Pfizer tells investors: “Things are not going well – We need to reveal the real facts about vaccines”

At a time when more and more autopsies are pointing to Covid-19 vaccine as the official cause of death, Pfizer warns its investors about the “tsunami” of revelations that is to come! 

The US FDA will have to deliver the first monthly batch of 55,000 pages (out of a total of 455,000) of Pfizer clinical data on which the FDA based its licensing on the company’s vaccine. 

The FDA initially tried to escape by asking to deliver only 500 pages a month, something that would allow it to hide the truth until 2095! However, court rulings are speeding up this timetable, which directly affects the Big Pharma’s illegal status.

Pfizer is known to have earned billions of dollars from vaccines, with the company’s CEO, Albert Bourla, recently celebrating the event:

“What a quarter and what a year! Thanks to Pfizer’s colleagues, we have reached approximately 1.4 billion patients with our medicines and vaccines. That’s more than 1 out of 6 people on Earth. Never before has our patient impact been so wide-reaching,” the head of Pfizer said in a Twitter post. 

However, if the whole narrative collapses – something that is now more and more likely – the big pharmaceutical companies will suffer huge financial losses, while the situation will be even worse if it turns out that they obtained the specific drugs in an “illegal” way. 

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Pfizer warns its investors about the forthcoming tidal wave of revelations!

In its most recent quarterly earnings report for 2021, Pfizer warned investors that things were not looking right. According to their announcements, the climate is not favorable for the company and the coronavirus vaccines, according to what newstarget claims

Many believe that a fundamental fraud and deception is now being uncovered in the database behind the fake “science” originally used by the FDA to authorize the Experimental Emergency Licensing (EUA) and then to approve the normal authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Pfizer, in its 4th quarter earnings report for 2021, informs investors that there may be ‘adverse new preclinical and clinical data or safety data and further analyzes of existing preclinical and clinical data or safety data or further information on preclinical quality and clinical or safety data, including control or inspection, ”revealed throughout this process.

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The report says “challenges due to misinformation” could push the company’s share price down, sending a message to investors that Pfizer earnings will be affected by “concerns about clinical data integrity”.

It should be noted that a few days ago the CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, deleted his twitter account and sold shares of his company, worth $ 400 million. 


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