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People living in the earth’s core: Scientists confirm there is a “fifth Layer” underground

People living in the earth's core: Scientists confirm there is a "fifth Layer" underground 1

A recent study by the Australian National University (ANU) confirmed that there is a fifth layer of the “innermost inner core” on the earth. Scientists are excited to say that this discovery means that people have to rewrite textbooks. Scientists’ exploration of earth’s core has also led to associations with the ‘inner earth people’. There has been more and more evidence that not only do they exist, but their IQ is much higher than that of humans.

The latest discoveries for the center of the earth will change the textbook

The structure of the earth is layered, consisting of four layers of crust, molten mantle, liquid outer core and solid inner core. But the latest discovery of scientists has dramatically changed people’s previous understanding of the structure of the earth.

A research report published in the Journal of Geophysical Research confirmed the existence of the fifth layer of the “innermost core” on the earth.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Joanne Stephenson, said that decades ago, scientists suspected that there might be other structures on the earth. The research team found changes in the iron structure in the core of the earth through the seismic wave data matching algorithm of the International Seismic Center.

This research report shows that about 650 kilometers from the center of the earth, there is a previously unknown boundary, located in the known inner core. This evidence points to two independent cooling events in the history of the earth, the cause of which has always been a mystery.

Stephenson said that studying the structure of the inner core of the earth helps to understand the history of the formation of the earth.

“This discovery is very exciting and may mean that we have to rewrite the textbook.”

NASA receives intelligent radio waves from the earth’s center

Scientists’ exploration of earth’s core has also led to associations with the ‘inner earth people’. Now there are more and more evidences that not only they exist, but also their IQ is much higher than that of human beings. Some experts believe that this is the most amazing and meaningful discovery of the twentieth century. However, this fact is still concealed by some countries for fear of “causing panic and controversy.”

In 1995, NASA disclosed that they received a radio electrical signal from the Earth’s interior. At that time, this signal showed that there is a more advanced civilized world underground.

On February 4, 1995, Canada’s Weekly World News, titled “NASA receives radio signals coming from inside the Earth”, reported that there is strong evidence for earth’s hollowness, and speculated that the earth is truly hollow.

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After analysis, the scientists learned that this mysterious radio signal was a complex mathematical code, so it was confirmed that it was not a naturally generated signal, but came from some kind of intelligent life.

The report quoted relevant information provided by a senior NASA official who asked not to be named. Scientists have deciphered the specific content of these signals, but they will not be released to the public.

The senior NASA official said, “The content is not malicious, but it will cause panic and controversy.”

“There are civilizations under the earth, and they send out signals that penetrate the crust and hundreds of kilometers of rock layers.” “Underground people obviously know us far more than we know them.” “For example, they know how to communicate with us using basic contact information, and we have basically no or no way to respond, he said.”

The senior official also stated that relevant experts believe that this is the most amazing and meaningful discovery of the 20th century. However, scientists do not understand why there is an underground civilized life. If we follow the three essential elements (sunlight, air, and water) for life on the ground, how will life below the ground survive?

People living in the earth's core: Scientists confirm there is a "fifth Layer" underground 2
Scientists’ exploration of earth’s core has also led to associations with the ‘inner earth people’. There has been more and more evidence showing that not only do they exist, but their IQ is much higher than that of humans. Schematic (

Psychic vision of the earth’s inner world

Earlier, media reported that some people with special abilities provided a visual representation, describing the scene of the earth’s inner world. They reached the bottom of the earth, more than 220 kilometers straight down from the surface, that is, reached the inner world of the earth. After arriving, they were all stunned. There was a highly developed and highly civilized earthly world.

People with psychic abilities say that if the earth is compared to an egg, the process of human exploration towards the center of the earth is less than one-tenth of the eggshell. Previously, people thought that the earth’s core was full of hot magma, but the earth was actually hollow, and the magma was within 200 kilometers, which can also be said to be outside the center of the earth.

Human beings in the center of the earth are not as militant and combative as us, and there is no war in the center of the earth. In order to facilitate management and coordination, the countries there are divided by regions. The area where supernatural functioners go is yellow-skinned like the Chinese, with a population of about 1.5 billion. The total population in the center of the earth is about tens of billions, which is more than the total population on the surface (about 7 billion people).

There are also tall buildings in the center of the earth, the highest one is about 590 floors, about 1,900 meters high. The languages ​​used by people in the center of the earth are similar to those on the surface. There are Asian and English-like languages. They can often move on the surface because they are similar in appearance to humans and it is difficult for us to distinguish.

However, with the current technology of mankind, it is still difficult to enter the center of the earth. In fact, there are secret passages between the center of the earth and the surface, but they are hidden in inaccessible places and are not easily discovered by humans.

“Byrd’s Diary” Exposes the Existence of Earth’s Core People

On December 24, 1965, “Byrd’s Diary” was exposed, arousing people’s great interest in and exploration of the earth’s inner world. Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd of the U.S. Navy led an expedition from the North Pole into the Earth in February 1947 and discovered a huge base and extinct animals and plants on the ground.

People living in the earth's core: Scientists confirm there is a "fifth Layer" underground 3
Retired U.S. Rear Admiral Byrd. (Public domain)

Byrd wrote in his diary that it was unbelievable that he saw a valley full of green trees, and there was a stream flowing through the valley. This is the North Pole, and it should be a world ruled by snow and ice!

Not only that, Byrd also discovered a huge flying saucer base in which there are also “superhumans” with high level technology. These mysterious people told him that this underground world was called “Ariani”.

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These mysterious people said that they were originally unwilling to come into contact with people from the outside world, but since the US military dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Japan, they realized that this kind of weapon possessed by people in the outside world is very likely to destroy the entire planet, so they sent their highly advanced flying vehicle out. The aircraft was negotiated with the superpowers on the earth’s surface, but did not receive a positive response. Some aircraft were also attacked by fighter jets.

These mysterious people predicted that if mankind uses atomic weapons, the world on earth will likely embark on a path of self-destruction, and mankind will once again enter the dark age.

In February 1947, Byrd attended the staff meeting of the US Department of Defense. All statements were recorded in detail and reported to President Truman. The meeting lasted 6 hours and 40 minutes. He was also investigated by the highest security department as well as the medical team, and was later told by relevant parties to strictly observe confidentiality.

As a soldier, Byrd could only obey orders but he still wrote in his diary:

“That land is in the North Pole, and that base is a huge mystery.”


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