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“Perhaps they are in Ukraine”: ufologists have suggested why UFOs have ceased to appear in Russia

“Perhaps they are in Ukraine”: ufologists have suggested why UFOs have ceased to appear in Russia 1

After the start of the war in Ukraine, UFO activity suddenly increased sharply in the sky above Kyiv as well as other Ukrainian cities, strange luminous craft are noticed every now and then, which seem to be patrolling the territory and trying to understand what is happening there. As if they are actively monitoring the Russian invasion!

The fact that something alien was recorded over Ukraine was first reported by ufologist-blogger Scott Waring. According to him, he noticed an unknown object pulsating slightly against the background of the dark sky which attracted his attention by making extremely strange maneuvers. For example, it could fly strictly horizontally, and then take it up steeply. It then hung in place, and rushed to the ground. Any explanations with helicopters and air fighter jets are not accepted according to Waring as human technology has not reached this level yet!

Later, ordinary Ukrainians began to talk about the same thing, filming luminous balls or iridescent “cigars” on their phones. As if they took into the sky and launched a tail from the northern lights! But if they are really UFOs, then what do they want?

Meanwhile, it would be naive to fully trust such videos without thorough investigation. Perhaps, at the time of filming, another Elon Musk satellite floated across the sky and during these extreme times of war, any means of destruction is taken for a flying saucer. But the fact that they really exist, there is no doubt about it.

In general, it is quite simple to identify a UFO: they are characterized by the complete absence of sound, the shape of a disk, circle or cigar, and flights along geometric trajectories.

As the French ufologist Velasco would say, there are objects in our space that are beyond the control of civil and military authorities and demonstrate technology that exceeds anything known on Earth. And the most amazing thing is their ability to turn at a high speed at an angle of 90 degrees. But this is could not just be about Kyiv!

There is an opinion that aliens are very curious and could well move to where such a war is now developing.

Of course, there will always be people who will try to make a hype on this but the fact is that UFOs are no longer noticed in Russia. In the last two months their activity has dropped significantly. Either people are not up to observation, or aliens have much higher plans! Representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations may indeed be in Ukraine.

Why would they? Of course, to monitor. There are versions that they are interested in energy production and our minerals, but they are unconvincing. If its like space tourism for them, they fly to where something is happening!

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We add that UFOs in Ukraine have been noticed before, but not in such quantities. For example, in the 60s, when during a football match break between Dynamo Minsk and Dynamo Kyiv, a flying saucer slowly floated over the heads of the audience (although it was later passed off as a meteorite in the press). 

After the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, an unidentified flying object hovered over it and the radiation level dropped sharply from 3000 milliroentgens per hour to 800.

“We saw a fireball slowly floating in the sky of a bright brass color,” said a senior dosimetrist.“

It was six to eight meters in diameter. Suddenly, two bright crimson searchlights, two beams flashed from the ball. These two beams were directed at the reactor of the fourth block. The object was located at a distance of approximately 300 meters from the reactor. All this lasted about three minutes. Then the searchlights suddenly went out and the it slowly flew to the northwest, towards Belarus.


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