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People are to blame: “New Vanga” predicted disaster and new diseases in 2021

People are to blame: "New Vanga" predicted disaster and new diseases in 2021 1

Soon after the death of the famous Bulgarian seer Vanga, the press actively disseminated information that one of the most famous soothsayers on the planet has a French heiress, whose appearance Vanga herself predicted during her lifetime.

Later, a girl named Kaede Uber, who actually possessed unusual abilities, declared herself as such. Since then, many have taken Uber’s gift of divination very seriously, calling it the “new Vanga”.

Like Vanga, the Frenchwoman has a congenital genetic abnormality due to which she loses her hearing and vision. The prophetic gift is difficult for a girl, her mother was not immediately ready to reveal it to the public. The first serious prediction was a tragic event for the family – the death of her stepfather. But later, the girl was able to adapt to the modern world with her unusual talents.

By the way, not so long ago, she shared her vision of the near future for humanity and told what the year 2021 will be like.

It is noteworthy that, according to her prophecies, it is in 2021 that a real ecological catastrophe awaits the Earth, the culprits of which will not be some cosmic forces, but something completely different, not yet familiar to man, but depending on him. In other words, the impending danger is provoked by the person himself, who for many centuries continues to actively pollute the environment, completely without thinking about the possible consequences.

Thus, according to the prophecy of Kaede Uber, after 2021, residents of all countries of the world risk facing colossal and irreversible pollution of soil and water. Clean, untouched natural corners on the planet will become less and less common, and people in this case risk completely losing drinking water, which will cause a wave of new diseases, destabilize the situation in many regions, provoke civil unrest and wars.

Uber once stated that in the foreseeable future, the inhabitants of the Earth will be put on the brink of survival. Many countries will collapse or disintegrate, and those who live in the most polluted areas will try to leave them and find refuge elsewhere. In addition, the seer is convinced that the negative situation in the ecology of the Earth, can provoke the activation of old dangerous diseases that were considered defeated tens and hundreds of years ago, and even bring to the surface completely new ailments that are not yet known to mankind.

Attention is drawn to the fact that Kaede Uber made similar predictions earlier, many of which people consider to be true. So, she prophesied that already in 2016, the inhabitants of the Earth will face critical changes.

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In one of her interviews, the girl even spoke about the many dangerous environmental disasters and natural disasters that humanity will face.

It is worth noting that many skeptics doubt the existence of the gift from Kaede Uber. The girl has too many unfulfilled prophecies that can be attributed to her young age. Everyone decides for himself whether or not to believe in her gift!


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