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Fact or fiction

People are confused as the attitude of the authorities towards aliens is not yet clearly defined. What if they arrive?

People are confused as the attitude of the authorities towards aliens is not yet clearly defined. What if they arrive? 1
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A couple of spacecraft of unknown origin will land near the White House, on Red Square, in Beijing and Tokyo, representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization will come out of them and all will say as one:

“People, are you stupid or what? You have unexplored space, the great mysteries of the universe are undiscovered, and you threaten each other with nuclear weapons without ever leaving your cradle.”

There is such a theory that there is limited intelligent life capable of traveling through the vast expanses of space, because the majority destroy themselves due to some stupidity or greed. That is, aliens capable of flying to the Earth and saying that “we are here” are more likely to be a non-aggressive race that does not want to enslave humanity.

On the other hand, they are also not obliged to save us from ourselves. Many believe that at the very peak of human conflict, some “observers” will land on Earth and instantly stop all conflicts. In religions, this could be called “the second coming”, “the return of the gods”, “merging with a single cosmos” and so on.

But the essence is always the same – someone and for some reason must save us, because we have some kind of value for the universe. What if it’s like Douglas’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? There, the aliens paved the way through space, and the Earth interfered with them. So they took and demolished the entire planet without even asking humans.

“What’s the point of saving us if we can’t save ourselves?”

Where is the logic for aliens to show their latest technologies and achievements in medicine, if some on earth still believe that an idol or a magician spell will save them from troubles? For them, we are like Papuans who have never seen cell phones and helicopters.

We have no way out. There are already 8 billion of us. The bourgeoisie broke their heads: how to get rid of the extra 7 billion?

War, as they understood, was not an option. On the right scale, the war will affect everyone. The pandemic didn’t work at all. The space remains and now the whole world will once again turn its eyes to the starry sky.

And the point is not even whether there are aliens or not, but that they will be declared to be demons and servants of Satan, because somehow – a person was created in the image and likeness of God, and then some reptilians will arrive. The entire religious flock would definetely collapse from such a shockwave.

Perhaps, people have been fooled for thousands of years that they are the crowns of creation and everything will be fine with them when they die, and then gray aliens fly in and spoil the party for us.

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Judging by what is happening, it is quite possible that they have not just arrived, but even already rule.

What if the aliens arrive?

The article is more satirical or humorous. But in every joke, as they say…


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