouncing on a rough road. It was so surreal. Since then I have not been afraid of death, to be honest. It was almost six years ago, but I still think about that case several times a month.

What people see after clinical death: Stories from survivors that they would rather forget 96

GIF © Giphy

I was hit by a car. I could see everything, blood had not yet got into my eyes. I heard all the commotion. I felt myself being pushed in the back, and then doing artificial respiration … After that I felt only the first beats of the heart and how the blood flowed through my body. The pain began to build up with renewed vigor, and then everything went black


I was pronounced dead three times. But “after death” I have never seen anything. At least i don’t remember


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