Pegasus Project: The lawyer who claims to have visited the past and even got into the picture of the 19th century

Most people don’t trust lawyers, but what about a lawyer who is trying to prove to everyone that he took part in a secret US government program and was sent into the 19th century?

Since 2004, Seattle-based lawyer Andrew Basiago has repeatedly made loud claims that as a child from 7 to 12 years old, he was a test subject in the secret government program “Project Pegasus”, which worked on teleportation and time travel.

“They taught children together with adults to test whether there were differences in the impact of time travel on people of different ages. And it turned out that children had an advantage over adults in terms of adapting to the tension of movement between the past, present and future,” Basiago said to reporters.

From the point of view of scientists, time travel is impossible because nothing moves faster than the speed of light.

Nevertheless, Basiago found many supporters, including the popular American conspiracy theorist Alfred Webre, who specializes in exopolitics – the secret presence of aliens on Earth and their interference in the politics of different countries.

He is confident that the US government has been using time travel and teleportation technologies for over 40 years, but so far he has not talked about them and only continues to “accumulate” experience. Long distance teleportation is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The Department of Defense has had it for 40 years and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once used his share of moving soldiers onto the battlefield,” Vebra told The Huffington Post.

Basiago said that during his participation in the “Project Pegasus” program, he traveled in time eight times and the time machine was mainly built on the basis of a teleport, plans for which were found in the New York apartment of mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla after his death in January 1943.

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“The machine consisted of two gray elliptical arrows about 8 feet high, separated by about 10 feet, between which was a shimmering curtain of what Tesla called“ Radiant Energy. ”This is a form of energy that Tesla discovered and which is latent and penetrating into the universe , and among its properties is the ability to bend space-time.”

Through this field, the project participants “jumped” into the “vortal tunnel”, and when it closed, they were at their destination. “It felt like the tunnel was either moving at a tremendous speed or not moving at all, since the universe was around us.” According to Basiago, he did not just fall into the past, but once got into a historical photo which captures President Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Gettysburg in 1863.

Basiago made this trip in 1972 from a camera that was installed in East Hanover, New Jersey.

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“I was dressed in vintage clothes and looked like an ordinary boy. I was wearing huge men’s shoes and it was only about 100 steps from where I arrived to where in the picture. I was filmed very close to Lincoln.”

Then Basiago went 5 or 6 times to the Ford Theater on the night of Lincoln’s murder, but he never got to the moment of the murder. Once he managed to hear a shot and witnessed a great commotion in the crowd. He was very scared at that moment.

“Each of my visits to the past was slightly different, as if I was being sent to different alternate realities located on adjacent timelines. As these visits accumulated, I bumped into myself twice on two different visits.”

One day, young Basiago witnessed a time travel failure that happened to another boy. It so happened that the child’s legs were a few seconds late from the time the main body moved. “He lay and writhed in pain, and he had stumps for legs.”

However, then the settings of the device were adjusted and this did not happen again. In total, about a hundred people participated in Project Pegasus.


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